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Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #8 Review: “Ghosts and Gods” by Neil Kleid and Dean Haspiel

October 3, 2014


This review’s a little late because my cousin is getting married this weekend (congrats to Jeff and Heidi!) and I spent Thursday cooking food for various wedding functions and attending a mini-golf bachelor party (I came in second!). That may be for the better, though, because after a long day it was enjoyable to come home and read a fun, new Wonder Woman story.

This week’s digital issue of Sensation Comics reminded me of last week’s, in that it promised me one story and gave me another. Last week, we only got a couple of pages of rock star Wonder Woman before she went on to other things, and this week I was really looking forward to a Wonder Woman and Etta Candy team-up, only to have Etta sidelined by Deadman taking over her body. I love me some Deadman, but I love me some Etta Candy more, so that was a bit of a disappointment. But still, it was a pretty fun issue.

I mean, Wonder Woman and Deadman team up to fight Ra’s al Ghul. That’s just good comics. Neil Kleid told the story well, with a light touch that fit the art and the Silver Age hijinks vibe of the issue. There was a lot of busting up of goons and foiling of evil plans, which is always a good time. I also enjoyed Wonder Woman’s complete incredulity about the existence of ghosts. She was in no way onboard, and I loved the idea that she definitely knows there are supernatural things out there because of her Greek mythological connections but she’s still skeptical about ghosts. And also not completely closed minded, either. She came around.

The story was perhaps a bit too expository at times; I understand that you have to explain who Deadman is, given that it’s a Wonder Woman series, but the constant discussion of who he is and what he does went on a bit long. But what we didn’t get was an on the nose valuable lesson, which we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. While I usually like a good feminist lesson in a Wonder Woman story, recently they’ve been numerous and slightly obvious in Sensation Comics, and a story that’s just straight up adventuring is a fun change of pace.

Dean Haspiel’s art is a good fit for the story though, somewhat oddly, the highlight of this Wonder Woman comic book is his take on Deadman. I liked what he did with the emaciated, dead guy look; he’s dead and a little bit gross, but it’s in no way over the top. Haspiel went full on Golden Age with Wonder Woman’s costume, which I loved. The flat-bottomed tiara, white belt, and star-spangled shorts are a classic look. His Ra’s al Ghul was great, too. That green suit is hard to make work, but with this cartoonish style it really fit in.

All in all, this was a fun issue apart from the lack of Etta Candy. Your mileage will definitely vary on that point. For me, Etta is one of my favourite characters and I think she’s severely underused, so to have her here but not here for the story was a small letdown. However, some Etta is better than no Etta at all, and I really hope that future Sensation Comics stories will use her more.

Finally, a programming note for the print version. This story has the Adam Hughes cover that’s attached to Sensation Comics #4, out in November, not the Ivan Reis cover attached to Sensation Comics #3, out in October. The solicits confirm this, and we won’t be getting this story in print until November, even though stories in the October issue haven’t been released digitally yet. DC’s digital comics are usually a little wonky like that, so this is nothing new. Just pay attention to the covers attached to the digital releases; that’s the comic they’ll be in, usually.

Wonder Woman’s November 2014 Covers And Solicits, With All New Creators

August 19, 2014

All three Wonder Woman titles have new writers and artists in November, which marks the first major creative change for the character since the New 52 began. Sensation Comics always has different creators, being an anthology book and all, but both Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman have had the same creative teams, with slight variations here and there, since each title began. Let’s take a look at what the new creators are doing with Wonder Woman.

We’ll start with Wonder Woman #36:


Lego variant cover
1:50 B&W Variant cover by DAVID FINCH
1:100 variant cover by DAVID FINCH
Blank variant cover
On sale NOVEMBER 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
Please welcome the new superstar creative team of writer Meredith Finch and artist David Finch! As this new epic begins, the fate of the Amazons is about to be revealed, major new characters will be introduced and a new villain will arrive with enough power to defeat the combined might of Wonder Woman and her Justice League teammates! Don’t miss the start of this story that guest stars Swamp Thing! It will define what it takes for Diana to fulfill her destiny as Wonder Woman!

As with a lot of solicits, that is a lot of words to say pretty much nothing. New story, new characters, new villains, all rather vague at this point. We do know from the preview pages that came out around ComicCon that the Justice League will appear in this issue, their first appearance in this book since the series began. And it looks like Swamp Thing will have a big role. Leaning so heavy on guest stars right away is an odd choice, but so is everything about this title. I still can’t believe that DC hired David Finch to draw Wonder Woman.

I’ve got serious qualms about the new creative team, but my plan is to try to forget my misgivings and approach the book with an open mind. We’ll see how that goes come November. It could be good, maybe? Probably not. But stranger things have happened.

Now to Superman/Wonder Woman #13:


Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Art and cover by DOUG MAHNKE
Lego Variant cover
On sale NOVEMBER 12 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Welcome the new creative team of writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN AND ROBIN) and Doug Mahnke (JUSTICE LEAGUE)! The unity between Superman and Wonder Woman will be tested as never before as a mysterious group of villains make their New 52 debut – but first, Atomic Skull and Major Disaster cause trouble for our favorite heroic couple!

We’ve got a couple of specifics with this solicit, at least. Atomic Skull and Major Disaster are going to be the bad guys, though Tomasi has said in interviews that they’re merely a prelude to a more serious foe. I’m always up for testing the unity of this relationship because it’s dumb and I want them to break up, and maybe Tomasi and Mahnke will be the folks who do it. Fingers crossed.

As I said when the news of the new creative team broke last Friday, I’m cautiously optimistic about Tomasi and Mahnke. The book has nowhere to go but up, and they might be a fun change. I’m much more excited for this than the Finches on Wonder Woman, that’s for sure.

Now the Wonder Woman book I actually look forward to, Sensation Comics #4:


On sale NOVEMBER 19 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Wonder Woman appears in a trio of tales with some offbeat guest stars! First, Diana and her friend Etta Candy are captured by Ra’s al Ghul, but he’s not the most surprising soul they meet. Then, a Thanagarian menace returns to Earth, and you won’t believe what Diana must do in her battle with Byth! Plus, the London police are confused as to why they caught Catwoman so easily. Fortunately, Wonder Woman is in town to take charge of the situation!

First off, this is not the cover. I’m guessing it’s Dean Haspiel art from the first story. The cover will be drawn by Adam Hughes, but it clearly wasn’t ready in time for the solicits. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it as the release date approaches; I’m sure it will be gorgeous. Hughes has a knack for drawing a fantastic Wonder Woman.

As for the inside of the issue, it sounds SUPER fun. Diana and Etta vs. Ra’s al Ghul? Don’t mind if I do! Wonder Woman vs. winged Thanagarians? Sign me up! Wonder Woman and Catwoman, in London? Please, sir, I want some more! I like things that are fun, and this issue should be a blast. No moody relationship stuff, no serious destiny heaviness, just Wonder Woman and her pals taking out bad guys and being awesome. I am very into that, and I can’t wait to read these stories.

Finally, as a bonus, a flashback, Earth 2 Wonder Woman is on the cover of Worlds’ Finest #28:


Written by PAUL LEVITZ
On sale NOVEMBER 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
The secret history of Earth 2 continues! In this issue, jump back in time to a point when Superman and Batman were children! When a visitor from Apokolips attempts to confront the boys as part of a galactic prophesy, only one being can stand in their way: Wonder Woman!

This is a great cover by Emanuela Lupacchino. Really lovely stuff. I’m so glad she’s been getting so much work at DC lately. She’s one of my favourites.

Now, I have next to no idea what’s going on in the Earth 2 world, or why Wonder Woman is so much older than Superman or Batman, but based on the cover and solicit alone, I am intrigued. I might have to check this out. She looks a little different from the Wonder Woman I usually see in Earth 2 stuff; maybe it’s Hippolyta? We’ll find out in November, I suppose!

Look for all of these titles this November! It should be an interesting month.

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