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Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: And The Winner Is…

February 15, 2011

After ten weeks of preliminary round voting, two weeks of semi-finals, and then one final poll for all the marbles, the cover you all voted as the best Wonder Woman cover of all time is Brian Bolland’s Wonder Woman #72:

It led the final poll from day one, and ultimately beat out H.G. Peter’s Wonder Woman #1 by twenty votes, finishing with a solid 58.6% of the vote.  People seemed to respond to the strong, iconic pose, and to Bolland’s fine technique.  Congratulations Brian Bolland and Wonder Woman #72!!!

And thanks to everyone who voted… the response for all of the polls was great, and it was through the roof for the finals!!  Keep your eyes peeled for a new series of polls starting in a couple weeks, where we’ll choose Wonder Woman’s best interior artist.

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: The Best Wonder Woman Cover EVER!!

February 8, 2011

Finally, after hundreds of votes in twelve polls, we have arrived at our final two covers which will now compete for the honour of being named the best Wonder Woman cover of all time!!

All of the semi-finalists were great covers, but it seems that “iconic” was the main focus for voters in the two semi-final rounds.  One cover is a classic Wonder Woman image dating back to the early days of her existence, while the other is a more recent image that has been captured in various statues, shirts, posters, and prints.  Both polls were fairly close throughout the voting period, but both winners led the entire time as well.  Ultimately, no other covers could top these two iconic images.

So here are our two finalists, as voted by you!!  The poll at the bottom of the page will stay open for a week, and then we’ll crown the champion.  Thank you very much to everyone who has voted already… it’s been lots of fun!! 

Semi-Final #1 Winner – Wonder Woman #72 by Brian Bolland: Terry Dodson’s Wonder Woman #13 put up a strong fight, but Bolland’s classic cover never relinquished the lead.  This regal depiction of Wonder Woman captures her dignity and warrior spirit, and is far away the most well-known and widespread image of Wonder Woman from the modern era.

Semi-Final #2 Winner – Wonder Woman #1 by H.G. Peter: Despite a strong showing by Adam Hughes’ Wonder Woman #184, the voters went old school and selected the very first Wonder Woman cover.  It is a classic image, and Wonder Woman leading the charge into battle with her lasso twirling in the air never goes out of style. 

Cast your vote for the best Wonder Woman cover ever here:

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Semi-Final Round #2

February 1, 2011

Last week, we looked at five of the ten winners from the preliminary round of best cover polling.  Now, we look at the rest with part two of our semi-finals!!

The covers were listed by percentage, and last week we did the evens (and it was quite an exciting poll… it seemed to be a blowout early on, but then things got VERY interesting).  This week is the odds, so we will look at the covers ranked 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th on the master list, and the winner will go to the finals.  Voting will last for exactly one week from the time this poll is posted, after which the two semi-final winners will face off for the title of best Wonder Woman cover of all time.

Here are the remaining five poll winners, as voted by you, for your consideration… be sure to vote in the poll at the end:

1st Place, 65.4% – Wonder Woman #1 by H.G. Peter:  It’s rather fitting this cover made the list, seeing as it’s the first cover of the entire series.  The voting on this poll wasn’t even close; this cover led from day one and never looked back.  While there are more whimsical Peter covers, there are certainly none more iconic.

3rd Place, 50.7% – Wonder Woman #184 by Adam Hughes:  I was surprised that a cover from the Hughes poll built up this much of a lead.  All of his covers are fantastic, and I expected a far closer race.  Usually when I post a poll I can tell that a certain cover or two are destined to be near the top, but with Hughes I thought they all had a shot.  I’m glad this one won, though.  It’s definitely my favourite Hughes.

5th Place, 38.5% – Wonder Woman #22 by George Pérez:  The Pérez poll was extremely close.  It was the third list posted, but it wasn’t until the last couple weeks that this cover edged out the black and red silhouette cover.  But I’m glad this cover won in the end… I think it’s a great example of Pérez’s Wonder Woman work.

7th Place, 32.6% – Wonder Woman #113 by Ross Andru:  Man, I loved the Andru covers… they were so fun!!  I have to admit, I was pulling for Paper Man, because that cover is just hilarious, but Sphinx creatures are a damn good time too.  Wonder Woman nonchalantly jumping out of the way of his eye-blasts totally sells the cover.

9th Place, 28.3% – Wonder Woman #306 by José Luis Garcia-López:  This is Garcia-López’s second cover in the top ten, which is crazy impressive!!  The Pre-Crisis cover list was a tricky situation for me… it ended up tied when I closed all the polls.  Lucky for us, my friend Lori agreed to serve as an impartial third party and cast the deciding vote, and this cover won out.  And I’m happy it did… it’s super iconic.

You can vote for your favourite cover from the second group of semi-finalists below… the poll is only open for one week, so be sure to vote now so your pick makes it to the finals:

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Semi-Final Round #1

January 25, 2011

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The next semi-final vote begins February 1st, and the final vote starts February 8th.

For the past ten weeks, I have posted my top five picks of Wonder Woman covers in various categories, followed by a poll so readers could vote.  Now, with a top ten finalized, we begin the semi-finals!!

The semi-finals will consist of two rounds of five covers each, one this week and then another the next.  The two winners will ultimately go head to head to determine the best Wonder Woman cover of all time.  The two rounds were divided based on rank.  I made a list of all of the winning covers in order of the percentage of the vote they received and, to get the fairest distribution possible, that list was then divided into evens and odds.  This week will be evens, so we’ll have 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th face off for a ticket to the finals.  The vote will last for one week, and will close as soon as the odds poll begins a week from today.

Here are your choices for five of the top ten Wonder Woman covers… be sure to vote in the poll that follows:

2nd Place, 50.9% – Wonder Woman #72 by Brian Bolland:  I had a good feeling that this cover would make it in to the finals.  It’s a very iconic image that captures Bolland’s style well.  It took a while for this cover to take the lead, but once it did the lead grew impressively.

4th Place, 43.5% –  Wonder Woman #230 by José Luis Garcia-López:  There were some great covers in the “Egregious Snubs” list, but I figured it would come down to one of the Garcia-López covers… the man is just too good.  He’s the only artist with two covers in the top ten, but the other won’t appear until next week.

6th Place, 35.9% – Wonder Woman #43 by Irv Novick:  To be honest, I was pulling for the cover with the two trains, but this one was definitely by second favourite of the Novick covers.  You really can’t go wrong with Wonder Woman swooping in to take out a submarine.

8th Place, 30.6% – Wonder Woman #13 by Terry Dodson:  I was hoping that this cover would win the “Best of the Rest” poll, but was worried it wouldn’t… it was up against some serious competition!!  But Dodson won out in the end.  Warrior Wonder Woman is always a good time.

10th Place, 28.3% – Wonder Woman #25 by Aaron Lopresti: The Post-Crisis poll was close for a long time, and the lead kept changing between this cover and the two J.G. Jones covers.  Any of them would have been great choices, but I quite like the layout of this one.  Plus it’s cute with the little girls.

So there you have it… half of the top ten Wonder Woman covers as voted by you!!  Please vote below to ensure that your favourite cover makes it to the finals:

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Your Egregious Snubs List

January 18, 2011

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The two semi-final votes begin in new threads on January 25th and February 1st, and then the final vote starts February 8th.

Last week, I asked for nominations of covers that you thought should have been included in my past lists, and after several discussions in various forums I have arrived at these five egregious snubs covers!!

The parameters were fairly simple… any cover I hadn’t already nominated was fair game.  You all seemed pretty keen on the 1970s and 1980s.  No covers from before 1970 made the list, and only one cover from the post-Crisis era came up.  You also seemed to like José Luis Garcia-López, and I certainly can’t fault you there.

This week is the last week for voting in these preliminary polls, so if you haven’t voted on my past lists, now is the time to go check them out!!  All of the polls will close at midnight Eastern time, next Monday night (January 24th).  The next day I’ll post the first semi-final poll, and then another semi-final a week after that, and then the two winners from those polls will face off to determine the best Wonder Woman cover of all time!!  But first, we must get to this week’s poll. 

Here are you selections for the egregious snubs I was foolish to leave out:

Wonder Woman #212 (Bob Oksner): CarolStrick said of this cover: “Bob Oksner gives one of the all-time best renditions of the Wondie suit. So clean, so modern!”  And I agree (as did you all)… it’s a great cover.  His Wonder Woman is fantastic, AND you get some of the Justice League too!!

Wonder Woman #230 (José Luis Garcia-López): Vaffrey wrote: “So beautifully composed, the cover features WW v. Cheetah during the return-to-WWII period,” and DisneyBoy seconded the nomination, declaring: “That IS cool! WWII reference AND the Cheetah :)”  This cover very nearly made my pre-Crisis list, and I’m glad it got a second chance here… it’s pretty fantastic.

Wonder Woman #240 (José Luis Garcia-López): Another killer Garcia- López!!  JK Carrier called it “an unusual, almost subdued piece, compared to the typical action scenes — but definitely packs a dramatic punch.”  That wanted poster is so well done, and the whole cover is very ominous!!

Wonder Woman #315 (Paris Cullins):  Vaffrey called this the “Best. Cover. Ever. Diana Prince in a hall of mirrors, with lots of distorted Wonder Women looking back at her,” and Frank-Fournier agreed, nominating the cover as well.  It’s wonderfully weird, and most definitely an eye-catching piece.

Wonder Woman #0 (Brian Bolland):  This is, by far, the cover that got the biggest response when I didn’t include it.  Franklin wrote “Tim, you’ve left the best Bolland cover out of your poll, and I can’t help but think you were under the influence when omitting this fabulous Bolland cover. I’ll forgive you, but you must one day see the errors of you ways and right this wrong.”  Consider the wrong righted!!

So there are YOUR top five egregious snubs covers… thanks so much to everyone who nominated covers!!  You can vote for your favourite below, and remember to do so quickly… there’s only one week left!!

OPEN THREAD – Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Egregious Snubs

January 11, 2011

So far, I have picked forty-seven covers in my “Top Five Wonder Woman Covers” posts, but many of you have pointed out covers I was foolish to exclude, both here and in various forums.  Well now it’s your turn to pick, reader!!  You can nominate any cover I haven’t already, either here in the comments below, over at the Comic Book Resources Wonder Woman forum, or in the DC Comics Wonder Woman forum.  I will compile the top five or six nominated covers into next week’s poll, where the winner will be included in the vote for the best Wonder Woman cover of all time, set to begin the following week. 

When you suggest a cover, please include a link to the cover so everyone can see it, and provide a brief description of why it’s awesome… if your cover is chosen, I will use your description for the poll.  You can post as many as you’d like, and be sure to voice your support for other nominations you agree with.

For your convenience, here is a list of the forty-seven covers I nominated, with links:

Wonder Woman Volume I (1942-1986)

WW #1, WW #6, WW #7, WW #10, WW #32, WW #43, WW #53, WW #55, WW #65, WW #78, WW #105, WW #113, WW #125, WW #147, WW #165, WW #178, WW #179, WW #219, WW #253, WW #269, WW #292, WW #305, WW #306, WW #329

Wonder Woman Volume II (1987-2006)

WW #3, WW #8, WW #22, WW #31, WW #36, WW #51, WW #63, WW #72, WW #73, WW #80, WW #92, WW #117, WW #131, WW #152, WW #173, WW #177, WW #184, WW #190, WW #200, WW #222

Wonder Woman Volume III (2006-present)

WW #13, WW #25, WW #39

Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, and thanks in advance to everyone who nominates their favourite egregious snub!!

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: The Best of the Rest

January 11, 2011

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The two semi-final votes begin in new threads on January 25th and February 1st, and then the final vote starts February 8th.

So far, in the quest to find the best Wonder Woman cover of all time we have looked at the six most prolific cover artists in Wonder Woman history, H.G. Peter, Irv Novick, Ross Andru, George Pérez, Brian Bolland, and Adam Hughes, as well as a selection of slightly less prolific cover artists from the pre-Crisis and post-Crisis eras.  Today, in the last of the lists selected only by me, we have the best of the rest!!

This list was pretty much wide open, and the only stipulation was that the cover couldn’t be drawn by an artist I’ve already included in a previous list.  Ultimately, I settled on three covers from the 1970s-1980s era, which was rife with different cover artists, and two from the post-Crisis period.  I’ll mention each artist in the write-ups following their cover.

Simultaneous to this list going up is an “Egregious Snubs” post, where you can nominate your favourite cover that I didn’t include on any of my lists.  It is the very next post on the blog, and lists ALL of the covers I have selected so far.  Based on the nominations in the comments there and on the Comic Book Resources and DC Comics forums, and on the support the nominations garner, I will compile a list of the five or six top covers YOU nominated, and that will make up next week’s polls.  Then we’re on to the finals!!

But for right now, we still have this week’s poll to vote on, so here are my top five covers that comprise the best of the rest:

Wonder Woman #219:  This cover was drawn by Dick Giordano, who we have come across before as an inker but never as a penciller.  What I love about this cover is the look on Wonder Woman’s face as she taunts the many bad guys with their guns pointing at her, confidently daring them to shoot her while knowing full well that she can totally take them all down.  There is no fear whatsoever in this image… just epic bad assery.

Wonder Woman #253:  I am a sucker for Wonder Woman with a sword.  Drawn by Jose Delbo, this cover depicts Wonder Woman ready for battle in the foreground and various images of her beating the hell out of people in the background.  It’s a striking layout, and really caught my eye when I was looking through all of the covers.

Wonder Woman #305:  This cover was drawn by Gil Kane, a comic book legend who created characters like the Silver Age Green Lantern and Atom.  The layout is what really sold me on this cover, with the Wonder Woman symbols going down the side against the bright blue background.  Also, the pose is all sorts of iconic, just some classic lasso fun for Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman #36:  While this cover was from the Pérez era, and is actually inked by Pérez, it was pencilled by Chris Marrinan.  It has a great serenity to it… so many Wonder Woman covers have her fighting bad guys or swinging the lasso to capture someone, but this one has her in a more casual outfit, barefoot, soaring over Paradise Island.  It’s a peaceful moment we rarely get to see on Wonder Woman covers.

Wonder Woman #13:  I won’t fault this cover for referencing the much-maligned “Amazons Attack” storyline (you can see Lincoln’s head from the destroyed Lincoln Memorial in the bottom right corner) because it’s such a great cover.  I’m not only a sucker for Wonder Woman with a sword, I am a sucker for a caped Wonder Woman too, and here Terry Dodson gives me both with a heroic, regal pose.  Wonder Woman stands in the midst of destruction, but remains resolute and strong… it’s a great image.

So there are my top five picks for the best of the rest… you can vote for your favourite below, and don’t forget to nominate your left out favourites in the “Egregious Snubs” post!!

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