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A Classic Songs Playlist Inspired By The Tearful Silver Age Lois Lane

June 3, 2013

My friend Lori and I like to come up with playlists when we do fun things, and we did just that when we wrote our article “Lois Lane’s Cry For Help” for Women Write About Comics’ Lois Lane 75th anniversary celebration.  We call them audio escorts, and for the Silver Age Lois Lane we went with older songs, nothing later than the 1960s, that fit the things we discuss in the post.  Here are a few of the songs to enhance your reading experience if you haven’t checked out the article or all of the other great Lois Lane posts at Women Write About Comics.

The article focuses on how poor Lois wept ALL the time in the Silver age, and so we selected a couple of songs about crying.  First up is Lavern Baker’s “I Cried A Tear”, a song about trying to get back a lost love that would fit in pretty much every single issue of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane:

Our other tearful choice is Dusty Springfield’s “Every Day I Have To Cry Some.”  It’s a great song, and Dusty Springfield is a fascinating person who didn’t quite fit the role thrust upon her, much like Lois:

We mention a story where Lois got kryptonite vision, and we thought that “Green Eyes” by Helen O’Connell and Bob Eberly with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra was rather fitting:

We also talk about a story where a growth ray turned Lois into “the fattest girl in Metropolis.”  Lois was distraught, and we both thought she could have learned a lot from Big Dee Irwin’s “Happy Being Fat” and its liberal use of the tuba:

Eventually, Lois Lane got it together and decided to be her own woman and not care what anyone else thinks.  We commemorated this turn with Billie Holiday’s bad ass “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do”:

Everything is better with an audio escort, so even if you’ve already read the article you should totally read it again while listening to these classic tunes!

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