Marvel Studios Is Stealing All Of The Wonder Women

Over the past decade or so, there have been several attempts to bring a live action Wonder Woman to the movies and/or television. They’ve all failed spectacularly, because I guess maybe all of us Wonder Woman fans did something in a past life that we’re collectively paying for now? That could be it. That orContinue reading “Marvel Studios Is Stealing All Of The Wonder Women”

My 10 Favourite Comic Book Things Of 2012

“Things” is rather vague, I know, but this isn’t a list of my favourite books or creators or moments of the year.  It’s all of those things at once!!  I could do a Top Five of various categories, but the overlap would be huge, so I’m just going to pile it all together into oneContinue reading “My 10 Favourite Comic Book Things Of 2012”

The Avengers Made A FORTUNE, But What About The Comics?

The Avengers just had the biggest opening weekend of all time (a well-deserved achievement… it was AWESOME), and being weirdly into numbers and stats I started thinking about if this translated into sales for Avengers comics.  While Marvel’s film division has been enormously successful, the comics side has had a bit of a rough timeContinue reading “The Avengers Made A FORTUNE, But What About The Comics?”

Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!

So The Avengers was absolutely fantastic.  Marvel’s done a pretty amazing job with their film properties, Ghost Riders and Punishers aside, and the most impressive part is that they’ve made me like their characters.  I’m a hardcore DC guy, and I only buy/read Marvel titles when a creator I really love is on the bookContinue reading “Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!”