Superhero Angel Paper Craft Decorations, Including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, and More!

I saw a cool classic style angel design on Buzzfeed this weekend and thought, “That’s fun! I bet I could make a Supergirl from that,” because I’m all about Supergirl as of late. The new show is the BEST. So I built myself a template based on what I saw and customized it to Supergirl,Continue reading “Superhero Angel Paper Craft Decorations, Including Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Ms. Marvel, and More!”

Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2015

It’s now December, and the festive season is in full swing. You’re probably going to have to buy gifts, and soon! You’ve got family, friends, Secret Santa at work; it adds up to a lot of folks to gets presents for. Luckily, everybody loves Wonder Woman (and if they don’t then they’re probably not theContinue reading “Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2015”

Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Well gang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year yet again, providing that you enjoy a lack of sunlight (and don’t work in retail). So basically, it’s happy days for vampires and dark and cold and irksome for the rest of us. But we’re a clever society, and have decided to remedy this unpleasantContinue reading “Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2014”

Homemade Superhero Christmas Tree Ornaments

It’s very nearly Christmas, so things will be pretty quiet around here this week, but before I get too wrapped up in festive fun I thought I’d post these Christmas tree ornaments I made.  I went to Target a couple weeks back to try to buy some, but a) they were out of Wonder Woman,Continue reading “Homemade Superhero Christmas Tree Ornaments”

Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2013

It’s less than a month until Christmas, and with festive carols and commercials now inundating us from every angle it seems like a good time to take a look at some fun Wonder Woman gift ideas.  Whether you’ve got a Wonder Woman fan in your life or you are one yourself and are looking toContinue reading “Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2013”

Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2012

If the commercials I’ve been seeing since before Halloween are any indication, the holiday season is upon us, so it’s time for our third annual Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide!!  If you’ve got a Wonder Woman fan in your life or you’re compiling your own Christmas list to send to Santa, look no further.  I’veContinue reading “Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2012”

Me So Christmas, Me So Merry OR Wonder Woman Lego!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas yesterday!!  Or a fantastic normal day yesterday if you don’t celebrate Christmas… sorry everything was closed.  War on Christmas my ass, am I right?  It’s the biggest holiday in the universe!! Anyway, because I am an adult and celebrated Christmas like a grown up, after I openedContinue reading “Me So Christmas, Me So Merry OR Wonder Woman Lego!!”