Wonder Woman #73 Review: Through a Glass Darkly

I love an alternate universe. Whether it’s slight changes in a different dimension or a full on evil mirror universe, I’m instantly intrigued. I am here for bizarre multiverse fun all day long. However, alternate universes haven’t been great for Wonder Woman. I’ve never been a big fan of the evil Earth Three, the CrimeContinue reading “Wonder Woman #73 Review: Through a Glass Darkly”

Wonder Woman’s January 2016 Covers and Solicits

Even though Sensation Comics is set to end in December, there’ll be no lull in Wonder Woman fun with a new digital first series set to take its place beginning in January. That, plus Wonder Woman’s usual outings, make for a busy month for the amazing Amazon. It’s also an even split, with two mainlineContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s January 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Colouring Book Variant Covers For Wonder Woman’s January 2016 Comics

I’m not even sure how this is going to work, but DC Comics’ newest monthly variant cover theme is adult colouring book pages for their January 2016 comics. Adult colouring books are all the rage now, and DC’s gotten their artists to draw covers particularly suited for colouring; it’s not just regular comic art withoutContinue reading “Colouring Book Variant Covers For Wonder Woman’s January 2016 Comics”

DC’s Fresh And Contemporary New Minis To Be Written By 60 Year Old White Guys

First things first, Amy Chu is fantastic. She’s writing a new Poison Ivy mini-series for DC Comics as part of a new line of minis that are set to debut in 2016, and she is the perfect choice of writer to do a fresh and contemporary take on the character, which is what DC claimsContinue reading “DC’s Fresh And Contemporary New Minis To Be Written By 60 Year Old White Guys”

Convergence: Wonder Woman #2 Review OR A Pyrrhic Victory

There’s nothing bad about Convergence: Wonder Woman #2, or the mini-series as a whole. It’s all fine, competent comic booking. The writing is okay, the art is decent, the characters mostly seem to be themselves. The only thing is, I’m not entirely sure why it exists. I mean, I understand why these two months ofContinue reading “Convergence: Wonder Woman #2 Review OR A Pyrrhic Victory”

Convergence: Wonder Woman #2 Preview OR Fangs For The Memories

DC’s “Convergence” event comes to a close this month, with lots of inter-universal fighting building to some sort of battle-based finale, I assume. I’m not really following it too closely. I think I picked up four books, maybe? And there seemed to be lots of fighting in them, so I’m just guessing that’s what’s goingContinue reading “Convergence: Wonder Woman #2 Preview OR Fangs For The Memories”

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #28 Review: “Casualties of War” by Aaron Lopresti

I love dragons and I love Wonder Woman so I was particularly looking forward to this issue of Sensation Comics, but the book didn’t do a lot for me this week. While nothing was particularly bad, nothing was particularly exciting or well executed either. It was a ho-hum issue all around that failed to deliverContinue reading “Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #28 Review: “Casualties of War” by Aaron Lopresti”