Women in Comics Statistics, DC and Marvel: Spring 2018 in Review


My latest “Gendercrunching” article covering April through June of this year went up over at Bleeding Cool more than two weeks ago, but I have been super busy and remiss in posting it here. Until now! This is that post! And there were some interesting numbers over the course of the spring.

DC’s overall percentage of female creators slipped down slightly from their winter totals to land at 16.4%. While a drop is never ideal, it was minor shifting more than anything else and the publisher remains well within their recent levels. DC’s been pretty steady for a while now, and not a whole lot changed by category. The summer could bring some changes thanks to some notable cancellations and new launches, but for now the numbers are holding relatively steady.

Marvel, meanwhile, appears to be pulling themselves out of the deep hole they’ve dug for themselves over the past half year or so. The publisher’s overall percentage of female creators rose each month to land at a 15.5% average overall, still noticeably behind their past highs but better than we’ve seen from them in a while. Their distribution remains uneven, with big numbers in only a few categories, assistant editors specifically, and embarrassingly low numbers elsewhere. They remain firm at zero female letterers, and their female penciller and inker numbers were at a paltry 3%. If Marvel could shore up some stronger representation across the board, their numbers would skyrocket.

Head over to Bleeding Cool for the full report and all of the charts. Hooray for statistics and industry trends! There’s lots of cool info to dig into.


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