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Wonder Woman Movie Action Figures: Reviewing the Entire Fantastic Line!

June 22, 2017


I don’t know how things are where you live, but here in Halifax it’s been hard to track down the DC Multiverse line of Wonder Woman movie action figures. Luckily, I have a sister who lives near the American border and was able to order the entire line up! And she brought them all last night (the picture above doesn’t include Hippolyta, because I was able to get that one earlier), so now I have the entire set. And they are GREAT. I’m hoping it’s just the beginning of the line because there are definitely a few missing characters I’d love to see, but it’s a fantastic start. As an action figure enthusiast, I’m really pleased with the quality of the work here. So let’s take a closer look at all of them!

We’ll start with the main Wonder Woman figure:


Honestly, it’s kind of an odd figure with the cloak and all. I understand that the Multiverse line did a (not so great) Wonder Woman figure for Batman v Superman last year so they’d want to mix it up a bit here, but this one is hard to play with. Also, full disclosure, I am 100% a take it out of the package sort of dude, so playability is key for me. Still, it’s a pretty nice figure. She comes with her sword and her lasso (which is hidden under her cloak) and the costume underneath the cloak is very nicely done. The face sculpt is decent as well. It’d be a better figure if the cloak was removable, though. I know she wears it for a lot of the movie, but it’s hard to play with.

Luckily, there’s a Wonder Woman variant figure that’s a Toys R Us exclusive, and it’s awesome:


It’s the Batman v Superman sculpt with brighter colours and a new face, and it’s a vast improvement on both that original figure and her cloaked counterpart in the Wonder Woman line. She looks a lot more like Gal Gadot, and she’s got a variety of points of articulation that make her easy to play with. Her accessories are rad too; while we’ve got the standard sword and lasso, the shield is the most impressive piece here. It’s a detailed, accurate recreation of the movie shield that will allow you to stage all kinds of fun poses from the film. If you want a good Wonder Woman figure, I suggest going to Toys R Us and tracking this one down.

We’ve got a third Diana, in her Themyscira outfit:


She comes with the sword and lasso yet again, but everything else is new including an alternative head sculpt with a braid and of course an entirely different costume. The figure is very poseable, and looks good all around. It’s a great representation of her Themyscira look, and with some other Amazons in the line you can recreate some sparring scenes! It’s a simple figure, but a fun one.

Queen Hippolyta is slightly more ornate:


They did a great job with the costume here, capturing all of the elements quite nicely. She’s got a cloak as well, which makes playing with her a little bit difficult, but it’s not as cumbersome as the black cloak on the main Wonder Woman figure. The figure also comes with a sword and a spear; all of the weapons in this line look good, plus they’re fairly sturdy and easy to put in the figure’s hands, which is always helpful. Hippolyta’s face sculpt makes her look a bit stern, but that’s in keeping with the character, really.

Our final Amazon is Menalippe:


And honestly I have NO idea why she has a figure and Antiope doesn’t. That makes no sense at all. But it’s a super cool figure nonetheless! She comes with a spear as well, but I’ve got her in this awesome bow and arrow pose. The costume looks great, the weapons are cool, and she’s pretty good to play with despite some limitations due to the length of parts of her skirt. It’s a fun figure all around. I just don’t know why she’s not Antiope. Maybe we’ll get one in a future line!

Now onto the boys, starting with Steve Trevor:


He’s fine. This was never going to be a super exciting figure, since he lacks the visual flair and cool weaponry of the Amazons. He’s got a gun and that’s about it. And that green jacket isn’t exactly a stunning outfit. But the textures aren’t bad and for the simple figure it is, it looks pretty decent and is good to pose and play with. He’ll look good running behind my Wonder Woman figure!

And finally, the Ares build-a-figure:


So, I think the filmmakers changed their mind on how Ares should look during production because both this figure and the Lego Ares look like this, with old fashioned armor and a ram skull helmet and such, and his look in the movie is kind of different. The toys must have been developed so far that they couldn’t change things when the movie did, and so we get this figure that’s not terribly movie accurate. The good news is, I think the figure looks a lot cooler than the movie version! He’s kind of awesome. I’ve got him pictured with one of the fiery swords that come with Menalippe and the shield that comes with the Toys R Us exclusive Wonder Woman, but there’s another sword that comes with someone in the main line that’s fine as well. He was easy to build and very fun to put together. I’ve never collected a full line before, so I’ve never made a build-a-figure. It’s fun! And he’s bigger than everyone else, which is cool for a bad guy. Here’s a comparison shot:


It’s a great Ares all around, and he’s a blast to play with.

There are a few figures I’d love to see in a hypothetical second line, Antiope first and foremost among them. It’s bizarre that she’s not in this line. It’d be fun to have an Etta as well; she was such a joy in the movie, and I’d love to pair her with one of my Wonder Women. Dr. Poison would be cool too, to give us another villain, and perhaps a Ludendorff for the same reasons. I’d also be okay with a Diana Prince figure, in her London garb, just to have another Wonder Woman in the line. Sameer, Charlie, and Chief I can take or leave. It’d be fun to have the team, but there are other characters that I think would be more fun. So hopefully there’s more coming! But if not, this line is great and there’s a lot of fantastic figures in the mix.

Wonder Woman Movie’s Mattel Figures PLUS Build-a-Figure Revealed at Toy Fair

February 21, 2017

Toy Fair 2017 was this weekend in New York City, and it provided us our first official look at Mattel’s upcoming Wonder Woman movie action figures. We saw some action figure/doll hybrids last week that were very cool, but these are the official 6 inch action figures that are part of DC’s larger “Multiverse” line. And they look good! There are only four of them plus a larger “Collect & Connect” figure you can build with parts that come with each of the primary figures, but there is some fun stuff in the mix.

Let’s take a look at them, thanks to the excellent reporting of Toy Ark; it’s my favourite toy news site, and their coverage of Toy Fair was great as always this year. We’ll start with Diana on Themyscira:


We’ve seen a blurry picture of this toy before, which didn’t do it justice. This one looks very cool, and is a solid likeness of Gal Gadot. Plus it’s got a lot of points of articulation, which should make her easy to position in rad action poses. The only accessory appears to be a sword; I’d like to have seen a lasso as well. But still, I like it.

Next up is Wonder Woman in a cloak:


I’m guessing that they did this cloaked figure because the “Multiverse” line has already released a standard Wonder Woman figure as part of their Batman v Superman run. Rather than duplicate that, it seems that they decided to go with this slightly different take. I understand the why of it, but this is sort of weird figure. The cloak is going to get in the way of doing anything cool with it, and it doesn’t appear to be removable. It’s kind of a bummer that they went this direction with the only proper Wonder Woman figure in the line; I’m worried this is going to be the trench coat Batman of the line, i.e. the figure every store in America has 472 of because NO ONE buys it since it’s just a superhero in a coat.

Hippolyta, however, looks amazing:


First, how great is it that we’re getting a Hippolyta action figure? Plus she’s dual weaponed! We get a sword AND a spear. The sculpt looks great as well, and the cloak doesn’t seem nearly as cumbersome as Wonder Woman’s. I’m excited to pick this one up, and for Connie Nielsen’s Hippolyta in general; I can’t wait to see her on the big screen!

Next up, good old Steve Trevor:


I remain underwhelmed by the texture, coloring, and all around look of this figure. It feels too action figure-y, if that makes any sense. The rest have a touch of realism to them, but this one looks kind of flat all around. I’m glad we’re getting a Steve, I just wish it was a little more detailed and capture Chris Pine a bit better.

Finally, all of the parts included with each figure add up to Ares:


This is our first decent peek at how Ares will look in Wonder Woman, and it’s not bad. It’s got touches of the classic, Perez-style Ares with the darker, more ominous angle that’s characterized the DCEU movies thus far. I don’t know if I love the helmet, but I can see how it might look cool on the big screen. I’m curious if there’s a face in there or if it’s all just helmet. The figure also comes with a red sword and a shield, which is fun. Though in my mind, Ares should have a proper long cape; I’m too steeped in Perez comics not to want to see that!

So overall, it’s a cool line. Diana and Hippolyta are the standouts for me, and the Ares is kind of cool. I’m not sold on the cloaked Wonder Woman and the Steve is a bit underwhelming, but they could both still be cool. Only four figures is a bit of a letdown, though. Perhaps we’ll see more in another wave. I’d love to get an Etta Candy, and the movie’s take on Dr. Poison looks rad and action figure worthy. Keep your eyes peeled for the figures; they should start to hit stores later this spring.

More Wonder Woman Movie Toys Revealed, And They Look Super Fun

February 15, 2017

We got an illicit look at a couple of action figures from the upcoming Wonder Woman film a couple weeks back and they were intriguing, but now we’re getting some official images of upcoming Wonder Woman toys. And they’re kind of awesome! Mattel’s got a full line that looks to be a mix between and action figure and a Barbie; the figures are poseable and have the joints you’d expect from an action figure, but also have the hair and clothes you usually get with a doll. Entertainment Weekly had the first look at the toys, and let’s run through them now.

First up, we’ve got a fully armored Wonder Woman:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

I don’t know that the resemblance to Gal Gadot is spot on, but it kind of looks like her. And getting the full array of weaponry is very cool. I’m definitely interested in this one.

Next is Diana in her Themyscira garb:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

This one is fun as well. Also, I’m impressed with the braid; I hope it holds, because if it comes undone I have no idea how to rebraid it! The bow looks a little dinky in terms of scale, but arrow shooting action is pretty rad.

This one is a lot like the first one:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

But without all the extra stuff? It’s a cheaper, bare bones figure, I guess. It does retail for $5 less.

Next up we get Diana in her formal wear:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

This is from the scene in the trailer where she has the sword hidden in her dress, and apparently you can do the same with this figure. Glamorous AND dangerous!

Hey, there’s one with a majestic horse:

Photographer Randel Urbauer Stylist Lin

It looks like the first figure, plus a cloak and a dang horse! This might be the best deal of the bunch, really. You get the Wonder Woman figure and all of the accessories as well as a cool horse for her to ride on. It’s only $29.99 too; that’s a deal. I proclaim this the bargain of the bunch!

Hipployta’s got a horse too:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

Hers is white, and also majestic. She’s also got her own unique weapons and armor, just like Connie Nielsen in the movie. This is pretty rad. I love that there are going to be Hippolyta toys! And even better, she looks really cool. I may end up getting the horse pair, really. Mother daughter horse adventures!

Finally, a two pack:

Photographer Dennis DiLaura Stylist Mary Jordan

Steve and Diana, in their island garb. Chris Pine’s even got a wool turtleneck. And it looks like the Diana figure is a version of that second figure, but with a cloth outfit, which is neat. I like this set.

Entertainment Weekly also lists a bunch of accessories you can get, like a sword, Nerf bow and arrow, and a tiara. They are probably kid sized instead of grown up sized, which is a bummer; the sword looks rad. But that’s how toys go. Dang kids, getting all the fun.

With Toy Far just around the corner, I expect we’ll see even more of the Wonder Woman toy line this weekend, including the rest of the action figure line we got a peek at two weeks back. I’m going to go broke, gang. There’s just too much cool stuff.

Two Mattel Wonder Woman Movie Figures Revealed, Plus a Spoiler for the Film

February 3, 2017


I love action figures. When I am a fan of something, I buy every associated action figure I can because they are just so much fun. Young Tim had a slew of Star Trek figures, somewhat less young Tim got nearly all of the Lord of the Rings movie figures, and now my current self has been saving money specifically to go nuts on all of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie figures and merchandise. I. AM. PSYCHED.

And now, we’ve got a sneak peek at two of the figures in Mattel’s upcoming line from the movie, courtesy of Twitter user @ablouzada. The pictures aren’t great, but they do the job. Let’s start with Gal Gadot’s Diana:

wwfigure1This one’s called “Diana of Themyscira” and it gives us Diana in the golden Amazon outfit we’ve seen her sporting in the trailer. It looks like it comes with a sword and her lasso; while I’m not thrilled with her sword being so front and center in her DCEU incarnation, I’m glad the lasso has remained a big part of the character too. This looks like a decent figure, and one I’ll definitely be picking up (obviously). I assume we’re going to get Diana in her Wonder Woman outfit as well, which is rad because it’s rare to get two takes on Wonder Woman in an action figure line. We may even get three! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “Diana Prince” figure with her in her 1910s England outfit.

Next up is Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor:

wwfigure2First let me just say, as an action figure enthusiast, that outfit is weak sauce. Add some texture and some different colours, Mattel! Having collected Lord of the Rings movie figures, my standards are high; those things are epic with texture and colour. This Steve Trevor feels a little dull and plasticky. I know he literally is plastic, but still.

Anyway, he’s got a rifle and maybe something else? Perhaps a bag of some sort? I can’t tell if the item in the upper right goes with him or the larger figure you can assemble. It might be the head that goes with that torso. Back to Steve, this isn’t the best picture, but all in all this one seems a little underwhelming. Hopefully it’s nicer in person.

And now, the spoiler you may have noticed already: Each figure comes with a piece of a larger figure that you can connect and build, and the resulting giant figure is Ares. I can’t remember if Ares’ role in Wonder Woman has been officially confirmed or not, but it’s been leaked and expected for a while. And now we know for sure.

So, what else might we expect in this line? It’ll probably consist of five or six figures, and we’ve only got two of them. I’m hoping for an Etta Candy, but I’m not holding my breath. And a Dr. Poison or a Hippolyta would be awesome. Knowing how toy companies work, we’ll probably end up getting more dudes, perhaps whoever Danny Huston is playing along with someone from Steve’s gang. Time will tell. Toy Fair is in a couple of weeks, and I’m guessing that the full line will make their debut then. I’m excited to find out who we’ll get! And then to go broke buying them all.

New Wonder Woman Toys Unveiled At Toy Fair (And I Want Them All)

February 15, 2016

Toy Fair was this weekend in New York, the annual event where all of the biggest toy companies get together to unveil the many awesome new toys they’ll be putting on the market in the coming year. I LOVE following Toy Fair weekend. I’m all about action figures, and seeing the online galleries of so many cool new toy lines is always a blast. My wish list is now rather lengthy, and includes a variety of new Wonder Woman figures.

The past few Toy Fairs have been a little bit quiet on the Wonder Woman front, but with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set to hit theaters soon and her own movie on the way for 2017, she seems to be starting a bit of a toy renaissance. So let’s take a look at some of the new Wonder Woman figures that are coming soon.

We’ll start with this Wonder Woman from DC Collectibles’ Icons line. Somewhat ridiculously, Wonder Woman is the NINETEENTH figure in this line; DC somehow thought that 18 other characters were more iconic that her? Come on. But Wonder Woman is finally part of the line, with a cool looking figure:


The figure is based on Ivan Reis’ design from the Justice League “Amazo Virus” storyline, and I’m digging it; it’s the same costume that Jason Fabok’s been drawing in Justice League since and I like it a lot. The figure also comes with her golden lasso, a shield, a sword, and alternate hands. It’s set to retail for $28 US, and I am totally going to get one.

Next up is a Wonder Woman three pack, also from DC Collectibles:


These are all figures that have appeared in some capacity before, and are being tweaked and reissued. You get the Modern Age Wonder Woman, based on Terry Dodson’s art from her mid-2000s relaunch, a classic Golden Age Wonder Woman based on H.G. Peter’s original design for the character, and the New 52 Wonder Woman (which I think is based on her New 52 Jim Lee designed figure except with a new head sculpt).

DC Collectibles continues the fun by moving into DC’s movie properties for the first time, including this Batman v Superman Wonder Woman figure:


This is about the hundredth Batman v Superman Wonder Woman figure, but it looks pretty nice and detailed, with multiple points of articulation. Faora, the Kryptonian villain from Man of Steel is part of the line as well, which is fun; Faora is one of the few characters that I enjoyed in that movie. But there’s no Lois Lane as of yet!

DC Collectibles also announced a slew of new figures based on Darwyn Cooke’s art that includes Wonder Woman, but I haven’t seen any pictures of them apart from the Catwoman figure. Sometimes companies embargo certain toys they don’t want to reveal quite yet.

The Tonner Doll Company unveiled some new dolls inspired by DC’s Bombshells line, and Wonder Woman is in the mix:


It’s a nice looking doll, though very pricey: This Wonder Woman will sell for $170 US, and is somehow one of the cheaper dolls in the line.

Finally, Funko revealed a new line of 5″ inch vinyl dolls under a new line called Rock Candy that includes a wide variety of DC ladies, including both the movie and comic book Wonder Woman:


These look pretty fun. I generally don’t love the big head, little body doll look, and some of the poses in this line are a little more pin-up than superhero, but there are some rad characters in the mix here that look cool. The Wonder Womans are decent, and there’s a Supergirl figure that looks great as well as a very awesome Batgirl of Burnside. I’m going to want a bunch of these. Also, I like that Funko is starting this new line with DC heroines.

Those are all of the new Wonder Woman toys that I spied, but it was a HUGE show so some probably fell through the cracks. Start saving up your money now, gang, because it looks like it’s going to be an expensive year to be a Wonder Woman enthusiast!

DC Super Hero Girls Begins To Roll Out With Wonder Woman Front And Center

October 5, 2015


Last week, the first webisode for DC Super Hero Girls debuted. It’s the first step in what’s going to be a massive line of media and products targeted towards young female fans; there’ll be shows, there’ll be books, there’ll be dolls and Lego and action figures. The plan sounds impressively comprehensive.

The first short serves as a welcome to superhero high:

While Wonder Woman isn’t in the main part of the webisode, she’s prominently featured in the show’s opening credits alongside Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, Bumblebee, and Harley Quinn, so I imagine that she’ll have a big part to play in things moving forward.

USA Today got a first look at some of the DC Super Hero Girls merchandise, and Wonder Woman is definitely involved in that. Mattel is making doll and action figures, and here’s a sneak peek at the Wonder Woman doll, with Supergirl:


Chances are she’ll be part of the action figure line as well. DC Super Hero Girls is set to have a big presence at New York Comic-Con this weekend, so I expect we’ll see a full line up of everything soon. The dolls look cute, and I really like that they’ve got bendable limbs. My sister’s Barbie’s always had straight limbs and you couldn’t do a lot with them, playingwise. With more points of articulation, you can do rad superhero poses. Lisa McKnight, Mattel’s senior vice president for marketing, said that the dolls have “really strong, athletic physiques and have great qualities and represent female empowerment,” which is a great way to approach the line.

I also like that despite several tweaks to the costume, Wonder Woman is still definitely Wonder Woman. She’s got her tiara and her lasso, her silver bracelets, and the red boots, along with the classic colour scheme. I think kids will be really into it.

And just for fun, the DC Superhero Girls website has a personality quiz to determine “which Super Hero Girl is most like you?” I took the test and got Poison Ivy. At first I was bummed that I didn’t get Wonder Woman, but then I realized that of course I’m not Wonder Woman; I’m someone who writes ABOUT Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy’s description says, “You excel in school and don’t mind homework because information is knowledge in your book,” so yeah, that’s about right. It’s a pretty accurate quiz!

Keep your eyes peeled for more DC Super Hero Girls merchandise as the roll out continues, and stay tuned to NYCC coverage for full reports on everything there. And of course buy tons of it, maybe for yourself but also for all of the kids you know!

Mattel’s Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Figures On Display At Comic-Con

July 9, 2015

We had a look at some Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice toys before Comic-Con began, including a fun looking Wonder Woman Barbie, but now with the show in full swing we’re starting to get pictures of Mattel’s wider line for the film, including several Wonder Woman figures. Toyark was on the scene and got a lot of great shots, so let’s through some of the Wonder Woman figures we’ll be able to pick up in early 2016.

First, we got this one from what looks to be the primary set:


Superhero movies tend to put out a variety of different figures these days, and my best guess is that this Wonder Woman is from what I’ll call the cheap set, ie. the less expensive and less detailed figures they make for kids. They’re the ones that come with weird accessories and bizarre costumes that aren’t even in the movie and such, and a lot of the time they don’t look great. This one isn’t too bad, and I’m really happy to see that Wonder Woman will be a part of this main set.

Next, we’ve got a bigger, much more detailed figure:


This is from Mattel’s Multiverse line, but it’s bigger than their usual, mini fare. I’d guess it at about 6 or 7 inches tall. The detail is great, the texture is impressive, and there look to be a lot of points of articulation. I don’t see a shield, sword, or lasso but I’ve got to assume that they come with this figure. This is a great piece, and definitely the one on the top of my list to buy.

Though this one is pretty high on that list too:


It’s also from the Multiverse line, but is the more typical 3.75″ size. The detail looks incredible for a figure that small, but we should keep in mind that Mattel is bringing their fanciest display figures to Comic-Con. I’ve seen pictures of Multiverse figures before that looked amazing, and then I saw it in store and realized that the mass produced line wasn’t quite so detailed. It would be spectacular if the actual Wonder Woman figure looked in the ballpark of as nice as this one is, because it’s great, especially for its size.

There are also a bunch of Superman and Batman figures in the lines, but who cares about those dudes? Toyark‘s got tons of pictures of everything. Also, I’m assuming that this isn’t the entire line because there are no villains or other Justice Leaguers or anything. With the movie’s release still a while off, it looks like Mattel is focusing on the Trinity for now and I assume the rest of the line will be unveiled later, maybe at NYCC or something in the fall. So for all of us holding out hope for some Lois Lane action figures, my best guess is that there will definitely be more figures coming.

The release dates on all of these figures are January 1, 2016, so keep your eyes peeled in the New Year and hope you get some Christmas money so you can buy them all! Regardless of how the film turns out, it’s great to see so many Wonder Woman figures in the mix and I can’t wait to get ALL of them.

EDIT: The Toyark site seems to be having some problems, so here’s a link to a gallery from Toy News International with pictures of the display.

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