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There Was A Wonder Woman In Last Night’s Batman-Centric New Girl

October 23, 2013


Last night’s New Girl was all about Batman, from Schmidt’s fake penpal Michael Keaton to Jess dressing up as Batman in a drunken attempt to convince Schmidt that it actually was Keaton who wrote all those letters and not just his mom.  It was hilarious all around, but amid all the Bat-fun there was a Wonder Woman appearance.  In the background of Jess’ party, an extra was wearing a Wonder Woman dress with red tights.  She’s the one talking to the lifeguard, behind Jess’ Joey Ramona Quimby:


It’s a cute outfit.  I like how it’s just a dress, really.  I don’t think she’s even wearing a tiara, or even bracelets, bullet-deflecting or otherwise.  She played absolutely no part in the story, but it’s always fun to have Wonder Woman show up in random places.  Especially when that random place is one of your favourite TV shows.

The episode also featured some excellent points by Winston about why someone might want to be Robin instead of Batman.  Batman is way cooler, obviously, but I can see where Winston is coming from here:

Jess: You wanna be Robin?

Winston: He doesn’t have all the responsibilities of Batman, but he can take some of the glory.

Jess: Robin’s a joke.

Nick: Robin’s the joke.

Jess: I think we can all agree.

Winston: The kids look up to him, you know, in the community.

It’s a fair perspective.

So an enjoyable episode of New Girl was made even better by a random Wonder Woman sighting, and while there was no invisible plane, there certainly was a lot of discussion about the Batmanmobile.

This Picture From A Wonder Woman Porn Parody Is Sadly The Best Live Action Wonder Woman I’ve Ever Seen

March 27, 2013

In what is sure to be a first for this site, I’m about to praise a Wonder Woman porn movie.  This picture from the upcoming Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody starring Kimberly Kane as Wonder Woman is pretty much the best live action Wonder Woman costume I’ve ever seen:


It’s based on the New 52 Wonder Woman, and seems to have more in common with Cliff Chiang’s version than Jim Lee’s.  And it’s VERY good.  It blows that terrible costume from the David E. Kelly pilot right out of the water, and captures the style of the comics while still looking cool and workable in real life.  I’m really quite impressed with it.  I hate Wonder Woman porn because UGH have we not objectified the character enough, but this costume is extremely well done.

Also, how sad is it that the best live action Wonder Woman we’ve seen since Lynda Carter comes from a porn parody?  Get it together, Warner Bros.  Make a Wonder Woman movie, and maybe talk to Axel Braun’s costume designer.  It’s a sad, sad day for Wonder Woman when a porn director is more committed to getting the character right than the company that actually owns her.

Wonder Woman Is Back On The Cover Of Ms. Magazine!!

September 25, 2012

It’s Ms. magazine’s 40th anniversary this year, and in celebration they’ve put Wonder Woman back on the cover for their special anniversary issue.  The cover is by Mike Allred, now pretty famous outside of comics for doing the art for the Wonder Woman MAC cosmetics campaign last year.  The cover may or may not be coloured by Laura Allred.  They usually work together, but the cover doesn’t specify.

This is a fantastic cover!!  I love the tie-in to the current war on women and the need to vote in the upcoming election.  Having a lady in a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt is really fun too.  And, of course, the cover is an homage to the very first Ms. cover from 1972:

That issue also included some actual Wonder Woman comics, a few pages of her origin story from All-Star Comics #8.  I wonder if we’ll get something similar this time?  A few pages of Mike Allred doing a Wonder Woman comic would be really fun.

Apparently, if you sign up for a subscription you get the issue AND a poster, which is awesome.  It seems to only be available in the US though.  Boooooooooo.  If anyone wants to send me a poster, I’ll be your pal forever.

Anyway, Wonder Woman is back on the cover of Ms.!!  That’s very fun.  Look for the issue on newsstands soon, and pick it up.  It looks like a good one!!

David Arquette Got A Tattoo Of Wonder Woman From Sensation Comics #81

July 2, 2012

While recently on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show Bethenny (SIDENOTE: I have NO idea who this is or why she has a talk show), David Arquette revealed that he got a new tattoo on his torso.  It’s impressively large, going from just above his waistband to halfway up his ribcage, and it depicts a panel from Sensation Comics #81, published in September 1948.  Here’s the tattoo:

And here is the panel:

The tattoo is on the right side of his body (his right, not our right) so it makes sense that they’d flip the art so as Wonder Woman would be looking towards the center of his chest.  That’s just Tattooing 101, really.  They couldn’t put it on the other side of his torso because he already had tattoos there.  So yeah, it’s a big tattoo, and a random panel to reference!!

The panel is from a story called “When Treachery Wore a Green Shirt”, where Wonder Woman breaks up an anti-immigrant organization in a small town that was about to lynch an immigrant named George Zenko and his employer.  Zenko sounds like a fairly Eastern European name, though his country of origin isn’t specified.  The Green Shirts are all up in arms that a “foreigner” got a job instead of an American, so they’re fixing to hang the two men when Wonder Woman comes by and busts them up.  Then she gives the lovely speech about being friendly to all that Arquette tattooed on his torso.

It’s worth pointing out that this story is SUPER white.  The message of tolerance thus comes across as a “white people should be nice to white people” speech.  There’s no mention of America’s massive racial problems at the time, be it the segregation of African Americans or the resentment towards Asians that lingered after the war.  Instead, we learn to be nice to people that look like us.  Of course, this is a very 21st century reading of it… for 1948, the speech was a reasonably progressive message.

The Grand Comics Database credits H.G. Peter with the writing for this issue.  Clearly it’s his art, but I don’t recall Peter ever writing anything.  Marston had died about a year before this issue came out, so I doubt he wrote it either (the story says “by Charles Moulton”, but they ALL did until the mid-1960s).  It was more likely Robert Kanigher, who was the regular writer on Wonder Woman and most of Sensation Comics at the time, or maybe Sheldon Mayer, the book’s editor.

The story usually gets credited to Marston, however, because the story was reprinted in the 1972 collection of Wonder Woman stories published by Ms. Magazine with introductions by Gloria Steinem.  All of the stories in the book are credited to Marston, though a couple of them are from late in the 1940s and his authorship is unlikely.  Also, a few of them seem to have actually been written by Joye Murchison, Marston’s assistant.  I bet Steinem would have loved to know that when she put the book together!!

I don’t know where David Arquette first encountered this panel, but I’m betting it was this book.  It’s that, or he’s got an EXTENSIVE Golden Age Wonder Woman collection.  This story has yet to be collected in an any of DC’s reprint series (Archives, Chronicles, Showcase, etc.) and the Ms. book is fairly well known. 

So good work getting a classy tattoo, David Arquette!!  I’m a little concerned for the guy, what with his divorce and lack of much of a career lately.  Getting a random, MASSIVE tattoo can sometimes be a step in a downward spiral (particularly if it’s of a strong, brunette woman and you just got divorced from a strong, brunette woman…), but hopefully he’s just really into Wonder Woman and things are going well for him.  Either way, it’s a cool tattoo!!

Kelly Ripa As Wonder Woman OR No Regis As Steve Trevor? Disappointing.

April 30, 2012

I didn’t watch the TV Land awards this weekend, largely due to the fact that I had no idea they were on or that a channel that airs mostly reruns actually gives awards.  It all seems very nonsensical to me!!  Nonetheless, they exist (apparently it’s the tenth one!!) and this year Kelly Ripa was the host.  In her opening, she dressed up as several famous TV characters, including Catwoman, Velma from Scooby Doo, a non-descript Star Trek character, and Wonder Woman:

Here’s a closer look at the costume, which isn’t nearly as detailed as the Lynda Carter TV version.  It’s certainly very sparkly though:

In the opening, Ripa refuses all of the outfits before settling on a Catwoman costume, and rejects the Wonder Woman look because:

It’s too flashy!!  But let me wear this home for Mark. *wink*

Carson Kressley was also in the opening sketch, so yeah… that was a thing that happened. 

While the opening was all sorts of cheesy, it’s fun that Wonder Woman has remained such a cultural icon.  Even though she hasn’t been brought back in movie form like every other superhero, the legacy of the 70s TV show is really quite impressive.  Movies have made lesser known characters like Iron Man, Black Widow, and Green Lantern household names outside of comic book fandom, but people have known Wonder Woman for DECADES largely due to an old TV show that only ran for three years.  Wonder Woman certainly made her mark.  While a reference at the TV Land awards isn’t really the world’s biggest platform, Wonder Woman gets referenced all over the place, all the time. 

With that kind of name recognition, you’d think there’d be a movie by now!!

From Daily Mail, via the always wonderful DC Women Kicking Ass.

Maggie Q As Wonder Woman On Young Justice

March 26, 2012

This weekend’s episode of Young Justice featured a side plot where the Justice League debated admitting new members, and Nikita‘s Maggie Q played Wonder Woman in what I think is the character’s first time speaking since the series began.  Wonder Woman’s been in the background of a couple episodes, but hasn’t said much.  While I expected a lot more ass kicking (there was none… I was jazzed to post some sweet mid-fight screencaps!!), her appearance was still pretty fun.

First, the Big Three are clearly in charge of the Young Justice universe, superherowise.  Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all led the discussions and ran the show, and everyone else, including Hal Jordan, the Flash, and Martian Manhunter were on the sidelines.  In fact, of the all other Leaguers it was probably Aquman who got the fourth most facetime.  Wonder Woman was clearly a key part of the ruling triumverate, which is nice to see.

Plus, even though Wonder Woman wasn’t kicking ass against the bad guys, she was pretty kick ass in the meeting room.  When suggesting a new female superhero, Rocket, for the Justice League, there was this exchange:

Wonder Woman: Athena knows the League could use more female members.

Black Canary: Agreed.

Hawkgirl: Hear, hear!

[quizzical stares from all the dudes around the table]

It was pretty great.  Wonder Woman totally threw it down.

Finally, while there wasn’t a ton of excitement going on, I did enjoy Maggie Q.  She brought a classy, regal feel to Wonder Woman that had a warmth and friendliness to it as well.  I’d really like to hear more of her as Wonder Woman (maybe if we get Wonder Girl she’ll be around more often…) and I hope the appearance isn’t a one-off like Rob Lowe’s fabulous Captain Marvel, who I loved.  We get a lot of Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Red Tornado, and Black Canary from time to time, but I think more Wonder Woman is always fun.

My Little Wonder Woman Pony On Front Page Of

January 15, 2012

For some reason, I’m hearing about My Little Pony ALL the time lately.  Either people have been super into for ages and are now talking about it or they’ve suddenly gotten into it, but it’s everywhere!!  And yesterday, it made the front page of CNN:

You can see it there on the bottom, where it says “‘My Little Pony’ goes geek”.  But check it out… that’s a Wonder Woman pony!!  Wonder Woman is all over the front page of CNN lately!!  It’s kind of great.

This Wonder Woman pony was created by Jodi Moisan, and it’s rather detailed.  It’s got the lasso and the tiara and everything.  The article says that Moisan doesn’t sell her art but that she has donated pieces for Women of Wonder Day, so good news for you all keen to get one… maybe next year you can snag one.

I so don’t understand this current fascination with My Little Pony, but Wonder Woman is cool in any form really.  I don’t know if it’s really front page of CNN cool (it’s a news site, right?  Aren’t there geopolitical issues they should be getting into?), but it’s still pretty impressively crafted!!

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