Batman And Wonder Woman Get Married?

Here’s a little Valentine’s fun for all of us: The Source has released a preview of The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4, which features the caped crusader proposing marriage to our favourite Amazon.  Here is his proposal: Just before this, both Batman and Wonder Woman got blasted by some sort of pinkContinue reading “Batman And Wonder Woman Get Married?”

The Justice League Are A Bunch Of Jerks

My book look from yesterday has spawned yet another post.  I was flipping through the issue in which Ann Forfreedom’s letter appeared, Wonder Woman #212, and realized that it was the first issue of they story arc where Wonder Woman submits to series of tests to prove she is worthy to be in the JusticeContinue reading “The Justice League Are A Bunch Of Jerks”

A Book Look: Golden Age Heroics

Wonder Woman has always been different, even from the very start.  Yeah, she’s a woman in a pantheon of male superheroes, but there’s more than that.  There is an inherent optimism to Wonder Woman that is unmatched throughout comicdom.  Most of her well known colleagues are orphans with issues (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Spider-Man, etc),Continue reading “A Book Look: Golden Age Heroics”