A Book Look: Advertisement Addendum

Earlier this week we looked at the advertisements in the first issue from Wonder Woman’s mod era in 1968, when DC was apparently trying to reach more female readers.  Here is another example of the ads not quite matching the aim of the series. This ad for Iverson’s bicycles appeared in Wonder Woman #183, sixContinue reading “A Book Look: Advertisement Addendum”

A Book Look: Ads vs. Audience

I wrote a thesis about Wonder Woman, and have just finished adapting that thesis into a book (I took out all the boring, thesisy stuff, I promise).  Occasionally, I’ll post an interesting bit from the book, partly for shameless self-promotion, and partly because it’s just fun. So in 1968, DC completely revamped Wonder Woman.  SheContinue reading “A Book Look: Ads vs. Audience”