Women & NB Creators at DC Comics Watch, March 2019 Solicits: 20 Creators on 17 Books


So far, 2019 has not been a good year for female and non-binary creator representation at DC Comics. The numbers have been disappointingly low. Now, some of this is likely due to a contraction of DC’s line as a whole. They’re just not putting out as many books as they used to. But still, it’s a lot of books. By my count, they’re in the ballpark of 60 new comics in March, so having female creators on 17 of them means there are women involved in the art or writing of only about a quarter of DC’s output. That’s not great. Let’s take a look at who’s doing what at DC this March:

  • Adriana Melo: Female Furies #2 (interior art)
  • Amanda Conner: Second Coming #1 (cover)
  • Bilquis Evely: The Dreaming #7 (interior art)
  • Cecil Castellucci: Female Furies #2 (writer)
  • Elena Casagrande: Batgirl #33 (interior art)
  • Emanuela Lupacchino: Batgirl #33 (cover), The Terrifics #14 (cover)
  • G. Willow Wilson: Wonder Woman #66 (writer), Wonder Woman #67 (writer)
  • Heather Nuhfer: Teen Titans Go! #33 (co-writer)
  • Jenny Frison: Hex Wives #6 (cover)
  • Joelle Jones: Catwoman #9 (writer, cover), Detective Comics #1000 (interior art)
  • Kat Howard: The Books of Magic #6 (writer)
  • Kelly Sue DeConnick: Aquaman #46 (writer)
  • Mairghread Scott: Batgirl #33 (writer)
  • Mirka Andolfo: Hex Wives #6 (interior art)
  • Nalo Hopkinson: House of Whispers #7 (writer)
  • Rachel Dodson: Justice League #20 (variant cover), Wonder Woman #66 (cover),Wonder Woman #67 (cover)
  • Sarah Leuver: Teen Titans Go! #33 (interior art)
  • Tiffany Turrill: Lucifer #6 (cover)
  • Yasmine Putri: Batgirl #33 (variant cover)
  • Zoe Quinn: Goddess Mode #4 (writer)

All together, there are 20 different female creators set to work on 17 different comic books in March 2019, 2 more creators than in February and also 2 additional books. As best I can tell, there are no non-binary creators listed in this round of solicits. These gains are slight, and leave DC in the same range they’ve been for several months now. The low twenties are just where things are these days, and there doesn’t seem to be a huge desire to change things across the main line. Elsewhere, the DC Zoom and DC Ink young reader lines have lots of female creators in the mix, but not so much for the older readers, it seems.

We do have two new names this month, though. It looks like Sarah Leuver is making her DC debut with some interior art for Teen Titans Go! #33, while Tiffany Turrill is doing the cover for Lucifer #6. Neither are working in the main superhero line, tellingly, but it’s great to have them in the mix and I look forward to seeing more from them in the future.

March is a quiet month for new titles at DC. Both new series have male leads, and don’t mention much in the way of female or non-binary characters. And what’s sure to be the month’s biggest book, Detective Comics #1000, appears to be a largely male-centric affair. Men account for 22 of the 23 creators listed, with Joelle Jones as the sole woman. I understand that Becky Cloonan may be drawing a story as well, but she’s not listed in the solicits. And while I’m guessing we may get a Catwoman tale in the over-sized book, if last year’s Action Comics #1000 is any indication I wouldn’t hold up much hope for having many other female characters in the mix. That book’s lack of Lois Lane still astounds me.

Overall, DC Comics is in a rut when it comes to female and non-binary creators and the March solicits aren’t doing much to change that. They just don’t seem to be a priority for the main line right now. Perhaps April will bring some changes to the line after a quiet March?

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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