The Best Of 2010 List

Since it is the very end of the year, I thought I would build a list of my favourite things in comics from the past year.  It’s a rather novel idea really… no one else on the internets does year end lists.  Coming up with this sweet idea will probably make me super famous!! BESTContinue reading “The Best Of 2010 List”

The Incorrectly Titled Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

The Jimmy Stewart film festival continues, and the third selection was the famed Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.  It marked Stewart’s first collaboration with director Frank Capra (they’d work again on It’s A Wonderful Life), and tells the story of Jefferson Smith, an idealistic young man appointed to the senate who stands up to aContinue reading “The Incorrectly Titled Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

The Philadelphia Story

Well, it seems that I like old movies.  Part Two of my Jimmy Stewart extravaganza was The Philadelphia Story, starring Cary Grant as C.K. Dexter Haven, Katherine Hepburn as Tracy Lord, and, of course, Jimmy Stewart as Macaulay “Mike” Connor.  Directed in 1940 by George Cukor, Tracy is a wealthy woman about to be married,Continue reading “The Philadelphia Story”

The Shop Around The Corner

I am currently on a Jimmy Stewart kick (for a bizarre project that I very much hope turns into something that I can talk about down the road, but it’s VERY early days yet) and today I watched the first movie on my research list, and I think the only Jimmy Stewart movie I’ve everContinue reading “The Shop Around The Corner”