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Wonder Woman On Harry’s Law Recap OR I Watched It So You Didn’t Have To

January 12, 2012

Tonight’s episode of Harry’s Law, “Gorilla My Dreams”, featured a plotline that revolved around a woman, played by Erica Durance, who dressed as Wonder Woman and brutally beat up abusive husbands.  I’ve never watched a full episode of Harry’s Law, and tonight’s episode did nothing to convince me that I’ve been missing out, but it actually wasn’t entirely terrible.

The main story of the show was about a gorilla, as you may have guessed from the title.  It was all about whether great apes can be treated as people under the law, and it was pretty dumb and melodramatic and this isn’t a gorilla blog, so let’s skip on past that.

The Wonder Woman story made up the secondary plotline.  For some reason, we got tons of gorilla backstory but we joined the Wonder Woman trial in progress, and had to piece the facts together as the show went along.  I’m still not entirely sure what she was charged with, but we’ll get to that in a minute. 

We start off by hearing from a couple witnesses, a man who got beat up by “Wonder Woman”, and a woman who found “Wonder Woman” online and called her when her ex-husband showed up drunk and angry.  In both cases, the men suffered various broken bones and other serious injuries.  The prosecution argues that vigilantism is illegal and that the beatings these men, and several others, received were criminal, while the defense says that these men were wife beaters and that “Wonder Woman” was just trying to defend their wives.

The main defense lawyer, the guy Nate Corddry plays whose name I don’t know, knew “Wonder Woman” from high school.  Her name is Annie Bilson, and she was the sweet, pretty girl everyone loved, and of course he had a crush on her.  Then things went south for Annie.  Her husband was abusive and raped her repeatedly, to such a degree that Annie basically had a complete mental breakdown and shut down emotionally, and received extensive psychological treatment for several years.  Her breakthrough finally came when she channeled her feelings into a Wonder Woman persona and beat the hell out of abusive husbands.  She returned to a normal, happy life, and occasionally put on a Wonder Woman costume and kicked some ass.

For Annie, “Wonder Woman” is a persona she takes on.  Her doctor says that it isn’t actually her, that she’s not aware of her actions once she’s taken on the persona.  So technically she’s not responsible for her actions, but she also refuses to take any drugs that would stop her from slipping into the persona, which suggests some culpability.

There’s some drama… Annie gets mad at Nate for bringing up her abusive husband because she doesn’t want to be painted as a victim, but that never really goes anywhere.  Ultimately, impassioned closing arguments are made on both sides.  Nate gets all emotional talking about the girl he once knew, but in the end they agree to a plea deal where Annie serves three years in a mental institution.  Which is probably a good idea… having a violent persona you can’t control really isn’t an ideal way to go through life.

At the end of story, Nate and his lady lawyer associate, whose name I also don’t know, visit Annie at the institution, and Annie gives Nate her tiara and tells him to ask her out in three years if he’s still single.  Emotional healing!!  She can finally trust again!!

So that’s the rundown.  Really, the story didn’t make a ton of sense to me.  I mean, clearly the girl needed to be in a mental hospital to sort out her split personality issues.  I have NO idea why she’d be tried in a criminal court with proper jail time on the line, other than to make it more dramatic and let David E. Kelley use up his lingering Wonder Woman rights.

And that’s what was really odd about the episode… we see the Wonder Woman costume for like three seconds, in a grainy flashback video of her taking down one of the abusive husbands.  The pictures that were released a couple weeks ago, like the one at the top of this post, must have been from a scene that got cut for more gorilla time, because that wasn’t in the show at all.  For all but those three grainy seconds, Erica Durance is pants suited up or in her mental asylum sweats.  It seems to me that if you’re going to do a Wonder Woman-centric show, you should put in some Wonder Woman.

There were some shout outs, though.  The prosecution asks Annie if she has bullet-deflecting bracelets, a lasso of truth, or an invisible plane, and her doctor mentions that Annie knows she’s not “some immortal Amazon, born and raised on an all-women island”.  But that’s about it.  The show was really low on Wonder Woman, overall.

But there were some good things.  Robert Picardo was her doctor, for one… he’s the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager!!  So that was pretty exciting… I always like to see him in things.  And Mark Valley is on this show I guess, so that’s a fun Fringe connection.

What I liked best about the show, though, was that it got into issues surrounding domestic violence, and in decent detail.  Everyone talked about how domestic abuse is widely under-reported, and how it’s an epidemic for women of all walks of life.  They dropped lots of jarring statistics… some I knew, like 1 in 4 women suffer domestic abuse of some kind, but some I’d not heard before, like 1 in 3 women murdered in America are killed by an intimate partner.  And both the defense and prosecution spoke strongly about domestic violence.  It wasn’t a debate over the merits of women claiming to be abused… both sides agreed it was a serious problem, and instead the actual debate was about vigilantism.  It’s hard to dislike a show that uses primetime entertainment to make viewers more aware of the epidemic nature of domestic violence.

Ultimately, it wasn’t the best show.  The plot was pretty meh, the Wonder Woman stuff was minimal, and the guy lawyer helping the lady and getting a date out of it storyline was pretty lame.  The whole thing felt rather abbreviated, really, like it was meant to be the main story but then they cut it down in favour of the gorilla.  But again, there was a really consistent message about domestic violence, backed up with rather shocking stats and figures, that I have to respect.  I didn’t care much for the program, but I appreciated that component of it.

Plus, Robert Picardo!!  Star Trek actors on other shows are ALWAYS fun.

First Look At Erica Durance As Wonder Woman On Harry’s Law OR David E. Kelley Recycles

December 29, 2011

On an upcoming episode of Harry’s Law, airing on NBC on January 11, Erica Durance is guest starring as woman who thinks she is Wonder Woman because of some sort of pyschological snafu.  Durance played Lois Lane on Smallville, and Harry’s Law is run by David E. Kelley, the man behind the recent ill-fated and just all around awful Wonder Woman pilot.  TV Line has some pictures of Durance in her Wonder Woman garb:

So they basically re-used the Wonder Woman outfit from the pilot.  It looks to be the exact same costume.  Let’s split screen it with Adrianne Palicki:

Same weird tiara, same bizarrely large and obtrusive eagle across the chest, same super huge belt, and the same rather sensible star lined jeans.  It’s good to see that the Wonder Woman pilot wasn’t a total bust… Kelley’s recycled the outfit for his other really crappy TV show. 

Oh damn, I have a Wonder Woman blog.  I’m probably going to have to watch this episode… not cool!!  I thought I was done with David E. Kelley doing terrible Wonder Woman things!! 

Anyway, that’s Erica Durance as Wonder Woman.  There’s been a lot of live action Wonder Woman on TV lately, what with Penny on The Big Bang Theory, Heidi Marie Ferren on Bored to Death, and Wonder Woman showing up in the Spider-Man musical on Conan.  She’s a popular gal… you’d think she’d have a movie by now!!

The New Kate Beaton Wonder Woman Comic Strips Are, Of Course, HILARIOUS

December 6, 2011

Kate Beaton is so great.  And not just because she’s from Nova Scotia, though that definitely helps.  Her comics are epic and hilarious, and her bitter, angry Wonder Woman is pretty much the best thing ever.

There’s a new batch of Wonder Woman strips over at Hark! A Vagrant today, and they’re fantastic.  This is my favourite one:

I’d reprint all of them, but that’s just rude.  You need to go over to her site and read them, and then go buy her book, because it’s a hoot.  Then write DC Comics a letter about how they need to pay Kate Beaton an inordinate amount of money to do backup strips in their books.  Imagine Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman PLUS these strips… it would be the greatest comic book of all time!!

Wonder Woman On Young Justice, For Two Whole Seconds!!

November 5, 2011

I’m assuming that something must be up with the Wonder Woman rights, because I don’t think she’s been on Young Justice since the premiere.  Tons of other Justice League members are on regularly, and awesomely so (Rob Lowe’s Captain Marvel was spectacular), including pretty much every big name, but there’s barely any Wonder Woman.  Until tonight, that is!!  In the episode, entitled “Failsafe”, the earth is invaded by nefarious aliens, and the ENTIRE Justice League got wiped out!!  Lucky for us, this involved a lot of fun explodey scenes with cool heroes, including Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman lassoed one of the alien ships, as you can see from her killer grip and fierce determination in this screengrab:

She then swung the ship around as if it weighed nothing at all, sending it spiraling into another ship:

After which she smiled to herself in celebration:

And then she got zapped by another alien ship and disappeared.

Everything got resolved in the end, of course, but it was pretty crazy there for a while.  It was fun to have her pop by the show… Young Justice has been especially good since it came back from hiatus.  They’re even making Miss Martian stronger and more bad ass.  I hope Wonder Woman’s appearance signals that we’ll get a Wonder Girl of some sort on the team soon.

Also, next week: New Genesis!!  That’s going to be super cool!!

Trey Parker, Wonder Woman Fan?

November 2, 2011

Recently, Comedy Central aired a documentary called The Making of South Park: Six Days to Air that followed the development of an episode of South Park from the start to the finished product over, not surprisingly, six days.  It was really interesting to see the process and how amazingly fast it comes together (most animated shows take months to complete), especially in the chaotic wake of the success of Book of Mormon, but something else caught my eye.  When South Park co-creator Trey Parker was interviewed in his office, it looked like there was a Wonder Woman picture on the bulletin board behind him.

Wonder Woman is no stranger to South Park, having been a member of the Council of Nine in the epic Imaginationland trilogy, and so I suppose it’s not too surprising that Parker has a Wonder Woman picture.  The bulletin board featured bits of art, group photos of the South Park crew, and various notes, and then what appears to be a picture of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the far left corner.  Here’s a screen grab of the board:

And then one with a closer look at Wonder Woman:

And then we zoom in:

After some exhaustive investigation (ie. googling), I believe that the picture on Trey Parker’s board is in fact this picture:

And I suggest to you that Trey Parker is a Wonder Woman fan.  Which is fun!!

Later in the show, I also spied a copy of JMS’ Thor Omnibus in his office, but I’ll let you take my word on that and not run you through a series of photos, investigation-style.  Suffice it to say, Trey Parker seems to dig mythological superheroes.  It looks like he and I would have a lot in common.

Catherine O’Hara As Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman On SCTV

October 10, 2011

Things have been pretty quiet on the Wonder Woman front lately, apart from the FANTASTIC Wonder Woman #1, so I thought we’d have a bit of fun with this clip from SCTVSCTV was a comedy show in the late 1970s and early 1980s that ran in Canada regularly and in the US for a couple years.  In this clip, “Tom Brokraw” (Dave Thomas) interviews “Lynda Karter” (Catherine O’Hara) in her Wonder Woman outfit, and the interview does not go well:

That’s a surprisingly well-researched bit… the Paradise Island reference was classy!!  Though all of SCTV is classy really.  They’re the folks behind Bob and Doug McKenzie and Johnny La Rue and about a billion hilarious Joe Flaherty characters.  Well there goes the rest of my night… if anyone needs me, I’ll be on Youtube watching SCTV clips.  Man, I could watch Sammy Maudlin forever.

Wonder Woman Reference On Smallville

February 28, 2011

I was catching up on my DVR this afternoon (now that football is over, Sundays make for excellent DVR clearing time), and I watched this week’s episode of Smallville, entitled “Fortune”.  It was a fun little episode… it’s Clark and Lois’ bachelor/bachelorette party, and Zatanna sends them some enchanted champagne that gets everyone all loopy and unable to remember what happened when they wake up the next day.  The whole thing is a Hangover homage really, but it was a good time.  A hungover Clark taking off running with superspeed and bouncing off a concrete wall was pretty amusing.

Anyway, part way through the show, Chloe mentions to Clark that she had met some other remarkable heroes in her travels, including:

A billionaire with high tech toys, and a wondrous woman who’s gonna throw you for a loop.

Batman and Wonder Woman!!  Fans have been clamouring for both characters to be on the show for ages, and a Bruce Wayne cameo has been rumoured forever, but with the show nearly done now, them showing up seems unlikely.  Especially with Wonder Woman currently owned by a different network. But it’s still fun to hear her referenced.  I like the idea that Batman and Wonder Woman are out there, and that Clark will meet them and team-up once he (FINALLY) becomes Superman.  It’s cool that the show hints at the rest of the DC universe, and I wonder if the new Wonder Woman show will do the same, or be more self-contained?  It’ll probably be the latter… The CW has easy access to DC characters, what with being owned by Warner Bros. and all.  NBC’s will probably have a harder (pricier) time licensing characters.  Anyway, it was a fun reference!!

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