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Wonder Woman Sales: #1 Hits Big!!

October 26, 2011

DC made a huge splash last month with their “The New 52” titles, beating Marvel in terms of market share and overall dollars for the first time in ages.  Wonder Woman #1 was near the top of the charts and helped DC take 17 of the top 20 spots, a ridiculously impressive feat.  Wonder Woman #1 came in at 13th place with 76,214 copies sold.  Here are the numbers for the issue, and the five issues previous:

NOTE:The average sales total is based on all of the available sales data, which currently comprises every issue of the series since September 1996, for 173 issues in total.  The average rank is not given because rank is dependent on what other books came out that month, and that’s such a variable that an average really wouldn’t mean anything.

So that was a big jump… going up over 260% is pretty spectacular!!  The book had a lot of buzz, and it seems to have paid off.  Wonder Woman #1 was in 11th place among DCnU titles, behind some Bat-books, the Superman titles, a couple Green Lanterns and the Flash book, which puts her firmly in the upper echelon of DC heroes for the first time in a long time.  And, like every DCnU book, it went to a second printing so there should be even more sales to add to the total next month.

Now, if you’ve followed the analysis of the sales on other comic sites, you may have noticed people pointing out that a lot of DC’s books were returnable.  This was an incentive to get shops to order more books with less risk to them, and some people thought this artificially boosted the sales numbers.  However, Diamond adjusted all of the numbers for returnable books, docking them over 10%, to ensure that their totals weren’t too high, so that criticism is moot.  Plus, in terms of Wonder Woman, it’s not an issue.  Only 41 of the 52 new books were returnable, and Wonder Woman wasn’t one of them.  It did have a 15% discount though, which might have bumped the number of copies ordered, but this discounting will continue for a few months at least so it’ll be a while before we can see how it plays out.

Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the recent big changes to the series and how the sales were impacted:

  • When the book relaunched as Wonder Woman #600 in June 2010, it sold 53,525 copies for 24th place.
  • When Gail Simone took over the series with Wonder Woman #14 in November 2007, it sold 53,071 copies for 35th place, but it was only a slight bump from the previous issue because the book was still riding high from…
  • When Allen Heinberg and Terry Dodson relaunched the series as part of DC’s “One Year Later” event in June 2006, that Wonder Woman #1 sold 132,586 copies for fourth place.

Comparatively, this relaunch did really well.  The Heinberg relaunch bested it by a fair amount, but the comic market was also FAR healthier in 2006.  In June 2006, 18 books sold over 100,000 copies, while last month there were only 6 books to top that mark.  I’d say that this was a very healthy relaunch for the title.

Also, the positive reviews the book has received bodes well for future sales.  New number one issues always get a lot of attention from collectors and curious readers, and even more so when an entire line gets relaunched, but Wonder Woman #1 was one of the best reviewed books in the DCnU.  It got a ton of praise, and that might temper the significant drops that usually come with second issues.  I expect that all of the DCnU books will go down some in October, but I’m cautiously optimistic that Wonder Woman will have one of the smaller drops.

Compared to the average sales for the series as a whole as far back as we have numbers, Wonder Woman is in a really good position right now at well over double its historical average, and hopefully it will stay on the plus side of this total for some time.

Prediction for Next Month: I shot too high with my prediction for Wonder Woman #1, going nearly 20,000 copies off the mark when I predicted 96,000.  It was a pretty blind stab, though, so I’m not too broken up about it.  I’m going to predict a drop for Wonder Woman #2, as second issues often drop like a stone, but I’m going to put the drop at about a very reasonable 5% for 72,500 copies sold.  Check back in a month to see how I did!!

Wonder Woman #2 Review OR I Love This Book SO MUCH!!

October 20, 2011

The first issue of Wonder Woman had to live up to three months of built up expectations, a tall order it met with ease.  The second issue had to live up to that spectacular first issue, and boy did it ever.  I’ve read a LOT of Wonder Woman, you guys… a lot of it’s been good, a lot of it’s been interesting in a historical sense, but it’s never been this fun and epic and awesome.  So yeah, I LOVED this issue.

Oh right, SPOILERS.

Read no further if you haven’t read Wonder Woman #2 yet, and if you haven’t read it yet, stop whatever you’re doing and go buy a copy!!  It’s ridiculously good.

Okay, are they gone now?  Let’s get into the book.

First off, Hermes is so great.  I want a Hermes spin-off where all he does is pop into precarious situations, get busted up, and then chat and make dry jokes with whoever he saved while convalescing.  I’d buy ten copies of that every month.  There are far more epic and bad ass panels in the issue, but this one might be my very favourite:

Second, OH MY LORD Cliff Chiang!!  This book is insanely gorgeous.  There’s this two page spread where Wonder Woman is fighting an Amazon named Aleka that knocked my socks off with how simply and effectively and beautifully he layed it out.  Plus his characters designs are fantastic… Hera looks all evil and uppity, Strife is all punk and laid back nasty, and Hippolyta is regal but in a brand new sort of style than what we’ve seen before.  And his Wonder Woman… just look at this:

Chiang’s work on Wonder Woman so far is some of the best work I’ve ever seen in a comic, ever.  He fits the story so perfectly.

Speaking of the story, Azzarello is killing it too.  We got the big Zeus reveal this issue, which might have been more of a doozy if DC hadn’t spoiled it beforehand.  But we also got a look into Paradise Island and the Amazons, as well as a good sense of who the characters are.  The first issue was a lot of fighting and rushing around, but after this second issue I feel like I know Zola and Hermes a lot better, as well as all the new characters from this issue.  Azzarello is fleshing everything out, and the more I know the more I like it.

The cavalier evilness of Strife is particularly great, especially in combination with Chiang’s depiction of her.  Most of the time, female villains are angry, screaming women or sultry seductresses, but Strife just strolls through Paradise Island completely relaxed and mildly amused at all the trouble she’s causing.  There’s a nonchalance to her that I found very enjoyable, and that played well against Hera’s visceral bitterness.

We get to see more of Azzarello’s Wonder Woman too, and she’s really fun.  She fights a lot, which is to be expected.  But she also cracks jokes and throws down some pretty good smack talk against a giant goddess.  There’s a self-assuredness to her that Azzarello is capturing well.  Even in her conversation with Hippolyta where she’s not sure she wants to be caught in the middle of a fight between Hera and Zeus, Wonder Woman knows that she has to do something now that she’s been dragged into it, and that is to protect the innocent person involved. 

What I liked best about the issue, apart from Hermes because he’s my favourite, is that the issue was funny, and in particular about a topic that a lot of writers tend to shy away from or treat awkwardly.  In Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman, the Amazons hate dudes, and wieners in particular (yeah, I just said “wiener” in my review… it sounds way more casual than “penises” and way less crass than “dick”, though I suppose Hera says “cock”…).  They seem to be firmly of the lesbian persuasion.  Let’s look at all the references to the Amazon’s not enjoying men in this one issue:

  • Hera calls Paradise Island a “cockless coop”.
  • An unspecified Amazon says of Hermes’ presence: “What hangs between the shanks now fouls my nose”.  Another Amazon then suggests they just cut it off.
  • When Zola tells Hermes that she likes the fellows and runs down the list of dudes that could be the father, Hermes cautions her to keep those stories to herself while on Paradise Island.
  • When Wonder Woman is challenged to a sporting fight and says that her form is a bit rusty, Aleka says: “I imagine all you time spent among the mortals has left many bits that way,” while another Amazon guffaws in the background.  The Amazons, it seems, don’t let their bits get rusty.
  • Aleka asks “Do you still prefer the staff?” while tossing Wonder Woman a bowstaff, which is a euphemism if I’ve ever read one.

 So yeah, Azzarello isn’t shying away from the lesbian aspects of Paradise Island at all, and is presenting it as a given for the Amazons.  I appreciate the frankness of his approach.

There are a million other great things in this issue, and OH MAN am I feeling the twenty pages with Wonder Woman.  They’re packing it full of good stuff, but I could really use the extra two pages we used to get so I could have just a bit more Wonder Woman fun.  I mean, frigging Odyssey was 22 pages an issue for most of the run, and you’re making this epic story just 20 pages?  Uncool. 

Wonder Woman #3 isn’t out for another month, which is a very long time to wait.  Look for it on November 16!!

Women In Comics: The DCnU in Review, September 2011

October 2, 2011

A full stats look at DC Comics’ “The New 52” titles is up now over at Bleeding Cool.  The overall drop is really not that bad, but there are some interesting and disheartening trends when you look at it by category.  Also, I look at the effect Janelle Asselin’s departure might have on DC’s stats, and we look at the DCnU totals from a different angle.  Pop over to Bleeding Cool and check it out!!

Women In Comics Statistics: The DCnU, September 28, 2011

September 29, 2011

The first month of the new DC universe finished surprisingly strong for female creators.  It looks like September might not be too terrible overall, which is nice!!  On September 28, 2011, DC released 13 brand new titles with 88 credited creators, 78 men and 10 women.  Here are the percentages:

Although 11.4% is a bit down from last week, it’s still way above the year’s average of 9.4%, and is a great step up from the seven percent range we had the first two weeks.  The DCnU didn’t start off well, but it definitely picked up steam.  The categories are somewhat improved too:

As is, of course, the chart:

There’s still a lot of zeroes, but it’s the least amount of zeroes we’ve had all month.  Colourists had a decent number, while writers and cover artists had a smidge of representation.  Editorial is down from last week, but is again better than the first two weeks.  It seems we’ve traded off some editorial numbers for creative numbers… can we never have both?  As much as the three zeroes are tempering my enthusiasm, overall it was a comparatively decent week for the DCnU.  Check back tomorrow for a link to my Bleeding Cool article that looks at the entire month altogether!!


  • Aquaman #1 makes DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns 0 for 29 on female creators for his three books.  I love his comics, but the dude’s not exactly setting an example here.
  • The books didn’t have a ton of creators this week… the busiest books were Firestorm #1 (I know it has a longer title, but I don’t feel like looking it up) and Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 with 8 creators each, 2 and 1 female creators respectively.
  • Teen Titans #1 also had 2 female creators, and bested Firestorm #1 for top percentage at 2 of 7.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

Women In Comics Statistics: The DCnU, September 21, 2011

September 22, 2011

We’re now in the third full week of the brand new DC universe, and things are looking up on the women in comics front.  Also, Wonder Woman #1 came out this week and it was AWESOME.  Did you all get it?  You should.  It’s fantastic.  But yeah, stats… on September 21, 2011, DC put out 12 new first issues featuring 85 credited creators, 75 men and 10 women.  Here are the overall stats:

The average from January-August 2011 was 9.4%, so this week’s 11.8% is really good, and way better than the seven percent range of the past two weeks.  Hopefully this continues next week, and with Gail Simone on Firestorm and Jenny Frison on I, Vampire we know we’ve got at least two female creators already.  Strong numbers next week could put the DCnU as a whole on par with the old DC.  Onto the categories:

And the chart:

The overall total is great, but when we break the numbers down we see that the editorial-heavy trend from the past two weeks has become even more pronounced.  These are spectacular numbers for editorial, particularly for full editors, and that’s great to see.  But the creative side is pretty vacant.  The two creative credits represent the work of one woman on one book, Nei Ruffino colouring the cover and interiors for Birds of Prey #1.  I’m excited about the gains in editorial, but the lack of representation on the creative side is odd.  Nonetheless, there were a lot of women working on a lot of comics this week, and that’s a definite plus.


  • Seriously, did you all get Wonder Woman?  It’s REALLY good.  If you didn’t pick it up yesterday, go back to the shop today and grab it.
  • The busiest book of the week was tie between Blue Beetle #1 and Green Lantern Corps #1, both with 10 creators, and both with no ladies.
  • There were an impressive 4 books with 2 female creators each, but the book with the highest percentage of female creators was Birds of Prey #1 at 2 of 5.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

Wonder Woman #1 Preview!!

September 20, 2011

It’s out TOMORROW… I haven’t been this excited for a comic in ages!!!!  It looks SO GOOD!!  Let’s bask in the brilliance of four pages of Azzarello and Chiang, courtesy of the fine folks at USA Today:

I love that Wonder Woman’s so tall there.

So yeah, Wonder Woman #1 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang is out TOMORROW.  If you don’t buy it, then you’re a crazy person… it’s going to be AWESOME.

Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman Character Designs – Apollo and Centaurs

September 17, 2011

Editor Chris Conroy took over DC Comics’ twitter feed yesterday, and we got some cool images and a couple hints at what will be in Wonder Woman #1.

First, after Cliff Chiang wouldn’t let him show any new pages, Conroy tweeted:

I’m gonna show something BETTER design sheets for some of the WONDER WOMAN villains! A certain sun god

And we got this picture:

So presumably this is Apollo.  He seems like a very casual dude, what with his loose fitting pants and sandals.  He looks like he’s just coming from the beach.  I dig that they’re updating the gods, and this take on Apollo is really interesting… he must have a developed a deep tan from his exposure to the sun, and I like the glow in his eyes and mouth that suggests he’s internalized some solar power.  Also, aparently he’s going to be a villain!!  Usually in Wonder Woman, Ares is a villain but most of the other gods are antagonistic at worst.  But it looks like Apollo is going to be a bad guy.  It remains to be seen what the other deities think about Wonder Woman.  Conroy also said:

You’ll see two more #OlympianGods in issue 1

I don’t know if he means Hera and Eris, who we’ve seen in pages from Wonder Woman #2, or another two gods.  I hope it’s the latter… I’m very curious to see Cliff Chiang’s take on all of the gods!!

Conroy revealed designs for another villain, tweeting:

Here are the centaurs Wonder Woman tangles with in first issue. Just WAIT to see how a centaur gets made

And posting this picture:

Man, that is a mean looking centaur.  When you replace your arm with a mace, you definitely mean business.  It’s cool that the centaurs are both classic and modern… they’ve got old school weapons and leather armour and war paint, but they’ve also got tattoos and mohawks.  They look like they’re going to be trouble.

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman #1 debuts in just FOUR DAYS.  I’m beside myself with excitement!!  It looks like they’re just going to town.

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