Women At DC Comics Watch – November 2014 Solicits

After years of ludicrously subpar representation, DC Comics has started to increase their number of female creators. In November, should the solicits hold true, they’ll hit a new high for combined cover artists, writers, and interior artists. DC’s progress over the past several months has been a lovely change of pace, and with lots ofContinue reading “Women At DC Comics Watch – November 2014 Solicits”

My Adventures At Boston Comic Con

My primary concern when I got to Boston was how I was going to get all of my leftover books home. I’d ordered a case of Wonder Woman Unbound from my publisher that I picked up in Boston, but my suitcase was already packed to the gills. I had no room whatsoever for bringing anyContinue reading “My Adventures At Boston Comic Con”

Women At DC Comics Watch – October 2014 Solicits

This month’s DC Comics solicits report is aka. the Marguerite Bennett show. She’s got a big month lined up, along with a slew of other female creators and a few new books starring female characters as well. October should be a busy, exciting month for DC Comics, so let’s take a look at what’s comingContinue reading “Women At DC Comics Watch – October 2014 Solicits”