The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon

Graphic grid of seven different comic book covers featuring Wonder Woman

I’m back on Polygon today, and this time things are a little more controversial! I was asked to assemble a list of the best Wonder Woman comics of all time, and this is the result.

First, know that I suffered for this. Enjoyably so, though. It was really fun to put this together! But so many favourites didn’t make the cut, and I’m still lingeringly sad about several of them. Second, this sort of list is also meant to be an introduction for new readers. That means it’s half a “best of,” half key moments and important elements of the mythos, so we’re serving a couple of purposes here.

That being said, I think it’s a pretty solid list! I’d gladly recommend any of these books, for general excellence and/or importance to the character. We’ve got all the big stuff, of course. Marston and Peter’s original Wonder Woman, Rucka and Scott’s Year One, the landmark Pérez run, Simone’s beloved tenure. There are also great historical moments, some well known like the first appearance of Nubia in the 1970s and “The Contest” that made Artemis Wonder Woman in the 1990s, and some lesser known gems like DC’s first all-female team up “Judgment in Infinity” from 1982.

I managed to sneak in a few of my recent faves as well. I think Fontana, Andolfo, and Messina’s Heart of the Amazon was super fun and a great showcase for Etta, so that’s there. I also love Wilson and Nord’s recent team up of Wonder Woman and Giganta, so that’s there too. And DC Comics Bombshells. OF COURSE DC Comics Bombshells! Bennett and her amazing artists turned a bunch of pin-up covers into one of the best series of the past decade! I still miss that book.

As for my much lamented faves that didn’t make the cut, here’s a quick list for extra reading:

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth – Daniel Warren Johnson’s recent Black Label book is so brutal and beautiful. I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, the “Multiverse” section was packed and it just missed the cut!

Kingdom Come and Spirit of Truth – Also cut for the same reason, I had these books on my early list for Alex Ross’ gorgeous art. He’s just so good.

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia – Wonder Woman vs. Batman makes for a compelling read here, but I had so much Rucka already. His entire first run on Wonder Woman was on the maybe list from the get-go, too.

Wonder Woman: Twelve Labors – As much as Wonder Woman having to prove herself to rejoin the Justice League in the 1970s isn’t a great premise, there are so many cool team ups and fun stories from some of the marquee creators of this era here.

Smallville: Olympus – Dang, I loved this story. Bryan Q. Miller introduced Diana brilliantly in a new and compelling way, and the art from not-yet-a-superstar Jorge Jimenez is fantastic. Such a cool read.

So yeah, check out the list and sound off in the comments with your thoughts! I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with where I landed, and that’s half the fun.


Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

8 thoughts on “The Best Wonder Woman Comics of All Time on Polygon

  1. I have very mixed feelings about The Lies and Year One. It amounts to 10 issues retconning out the New 52 version and retelling the Perez origin. That’s a waste. That said, I enjoyed Year One (though I can’t get interested in Veronica Cale) and Rucka has a much better feel for WW than Azzarello did.
    Wouldn’t include the Azzarello run at all. I thought of the early stages as good, but not at all Wonder Woman; after they brought in Orion as a stupid, sexist frat-boy sidekick, it tanked for me.
    And I’d put in more of Messner-Loebs’ run because having WW work at Taco Bell was a delight. Where other heroes whine about having crappy jobs, she’s completely determined to give the company her best — I love that.
    Couldn’t get into Heart of the Amazon. I think my favorite modern Ettas are in Legend and Morrison’s Earth One. Though Rucka’s is good.
    Rereading Perez recently made me appreciate how good his Cheetah was. Unfortunately other writers just use her as a convenient WW villain when they need one and never give her any personality.
    Overall an excellent selection.

  2. Forgot to add that much as I disliked DC shipping Superman/Wonder Woman, they fit so well as friend in that book that I’d love to see them as a World’s Finest-type buddy team.

  3. What about tempest tossed? I would say that’s one of the best and definitely deserves at least a mention

      1. Have you read Wonder Woman 770-779 yet? It’s the first time since Rucka left the title, that I have enjoyed a Wonder Woman continuity run! I would love to know your thought on it!

  4. Have you read the current Wonder Woman run by Micheal Conrad and Becky Coonon called Elseworlds? It has taken place in Wonder Woman 770-778 and it is the first time that I am enjoying the canon Wonder Woman run since Rucka left the title! Ever since Rucka left, every WW book has disappointed me except for the stuff out of continuity like Wonder Woman Conan and The Immortal Wonder Woman. This run has been a lot of fun because it embraces the mythological parts of the character and has sent her on a journey through the multiverse! It’s not as good as The Legend of Wonder Woman or most post crisis stories, but these last few issues have been a very enjoyable WW run. I’ve felt the same way reading this as I did reading Wonder Woman Conon. You’re reviews of The Legend of Wonder Woman were great and I would love to know your thoughts on Wonder Woman Elseworlds!

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