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Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? Jim Lee

January 5, 2011

Occasionally we look at the work of an artist who draws a damn fine Wonder Woman and would be great on the monthly book. 

Today, Jim Lee!!

Yes, he designed the new costume, and yes, it’s terrible.  But before that, his work on Wonder Woman was fantastic, and he would absolutely KILL a book with a properly costumed Wonder Woman.

Jim Lee is pretty much the most famous artist in the comic book world, and with good reason… he’s been putting out great art on bestselling books for two decades now!!  In 1991, Lee drew the top selling comic book of all time, Marvel’s unadjectived X-Men #1.  Soon after, he co-founded Image Comics, and then spun his Wildstorm universe off as its own company, which was later purchased by DC Comics.  In the early 2000s, Lee drew the spectacular Batman: Hush and the criminally underappreciated Superman: For Tomorrow (seriously… it’s SO good), and then helped launch DC’s All Star line with All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder with Frank Miller.  Damn near everyone hated All Star Batman, but they bought it in droves regardless, probably because the art was gorgeous.  I love that book like crazy, and I hope it comes back soon… the Green Lantern issue with everything painted yellow is one of my favourite comic books ever.  Now Jim Lee is a co-publisher at DC, and seems super busy with that, thus robbing me of comic fun.

Lee’s drawn Wonder Woman a few times in guest spots and on covers, and what I love most about his Wonder Woman is the fierceness he imbues in the character.  Look at Wonder Woman fixing to slice up anyone who dares cross her on the cover of Infinite Crisis #1:

And this panel from All Star Batman, where Miller’s hilariously feminazi Wonder Woman yells at the Justice League:

And this is just all sorts of bad ass:

Jim Lee well captures the warrior aspect of Wonder Woman (I love how he made her outfit more armour-like in For Tomorrow), but he can depict her nobility as well.  Check out this great sketch on Comic Art Fans from Comic Con 2004… it’s almost as if he is channelling a little bit of Alex Ross in his Wonder Woman:

Here is a confession that may outrage all you diehard original costume fans out there: I think Wonder Woman looks SUPER cool with a cape, and Jim Lee often draws her sporting a very classy one.  You can see examples of this in many of the images above, and in this awesome pin-up:

With an action-packed story, Jim Lee would be amazing on Wonder Woman, plus it would sell like hotcakes!!  The chances of seeing him on the book are slim, what with his editing gig and his infamously low output lately, but it would be so much fun if he ever got to draw the series.  You can visit Jim Lee at any of these sites, and you should go buy his books if you haven’t already!!

Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? J.H. Williams III

December 1, 2010

Every now and again, we look at a great artist who I think would be fantastic on Wonder Woman.

Today, J.H. Williams III!!

J.H. Williams III is, in a word, epic.  He does the craziest things with comics, and it always turns out awesomely.  It’s no accident that he is so often sought out by the best writers in the business… Williams is always able to do whatever the writer wants.  Illustrate someone travelling through the metaphysical wonders of the Kabbalah-like Tree of Life for Alan Moore?  Not a problem.  Combine the styles of seven different artists for the finale to Seven Soldiers of Victory for Grant Morrison?  No big deal.  Introduce the new, lesbian Batwoman and her battles against the evil worshippers of the Crime Bible for Greg Rucka?  Easy peasy.  J.H. Williams III kills it every time, and has a pile of awards that attest to his skills.

Williams hasn’t drawn Wonder Woman very often, but he recently did a cover for DC’s 75th anniversary, recreating H.G. Peter’s Wonder Woman #1 from 1942, that is pretty freaking great:

Although he hasn’t gotten to draw Wonder Woman much, Williams did thirty-two issues of Promethea, Alan Moore’s wonderfully bizarre take off of Wonder Woman.  When decked out in her heroic garb, Promethea bears somewhat of a resemblance to the Amazing Amazon:

Williams is impressively versatile, often combining standard pencil and ink drawings with other styles.  This is a page from Detective Comics, shown here before the colours were digitally added to the panels.  Williams drew and inked all the panels in the normal fashion, but also painted a watercolour image of Kate Kane right on the page:


The most innovative aspect of Williams’ work is his use of panels.  His work is rarely ever in the ballpark of your common, six panel grid.  Lately, Williams has been fond of elaborate two page spreads that allow him to tell the story in a dynamic and eye-catching way.  Look at this layout for an issue of Batwoman (seriously, click on it and give it a closer look… it’s AWESOME).  Note the sweet ink wash in the main panel first off, but also dig how he creates a page that is altogether gorgeous to look at:

With a writer willing to really go to town with a crazy, epic story, J.H. Williams III would do an amazing job of capturing Wonder Woman.  You can check out his website for more of his art, and definitely go buy his books… you’ll stare at them for ages.

Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman? Cliff Chiang

November 10, 2010

From time to time, we will look at artists who are awesome and should be drawing Wonder Woman on a monthly basis.*

Today, Cliff Chiang!!

Oh man I love Cliff Chiang.  He’s drawn such titles as DC Comics’ Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality (written by Brian Azzarello, but not at all dark and gritty like Azzarello tends to be… it’s clever and hilarious and ridiculously fun), Green Arrow & Black Canary (in a surprisingly entertaining arc written by Judd Winnick), and most recently Neil Young’s Greendale at Vertigo, written by Josh Dysart.

His art is always fantastic, and when he drew Wonder Woman in The Brave and the Bold #33 was no exception:

Cliff Chiang has an impressive knack for drawing classy, powerful women.  His female characters are always expressive and lovely without veering into T & A territory, which tends to be a rare feat in modern comics.  His deceptively simple style and clean inks always make his pages pop, and I think he would bring a unique flair and elegance to Wonder Woman.  I mean, look at these:

I’d buy anything Cliff Chiang drew, but I think he would be EPIC on Wonder Woman.  So cross your fingers that he gets to draw it some day, and go visit him at his website and buy his books!

* By “Wonder Woman” I mean “Wonder Woman, but with her real costume and none of the wackiness the series is all wrapped up in now”.

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