Women & NB Creators at Marvel Comics Watch, December 2018 Solicits – 29 Creators on 35 Books


Unlike DC Comics, who are holding back a quarter of their December titles until the first week of January, Marvel looks to be going full tilt in December with a big slate of new comic books. And the publisher is set to end the year on a high note. After beginning 2018 with some embarrassingly low numbers, things are looking up for female and non-binary creators at Marvel. They’re all over this round of solicits, setting a high bar for the new year to come. Let’s take a look at who’s doing what at Marvel this December:

  • Amy Reeder: Ironheart #2 (cover)
  • Ashley Witter: Fantastic Four #5 (variant cover), Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #27 (cover)
  • Babs Tarr: Champions Annual #1 (variant cover)
  • Elizabeth Torque: Fantastic Four #5 (variant cover), Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 (variant cover), Uncanny X-Men #4 (cover), Uncanny X-Men #5 (cover), Uncanny X-Men #6 (cover), Uncanny X-Men #7 (cover)
  • Emanuela Lupacchino: Superior Spider-Man #1 (variant cover)
  • Erica Henderson: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #39 (cover)
  • Eve Ewing: Ironheart #2 (writer)
  • G. Willow Wilson: Ms. Marvel #37 (writer)
  • Gail Simone: Domino #9 (writer), Fantastic Four: Wedding Special #1 (co-writer)
  • Gurihiru: The Unstoppable Wasp #3 (interior art)
  • Irene Strychalski: Season’s Beatings #1 (interior art)
  • Jenny Frison: X-Men Red #11 (cover)
  • Jody Houser: Spider-Girls #3 (writer), Star Wars: Age of Republic – Darth Maul #1 (writer), Star Wars: Age of Republic – Qui-Gon Jinn #1 (writer)
  • Kelly Thompson: Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (co-writer), Mr. and Mrs. X #6 (writer), Uncanny X-Men #4 (co-writer), Uncanny X-Men #5 (co-writer), Uncanny X-Men #6 (co-writer), Uncanny X-Men #7 (co-writer), West Coast Avengers #5 (writer), West Coast Avengers #6 (writer)
  • Laura Braga: Fantastic Four: Wedding Special #1 (interior art)
  • Leah Williams: Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel – Frost Giants Among Us! #1 (co-writer), Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (co-writer)
  • Mariko Tamaki: X-23 #7 (writer)
  • Natacha Bustos: Asgardians of the Galaxy #4 (interior art), Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #38 (interior art, cover)
  • Nnedi Okorafor: Shuri #3 (writer)
  • Rainbow Rowell: Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (co-writer), Runaways #16 (writer)
  • Rosi Kampe: Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #3 (interior art)
  • Seanan McGuire: Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #3 (writer)
  • Stacey Lee: The Unstoppable Wasp #3 (cover)
  • Tini Howard: Marvel Knights 20th #3 (co-writer), Merry X-Men Holiday Special #1 (co-writer)
  • Vanesa Del Rey: Spider-Geddon #5 (variant cover)
  • Veronica Fish: Season’s Beatings #1 (interior art)
  • Vita Ayala: Marvel Knights 20th #4 (co-writer)
  • Yasmine Putri: Shatterstar #3 (cover), Spider-Girls #3 (cover)

All together, there are 29 different female and non-binary creators set to work on 35 different comic books at Marvel this December, the same number of creators as in November but spread over 7 more books. This is a very solid showing. Doubly so considering that Marvel only had 11 female creators nine months ago in March. They’ve crawled out of that hole over the course of the year and while their record highs still remain a bit off, this is the highest combined total they’ve posted in some time.

It’s also good to see so much representation across so many different books. Typically with the Big Two, we get a lot of clumping. Female and non-binary creators are relegated to a handful of books that often feature more than one of them, while the bulk of the books in the line remain all-male affairs. Having female and non-binary creators on 35 different titles is a relatively impressive spread for Marvel that gives us representation across a good portion of the line. A lot of that is Kelly Thompson writing or co-writing eight different issues this month; the gal is all the rage right now! But the representation is strong even beyond that.

Despite these big numbers, December looks to be a quiet month for new names, both real and fictional. All of the creators listed above are folks we’ve seen before, and fairly recently, too. There aren’t any newcomers in the mix, though several of the remain relatively new to Marvel, I suppose. And in terms of fictional characters, it’s a pretty quiet month for new books with female leads. Hope Summers and Jean Grey are part of the X-Men: The Exterminated series and Domino is in the new X-Force, but that’s about it. Everything else is dudes, including new books for Killmonger, Miles Morales, the Superior Spider-Man, the Winter Soldier, and a Defenders event with an all-male cast.

Overall, Marvel is set to close out the year with some solid representation for female and non-binary creators. It’s a much needed turnaround after their disastrous start to the year, and hopefully the numbers will continue to grow into 2019 with even more new voices in the mix!

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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