Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? Cliff Chiang

From time to time, we will look at artists who are awesome and should be drawing Wonder Woman on a monthly basis.*

Today, Cliff Chiang!!

Oh man I love Cliff Chiang.  He’s drawn such titles as DC Comics’ Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality (written by Brian Azzarello, but not at all dark and gritty like Azzarello tends to be… it’s clever and hilarious and ridiculously fun), Green Arrow & Black Canary (in a surprisingly entertaining arc written by Judd Winnick), and most recently Neil Young’s Greendale at Vertigo, written by Josh Dysart.

His art is always fantastic, and when he drew Wonder Woman in The Brave and the Bold #33 was no exception:

Cliff Chiang has an impressive knack for drawing classy, powerful women.  His female characters are always expressive and lovely without veering into T & A territory, which tends to be a rare feat in modern comics.  His deceptively simple style and clean inks always make his pages pop, and I think he would bring a unique flair and elegance to Wonder Woman.  I mean, look at these:

I’d buy anything Cliff Chiang drew, but I think he would be EPIC on Wonder Woman.  So cross your fingers that he gets to draw it some day, and go visit him at his website and buy his books!

* By “Wonder Woman” I mean “Wonder Woman, but with her real costume and none of the wackiness the series is all wrapped up in now”.

Do Wonder Woman Underoos Make the Difference?

Lynda Carter was on Fox & Friends Monday morning, promoting her new album and talking about David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV show (you can watch it here).

Some highlights included:

  • Carter chastising Megan Fox for trashing Wonder Woman.
  • Carter clarifying that she invented the Wonder Woman spin, but not spinning generally (a reasonable clarification, given her company).
  • The brown haired guy who’s not Steve Doocy asking asinine questions.
  • Carter explaining that Wonder Woman “doesn’t think she’s all that.”

But what I found most interesting was Dana Perino’s comment that her sister was a huge Wonder Woman fan who constantly wore her Wonder Woman underoos.  Is it a coincidence that the Wonder Woman-loving Perino sister is the one who didn’t end up as President Bush’s press secretary, Karl Rove’s family spokeswoman, and a Fox News analyst?   I’m just saying.

Also, I’ve got ten bucks on Lynda Carter playing Hippolyta in the new show.

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