Wonder Woman #57 Review: Exorcising The Witching Hour

I know I usually go with the main cover to start my review, but this Jenny Frison variant cover was too amazing to ignore. Look at that! It’s so creepy and menacing and gorgeous. While Frison has done consistently fantastic work with her Wonder Woman variants, this is one especially excellent. And perfectly spooky! ButContinue reading “Wonder Woman #57 Review: Exorcising The Witching Hour”

New Superman Prequel Show ‘Krypton’ Coming; Have We Hit Superhero Over-Saturation?

It seems that every single channel wants to have their own superhero show. We’re already loaded with them during this fall TV season; the only weeknight free of a DC or Marvel property is Thursday. And now, another one is coming: Krypton, a Superman prequel set on the doomed planet two generations before (SPOILER ALERT)Continue reading “New Superman Prequel Show ‘Krypton’ Coming; Have We Hit Superhero Over-Saturation?”