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There Was A Wonder Woman In Last Night’s Batman-Centric New Girl

October 23, 2013


Last night’s New Girl was all about Batman, from Schmidt’s fake penpal Michael Keaton to Jess dressing up as Batman in a drunken attempt to convince Schmidt that it actually was Keaton who wrote all those letters and not just his mom.  It was hilarious all around, but amid all the Bat-fun there was a Wonder Woman appearance.  In the background of Jess’ party, an extra was wearing a Wonder Woman dress with red tights.  She’s the one talking to the lifeguard, behind Jess’ Joey Ramona Quimby:


It’s a cute outfit.  I like how it’s just a dress, really.  I don’t think she’s even wearing a tiara, or even bracelets, bullet-deflecting or otherwise.  She played absolutely no part in the story, but it’s always fun to have Wonder Woman show up in random places.  Especially when that random place is one of your favourite TV shows.

The episode also featured some excellent points by Winston about why someone might want to be Robin instead of Batman.  Batman is way cooler, obviously, but I can see where Winston is coming from here:

Jess: You wanna be Robin?

Winston: He doesn’t have all the responsibilities of Batman, but he can take some of the glory.

Jess: Robin’s a joke.

Nick: Robin’s the joke.

Jess: I think we can all agree.

Winston: The kids look up to him, you know, in the community.

It’s a fair perspective.

So an enjoyable episode of New Girl was made even better by a random Wonder Woman sighting, and while there was no invisible plane, there certainly was a lot of discussion about the Batmanmobile.

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