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“The Truth About Wonder Woman” on AMC’s Secret History of Comics, Featuring Me!

November 14, 2017


I was on television last night, gang! With a lot of amazing people, too. AMC has a new documentary series about comic books called Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics, with Kirkman’s production company making the show. Last night’s episode was “The Truth About Wonder Woman” and it focused mainly on her early years, particularly William Moulton Marston’s vision for the character and the role Elizabeth Marston and Olive Byrne played in inspiring and shaping her. Guests included Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins (!!), actual Wonder Woman Lynda Carter (!!!!), and also me:


So yes, I’ve officially starred in a television show with Lynda Carter now. We never met, but still. I’ll take it.

The other guests were great as well. My pal Travis Langley, who I co-wrote a chapter of Wonder Woman Psychology with, was on it. So were some other historians and writers who I don’t know personally so much but whose work I respect, including Noah Berlatsky, Andy Mangels, Trina Robbins, and Jennifer K. Stuller. Also, Phil Jimenez was in the mix, doing a fantastic job talking about Wonder Woman as always; few comic book creators understand Wonder Woman as well as Phil does. There were a couple of folks I wasn’t familiar with too, plus a member of the Marston family, and actor Michelle Rodriguez for some reason? It was a cool mix, and I was really honoured to be a part of it.

I couldn’t watch much of it because seeing/hearing myself weirds me out so much, but from what I saw they did an excellent job telling the story of Wonder Woman’s creation and explaining what she stood for then and continues to stand for now. The director, Jesse James Miller, had a real love and understanding of Wonder Woman. When I met with him and filmed my interview, he was still pretty new to the project and to Wonder Woman’s history, but he’d really thrown himself into it and had completely grasped not just the meaning of the character but the importance of Elizabeth and Olive behind the scenes. He was committed to being respectful and not salacious in telling their story, and I think he did an excellent job of it here. It was a real pleasure to talk with him and see how he worked.

So yeah, I’m a TV star now, I guess. If you missed the show last night, it’s up on AMC’s website, though I think you might need a cable subscription to sign in? And it looks to be just for Americans. But if you’ve got AMC on your television you should be able to get it, and if you have a pal with AMC it’s probably going to be re-aired a bunch of times over the next few weeks so check the schedule and go visit them maybe? They did a very nice job with the show, plus you can see me wearing my favourite tie!


I’m Not Going To Watch Comic Book Men Anymore OR Epic Second Chance Fail

February 20, 2012

I did not care for the first episode of Comic Book Men at all, but much like not judging a book by it’s cover, you shouldn’t judge a TV show by just one episode.  So I tuned in again tonight, to give it a second chance.  I figured that since I’m a total comic book geek, maybe there would be something in the second episode that I found more enjoyable.  I can’t turn my back on my comic book brethren after just one shot, however disheartening it was.

That was a bad call on my part.  There was a 1960s Batmobile, which is always fun, but there were also all manner of jokes concering balls and Giant Sized Man Thing and masturbating in a playground and simulating sex acts with action figures.  Plus, next to ladies at all.  In one cut shot, a female customer says “Oh, awesome” when she’s handed a comic book, and that’s about it for ladies in this episode.

All of that was lame and/or terrible, but there was one scene in particular that epitomizes why I’m never going to watch Comic Book Men again.  Let me describe it to you.

The fellows were doing their podcast bit, and Kevin Smith was talking about the 1960s Batgirl, Barbara Gordon.  He said:

I was a big Batgirl fan because you liked Batman and suddenly this is everything you love about Batman, but you can have sex with it too!!

And, of course, his minions guffawed.

So Batgirl is cool because you can have sex with her.  Ugh.  Way to reduce a cool and fascinating character (she was a superhero AND a Congresswoman for pete’s sake) into a sex object.  Great.

Also, “sex with IT”, not “sex with HER”.  Seriously.

Then Smith related the story of The Killing Joke, where Barbara got shot through the spine by the Joker and was paralyzed.  Smith said:

That made her, I think, even more appealing because you just wanted to take care of her because she’s in a wheelchair.

First off, Barbara Gordon didn’t need ANYONE to take care of her.  She was more independent while paralyzed than most people on the planet with two working legs.

Second, a female character is more appealing when she shifts from a strong, active crimefighter to, in Smith’s mind, a helpless, passive parapalegic who needs your help?  AWFUL.

But it got so much worse.  After Smith said he wanted to take care of a paralyzed Batgirl, that dude who runs the store called out:

Really?  You wouldn’t leave her?

To peals of laughter from the room, followed by several riffs about dumping a paralyzed woman.  This is when I knew I wasn’t going to watch this show ever again.

I just don’t like these people.  I don’t like how their minds work, I don’t like what they find funny, and they upset me with their idiocy and sexism.  Yeah, I said sexism.  The way they talk about women on this show is god awful.  So yeah, I’m done.

On the plus side, I did see an ad for Mad Men tonight.  It’s back March 25th, everybody!!!  WOOHOO!!!  It’s nice to end on a positive note.

A Non-Post About Comic Book Men

February 13, 2012

I watched Comic Book Men tonight.  Now, given that I talk about women in comics a lot, this blog has a fair amount of friendly criticism.  Let’s just say it’s not a topic that comes with a lot of celebrating.  Plus, Before Watchmen was announced the other week and the Earth Two costumes were ugly, and the tone here lately has been a little down.  So I’m not going to talk about Comic Book Men.

Instead, I’m going to talk about my comic book shop, the spectacular Strange Adventures in Halifax, NS.  The people who work there are super nice.  They’re not dicks at all.  They’re friendly to each other, and to customers, and going in to get my comics is always a very pleasant experience.  Oh, we argue from time to time… Dave thought I was absolutely crazy to get Ultimatum a while back, and it turns out he was right.  But they’re always nice.  Also, they’re funny, clever, cool people, and while polite they don’t laugh uproariously at every weak to average joke they hear.

They also employ ladies.  A few, in fact.  And there are ladies just around, like in the background of the shop, perusing and buying things.  The female population of the shop consists of much more than just, say, a nervously laughing horror movie fan.  There are all sorts of women doing all sorts of things.  In fact, they’re having a ladies night at the end of the month!!  If you’re in Halifax on February 29th, you should check it out!!

Never has anyone who worked at Strange Adventures talked to me about which superheroes they’d like to have sex with.  We’ve talked about Archie’s polyamorous relationships and sex in comics generally, but in an interesting, non-creepy way.  They aren’t creepy at all.  They’re a nice, sort of weird but in ways that are awesome group of people who make customers feel welcome, ie. the exact sort of people you want to buy comics from.

Strange Adventures is AWESOME.  It’s the coolest store in the world, and a paradigm for the best that a comics retailer can be.  It’s diverse and inclusive and spending time there just makes you want to come back again.  I LOVE my comic book shop.  And that’s all I have to say about Comic Book Men.

Other than this: You make Mad Men, AMC… MAD MEN.  What the hell?!

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