Wonder Woman #52 Review: Finally, It’s Over

It’s finally here, you guys. We made it to the end. This is the Finches’ last issue of Wonder Woman, and Greg Rucka, Liam Sharp, and Nicola Scott are waiting in the wings to relaunch the title. Arguably the worst run in the history of Wonder Woman is now over, and we can move on,Continue reading “Wonder Woman #52 Review: Finally, It’s Over”

Wonder Woman #51 Review: It’s Almost Over, Gang

“Rebirth” is so close now. Today’s Wonder Woman #51 is the penultimate issue of the series. The Finches will wrap up their run next month, and then Greg Rucka’s coming in with Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott to relaunch the book and hopefully make it not terrible anymore. Yes, another relaunch is sort of ridiculous,Continue reading “Wonder Woman #51 Review: It’s Almost Over, Gang”

Wonder Woman’s May 2016 Covers and Solicits

May is going to be another busy month for Wonder Woman, and will mark the end of her two mainline series. Wonder Woman is set to relaunch in June with a new #1 issue, while Superman/Wonder Woman will be done forever, thank goodness; that book never even got close to decent, despite three years ofContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s May 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman #49 Review OR What the Hecate is Wrong with Zeke?

Here’s the good news: “Rebirth” is coming. If the rumours prove true, DC is going to relaunch a bunch of their books in June or July, and apparently the top contender for taking over Wonder Woman is Marguerite Bennett. I am all for it. Bennett is a fantastic writer who’s been doing great work onContinue reading “Wonder Woman #49 Review OR What the Hecate is Wrong with Zeke?”

Wonder Woman’s April 2016 Covers and Solicits

DC’s April 2016 solicits went up last week, and we’ve got the usual assortment of Wonder Woman fun plus a fairly surprising collection that’s due out in May. Of all the classic Wonder Woman runs that are currently out of print, I wasn’t expecting to see a spotlight shone on this one. We’ll get toContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s April 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman #48 Review OR A Boring, Whitewashed Revamp of Doctor Poison

I’ve been having a very nice but busy day so far. I’m still amped up from the Wonder Woman footage in last night’s “Dawn of the Justice League” special, and pleasantly surprised to have a bit of optimism about the film now. A couple of work things have come together in cool ways that IContinue reading “Wonder Woman #48 Review OR A Boring, Whitewashed Revamp of Doctor Poison”

Wonder Woman #47 Review OR The Cheetah Never Prospers

We’ll close out the year properly tomorrow on a high note, with a review of the latest two issues of The Legend of Wonder Woman, far and away the best Wonder Woman series being produced currently. But for now, we’ll spend the penultimate day of the year in the doldrums of Wonder Woman’s mainline continuity,Continue reading “Wonder Woman #47 Review OR The Cheetah Never Prospers”