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Covers And Solicits For Wonder Woman #31, Superman/Wonder Woman #8, And Batman Beyond Universe #10

February 19, 2014

DC Comics’ May 2014 solicits have been posted, and Wonder Woman is front and center on three titles yet again.  Let’s take a look at what the Amazing Amazon will be up to this May, starting with Wonder Woman #31:


1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 21 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
An unlikely ally arrives on the eve of the Battle for Olympus… but standing by Wonder Woman’s side is a deadly place to be!

A Michael Allred cover is cool!  Allred is doing a bunch of Batman ’66 variants across the DC line in May.  I sincerely hope he’s drawing other characters in the Batman ’66 style, because I’d love to see Wonder Woman alongside Adam West’s Batman.

Anyway, to the comic itself.  This solicit doesn’t give us a ton of information, but the cover sure is nice.  This is the 31st in a series of ridiculously fantastic Cliff Chiang covers for this series; the guy has been absolutely killing it since day one.  We can talk about our issues with the story until we’re blue in the face, but with Chiang it’s always a gorgeous book.  Sudzuka is on interior art for this one, and he’s been one of my favourite fill-in artists.

Now onto the always eye-roll inducing Superman/Wonder Woman:


Art and cover by TONY S. DANIEL and BATT
1:25 BATMAN ‘66 variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
On sale MAY 14 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Continued from this month’s SUPERMAN: DOOMED #1! Wonder Woman must deal with what Superman is becoming. Will she have to slay her lover to save him?

This whole Doomsday thing has turned into a big event that will spill into the other Super-books, so that’s a little annoying.  Hopefully we don’t have to read them all to know what’s going on.

Apparently “Superman turns into Doomsday” is the angle they’re taking for this re-invention of the Doomsday story, which seems a little silly to me, but oh well.  Superman looks ridiculous, but that’s a decent Wonder Woman on the cover.  Daniel seems to be getting better at drawing Wonder Woman after a bit of a shaky start.

Also, I’m with Liz Lemon when it comes to the word “lover”, ie. “That word bums me out unless it’s between the words meat and pizza.”

Finally, Wonder Woman is front and center on the cover of Batman Beyond Universe:


On sale MAY 21• 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
“JUSTICE LORDS BEYOND” continues! As Batman’s journey through the dystopian world of the Justice Lords takes an unexpected and deadly turn, the true meaning of Wonder Woman’s return is revealed – you must not to miss this!

In the April issue, Wonder Woman returned to this future world, and I guess in May we’re going to learn why.  I haven’t been keeping up with this book at all, so I’ve got no idea what’s going on, but I did love the TV show and Wonder Woman definitely looks cool on the cover.  When the Wonder Woman arc starts in April, I’ll pick up the book and see what’s going on.

You might remember that last month Wonder Woman teamed up with Batman in Batman and Wonder Woman #30, but it seems that was a one-time gig.  Wonder Woman is gone, and replaced by Frankenstein in May.  Nonetheless, she’s starring in three different titles, plus she’s always around in Justice League and whatnot.  Look for all of these comics this May at comic shops or online.


My 10 Favourite Comic Book Things Of 2012

December 27, 2012

“Things” is rather vague, I know, but this isn’t a list of my favourite books or creators or moments of the year.  It’s all of those things at once!!  I could do a Top Five of various categories, but the overlap would be huge, so I’m just going to pile it all together into one big Top Ten list.

It was an odd year for comics, with a lot of big events you’re not going to see on this list, but there were a bunch of cool things too.  Let’s get to listing:

10) Gail Simone’s Rehiring on Batgirl


I’m not naïve enough to think that Gail Simone’s rehiring on Batgirl signals some kind of big change at DC Comics where they suddenly care about fan reactions and female creators, but it was still a great moment.  Firing Simone was just absolutely ludicrous, and the reaction was strong, to say the least.  I can’t think of another creator who has as much of an association with a company owned character as Simone does with Barbara Gordon.  Simone doesn’t own Barbara, but Barbara IS Simone’s character, really.  And even more so now.  Her return to the book after her inauspicious firing was one of my very favourite moments of the year.

9) Marco Checchetto


I honestly couldn’t care less about the Punisher, but I checked out the first collection of new series because Greg Rucka is pretty great.  I might have come for Rucka, but I stayed for Marco Checchetto.  While his art is gritty, as befits a Punisher book, it doesn’t have that muddled sort of effect that a lot of gritty, noir style artists have.  Checchetto is a cool hybrid of grit and crisp detail, and I absolutely love it.  I think this dude is going to be big.

8) Noelle Stevenson


Noelle Stevenson, aka. Gingerhaze, is a ridiculously good time.  Her webcomic, Nimona, is fantastic, and her “Broship of the Ring” is an internet classic.  My absolute favourite thing she does, though, is her mini-strips after she watches a movie or TV show she’s particularly enthused about.  Right now, I’m loving her Hobbit-inspired Thranduil as an elk-riding dad embarrassing Legolas strips.  Noelle is hilarious and great.

7) Goliath by Tom Gauld


Sometimes you randomly check out a book from the library and it turns into one of your favourite things of the year.  I ADORED Tom Gauld’s Goliath.  I’m always up for a good riff on a Bible story, and Goliath is both super clever and well drawn.  Gauld’s art style fits the tone of the book perfectly.  I usually talk about the Big Two on this site, but do yourself a favour and go grab a copy of this book.

6) Scott Pilgrim IN COLOUR!!


The first two volumes of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series came out in bigger, coloured editions this year, and they’re just amazing.  The Scott Pilgrim books were already one of the absolute best books of the past decade, and they’re even better oversized and in colour.  Nathan Fairbairn, in close consultation with O’Malley, really takes the books to a whole new level of awesome with his colouring, and they’re an absolute pleasure to read even if, like me, you’ve already read the first editions like fifty times.

5) Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers


This book just launched a few weeks ago, and when I read the first issue I thought “Wow, I REALLY dig this… this might even sneak in at tenth in my Top Ten list!”  The second issue is out now, and here it is at fifth.  Avengers is great storytelling, but even more than that it feels SO epic.  You can tell that Hickman is building something massive and cool and I’m ridiculously excited to get in on the ground floor of what will be years of crazy stories.  Jerome Opena’s art is great, and Marvel’s got lots of other cool artists lined up to meet the book’s bi-monthly schedule.  It’s loads of fun already, and it feels like it’s just going to keep getting better.

4) Diana’s Coat in Wonder Woman #11


I liked this so much that I now own this page!!  While I’ve had my share of problems with Wonder Woman in 2012 (the Amazons as rapists and murderers, in particular), Cliff Chiang is still killing it on every level with his art.  I spent a full third of my Wonder Woman #11 review going on about this coat and how it represents everything good about this new take on Wonder Woman in terms of modernizing the character with respect for what came before.  This may not have always held true for me with the story, but it absolutely does with the art.

3) Captain Marvel, the Book and the Reaction

2012captain marvel

I’ve been following comics for a long time, and I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic reaction to a redesign of a character.  There was tons of fan art and various custom items months before the first issue even hit the newsstands!!  And when the first issue did hit, it was fantastic.  Kelly Sue DeConnick had a HUGE year, and has done an excellent job relaunching Captain Marvel, while artists Dexter Soy and Emma Rios make the book look great and distinct from the usual superhero stylings.  While a year ago I knew barely anything about Carol Danvers, I’m very glad that she’s now one of my favourite characters starring in one of my favourite books.

2) Saga


I was over the moon excited for a new Brian K. Vaughan book, and then even more excited that Fiona Staples would be drawing it.  As a huge fan of BKV, I had a rough idea in my head of what the book might be like, and then I got the first issue.  Saga was NOTHING like what I expected, in the absolute best way possible.  It was bigger and more bizarre and more interesting and enjoyable than I ever imagined.  I think it’s the best thing BKV’s ever written, and Staples’ art is a perfect match for the story.  Even the letter column is fun.  Saga is an absolute blast to read each month.

1) Hawkeye


When Marvel announced that Matt Fraction and David Aja were teaming up to do a Hawkeye book, I was kind of upset.  They’re two of my favourite creators so I HAD to pick up the first issue, but I didn’t give a hoot about Hawkeye.  At all.  There were SO many characters I’d rather have seen them work on.  So I begrudgingly bought the first issue, and it was AMAZING.  Far and away the most enjoyable, amusing, kick ass superhero story I’d read all year.  Then Hawkeye #2 was even better, as was the next issue after that.  It just keeps getting more fun every month, and I’m astounded to love a book about Hawkeye as much as I do.  It’s unequivocally the best comic out there right now, and I can’t recommend it enough.

So those are my favourite things from this year, but let’s take a peek into the crystal ball and see what I’m looking forward to in 2013:

  • Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark.  A dystopian response to the Occupy movement?  Sign me up.
  • Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios.  Anytime DeConnick and Rios get together, it’s a good time.  I’m very excited they’re doing a Western.
  • Man of Steel by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee.  Snyder is doing a great job with Batman, and Jim Lee is always a good time.  I’m jazzed to see what they come up with for Superman.
  • New Avengers by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting. As I mentioned above, I LOVED Avengers, and New Avengers is poised to be a sort of companion book more than a direct tie-in.  I’m going to be all over it.
  • Movies!!  Iron Man 3!!  Thor 2!!  Man of Steel!!  It’s going to be another big year for cinematic superheroes, and all of these movies look great.
  • Amazon, Allan Heinberg’s Smallville-esque Wonder Woman show for the CW.  It’s still in the early stages, but it would be really fun if this ended up happening, and doubly so if it was good too.  Arrow’s been pretty enjoyable, and Heinberg has skills.  It could be really great, if it happens.

A Dig At Wonder Woman In Ms. Marvel #1 From 1977

October 29, 2012

I’ve been enjoying Kelly Sue DeConnick and Dexter Soy’s new Captain Marvel series so much that I recently picked up Essential Ms. Marvel Volume 1 at my local comic shop.  It collects the Ms. Marvel run from the late 1970s, when Carol Danvers was the editor of Woman magazine and turned into Ms. Marvel to bust up bad guys.  So really, she was Gloria Steinem with superpowers.  That’s right up my alley.

The stories are a good time, in that Bronze Age kind of way, but one panel in particular really amused me.  It’s from the first issue, just after Ms. Marvel took down a bad guy:

That dude rocking the sunglasses is saying:

That little lady makes Lynda Carter look like Olive Oyl!

Ms. Marvel #1 came out in 1977, so the Wonder Woman TV show would have been on the air at the time.  So:

a) Burn!!  They’re basically saying that Ms. Marvel is way awesomer than Wonder Woman.  A little bit of the DC/Marvel rivalry was coming out there.


b) Apparently the Wonder Woman TV show existed in the Marvel universe, so presumably you can buy DC comics in the Marvel universe too.  And not Marvel comics, since their heroes are just real people in the Marvel universe.  I wonder if DC has a rival publisher there?  Maybe Fawcett survived?  Or Charlton?

Anyway, I was amused.  And I recommend checking out the old Ms. Marvel comics.  They’re a good time.  Plus Mary Jane Watson is in a bunch of them, and she’s always fun.  It would be cool if she showed up in the new Captain Marvel series.  The new series does seem to reference the old one sporadically, from female astronauts to the more Marvelly costume to Carol having a bad time of it underwater on both of their eighth covers:

The new series hasn’t had a date on the beach between Carol and her therapist though.  Maybe next month.

So yeah, that was an amusing dig at Wonder Woman in Ms. Marvel #1.  Way to make it clear that there’s a new female hero in town!!

You Really Ought To Go Buy Captain Marvel #1 Today

July 18, 2012

Seeing as this is a Wonder Woman blog, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about other characters and books, but today we’re going to make an exception.  Captain Marvel #1 hits comic stores today, and you should really buy it.  It’s written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, who is super awesome, and is drawn by Dexter Soy, who’ve I’ve never heard of before but who seems to have some skills if this preview image is any indication:

I am SO jazzed for this book.  The premise is that Miss Marvel has become Captain Marvel, and DeConnick describes her pitch for the book as “Captain Marvel as Chuck Yeager”, so basically crazy ass superpowers channeled through a classy, bad ass fighter pilot. 

You may be thinking “Who is Miss Marvel?” or “I don’t know anything about Marvel comics” or some such, but guess what?  I’m totally in the same boat.  I’ve never read a Miss Marvel comic in my life, and I barely follow the goings-on in the Marvel universe.  Basically, if it’s not happening in The Mighty Thor then I don’t know about it because that’s the only Marvel superhero book I get.  This looks to be a good book for people like us.

It’s got no tie-in banners, for one thing, so we don’t need to go back and read up on all the AvX stuff or some such.  Plus, the first issue is a one and done introduction to the character, and then the first story arc starts in the second issue, so you don’t even have to make a long term commitment.  You can try out the first issue and not be left hanging with some big cliffhanger, and then decide whether to keep picking it up from there.  That seems like a good deal.

Not to mention that it’s REALLY fun to get in on the ground floor of something awesome.  Kelly Sue DeConnick is in the early days of becoming the next big thing.  Go read her Osborn mini or her Supergirl story… the gal is going to be huge.  In two or three years when she’s the next Brian Michael Bendis or Ed Brubaker or Geoff Johns, you can smugly tell all your friends “Yeah, I bought her first ongoing series from the very beginning.”  Dexter Soy is an up and comer too, and this is his first work at the Big Two.  The dude’s got serious potential, and his art is definitely worth checking out.

And, of course, it’s a book with a female lead!!  We definitely need more of those.  Especially at Marvel, where female starring books haven’t been having the best go of it lately.  As much as we can all talk about feminism and female characters and creators and such, at the end of the day comics is a business.  The books need to sell, and this is a book that checks all the boxes for things we feminist folks have been wanting more of in the comic industry.  Everyone at Marvel seem very keen for this book to succeed, and that’s fantastic, so we should all give them a hand with that and check out Captain Marvel #1.

You’re already buying Wonder Woman #11 tomorrow, right?  So pick up Captain Marvel #1 as well and kick in three bucks to check out two cool creators and a kick ass female character.  I really think you’ll be glad you did.  Plus, come on… trying out a new series is such a good time!!  There’s nothing better than a new number one issue, a whole world of possibilities in front of you.  Not knowing much about Miss Marvel, I literally have NO idea what’s going to happen in this book, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

So yeah, go buy Captain Marvel #1!!  It’s available in stores and digitally, and I think you’re really going to dig it.

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