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The Last Amazon In Earth 2 #8 Is Actually…

January 9, 2013


First, the bad news.  The Amazons are still mostly dead everywhere.  In the regular DC universe, Hera turned Hippolyta into a statue and the rest of the Amazons into snakes.  Only Wonder Woman is still around.  Over in Earth 2, the hordes of Apokalips wiped out all of the Amazons, INCLUDING Wonder Woman, but it seems that they missed one.  She was revealed in today’s Earth 2 #8 by James Robinson and Yilidray Cinar.  She is…


(Though not really huge spoilers.  It’s Earth 2.  They’ve done this before.  You could have figured this out in 3 seconds with a quick google when they announced that an Amazon was still alive.)


Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury!!  And that’s all we know so far.  The original Fury was Hippolyta Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  She’s named after the mythological Furies, not because she’s angry.

This Fury looks pretty angry, though.  You probably would too, if the hordes of Apokalips had wiped out your whole family.  We know that she’s Wonder Woman’s daughter, but not who her father is or her given name or any other details.  I suspect that’ll be revealed soon enough.  We also know that she hangs out with Steppenwolf, that big guy on the cover at the top.  Maybe she’s really into Hermann Hesse.

So hooray!!  The population of Amazons in DC comics has doubled.  I mean, sure, we had hundreds of Amazons before the relaunch, just in one universe, but two Amazons across two universes is great too.  They probably just don’t want to overwhelm us with two many Amazons.  It’s thoughtful of them, really.


The Winners And Losers In DC Comics’ Zero Month

October 10, 2012

When I write up my Wonder Woman sales report each month, I track a lot of DC’s other books so I can get a sense of how Wonder Woman is doing comparatively.  This month, DC put out #0 issues for most of their series as a one year anniversary of the New 52 celebration, and I thought it would be fun to take a look at who did the best and who did the worst in terms of improving upon their past numbers.

There were 51 titles that came out in August and got the #0 treatment in September.  There were 55 zero issues overall, but 4 of them were new so there’s nothing to compare them to.  I decided on two criteria for these rankings: change in overall percentage of sales from last month and change in number of issues sold from last month.  I tabulated the numbers for both categories, ranked each list from 1 to 51, and then added the two rankings together.

So let’s look at the winners and losers for DC’s zero month!!  First up, the winners:

#1) Batman: 7 points, +31,312 (1st), +25% (6th)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman is just a behemoth right now.  These gains are MASSIVE, and the book might even end up higher in October when the new Joker storyline starts.  It was already DC’s bestselling book, and it sold even better in September.

#2) Green Arrow: 19 points, +5,282 (10th), +22.8% (9th)

The top of the list is sort of surprising, and I was shocked to see Green Arrow so high.  Maybe people were jazzed to have Judd Winick back writing the character or something, but whatever the reason it really jumped up.

#3) Green Lantern: 20 points, +12,772 (2nd), +16.5% (18th)

Green Lantern is less surprising.  It’s been a strong performer for DC for years now under Geoff Johns, plus they introduced Simon Baz, the new Muslim, Arab-American Green Lantern.  That got some attention.

#4) Savage Hawkman: 24 points, +4,005 (22nd), +27.2% (2nd)

Another surprise!!  Apparently the book is selling so low that ordering four thousand extra copies will give it the second best jump in percentage out of all 51 issues.  Or retailers were just super jazzed there wasn’t a Rob Liefeld cover again, so they ordered a lot.

#5) Batgirl: 27 points, +6,637 (6th), +15.2% (21st)

Batgirl surprised me initially, but then I figured a) the book has some excellent word of mouth buzz, b) people would probably be curious about Barbara’s past seeing as that’s one of the bigger mysteries of the New 52, and c) all of the Bat-books had a great month, maybe due to everyone loving Bat-things or maybe in anticipation of the Joker story starting next month.  Whatever the reason, it’s great to see that a female-led book did so well!!

Since this is a Wonder Woman blog and all, let’s take a pause for Wonder Woman #0 before we get to the losers:

#21) Wonder Woman: 44 points, +5,194 (12th), +11.6% (32nd)

The middle would be #26, so Wonder Woman came in the top half of the chart.  It was also the third highest female-led book on the chart, with Batgirl at #5 and Catwoman at #19.  Interestingly, Birds of Prey, Voodoo, and Supergirl were the next three books after Wonder Woman, and all six of these female-led titles were on the top half of the chart!!  That’s nice to see.

Now, onto the bottom of the chart:

#47) Ravagers: 92 points, +1,707 (48th), +8.2% (44th)

It really speaks to the success of zero month that the fifth lowest book was still up almost 10%!!  DC must be over the moon with these sales numbers.  Ravagers was a Second Wave book, and this is only its fifth issue, and as we’ll see momentarily the Second Wave books didn’t fare so well in September, comparatively.

#48) Earth 2: 96 points, +1,718 (47th), +2.5% (49th)

Earth 2 has been doing fantastically, saleswise, since it debuted in May, and September was no exception.  It just didn’t change all that much from August.  So compared to last month, it’s #48 on the chart, but in terms of overall sales the book is actually #8.

#49) Dial H: 96 points, +1,337 (49th), +5.9% (47th)

Technically, Dial H is tied with Earth 2, but I gave Earth 2 the higher rank because its overall sales are better.  And really, when you’re down the list this far, what difference does one spot make?  Anyway, this is a bummer because I LOVE Dial H and because it’s zero issue was fantastic and did exactly what a zero issue should (and what most of the zero issues didn’t): Provide new, surprising backstory for the series.  But again, Second Wave books didn’t get much play in September.

#50) Aquaman: 100 points, +17 (50th), +0% (50th)

This was a shock.  Aquaman’s been killing it since the relaunch, but it seems that of the many thousands of comic shops across North America, retailers thought only 17 new people might want to try out the book.  Part of this might also be that Aquaman had a big jump in August for no apparent reason, so maybe retailers found that increase was unwarranted but kept the book at that level in case of zero issue interest.

#51) Batman, Incorporated: 102 points, -608 (51st), -0.9% (51st)

Batman, Incorporated was the lowest book in both categories, and the only book of the 51 titles that went down in sales.  And I have no idea why!!  It’s a solid seller, and seems fairly popular among people who like that sort of thing.  Again, it’s a Second Wave book, and this is only it’s fourth issue, so maybe retailers are still feeling out how to order this one.

Overall, zero month was a complete success for DC.  Of the 51 returning titles, 50 had improved sales, plus there were an additional 4 series that premiered decently.  Before Watchmen is still falling fast, and various minis are dropping like minis tend to do, but all told this was a great month for DC.  These gimmicks really do work, it seems.

Earth Two’s Green Lantern Is Gay OR People Who Didn’t Know Who Alan Scott Was Yesterday Are Mysteriously Outraged

June 1, 2012

In yet another case of old rumours being confirmed, DC Comics has announced that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, is gay.  And because, I guess, our society is sort of stupid, this is big news.  Seriously, it’s everywhere.  “Alan Scott” is trending on Twitter.  Unless you are a HARDCORE comic nerd, you would have NO idea who Alan Scott is.  You’d know Hal Jordan from the movie, maybe John Stewart from the Justice League cartoon… perhaps Kyle Rayner if you read Green Lantern in the 90s.  But Alan Scott?  I’m not sure there are as many Justice Society fans as there are people talking about this.

Anyway, Alan Scott was straight when he was created in the 1940s (surprise, surprise) but James Robinson and Nicola Scott are recreating the characters for Earth 2 and decided to go a different directions with Alan Scott to, you know, be actually reflective of modern society.  And so Alan Scott is gay, which is really cool!!  And he’s got a boyfriend, which is also really cool AND nice for him:

Between this and Northstar and Kevin Keller, it’s been a banner year for gay fellows in comics.

For those of you upset by the change, I’d just suggest getting over it, really.  There are two confirmed gay characters in a FICTIONAL ADJUNCT UNIVERSE.  Big deal.  There are millions of actual gay people in the REAL LIFE UNIVERSE.  You’re just going to have to get used to it… they’re not going away. 

And for those of you who are upset about the change BUT don’t think you’re homophobic: Come on.  If you’re THAT into Alan Scott as a character maybe you need to consider changing your sexual orientation as well.  A minor change to a C-list character (despite DC going on about how a major, iconic character would be gay, Alan Scott is pretty low on that totem pole) isn’t anything to get worked up about.  Jade and Obsidian were gone already AND gay dudes can have kids too so maybe they’ll be back.  Just relax.

Anyway, HOORAY for another blow to heteronormativity.  And good work mixing it up, DC.  It’s good to see.

Look for Earth 2 #2 next Wednesday in your local comic shop!!

Women In Comics Statistics: Previews And Predictions For DC’s Second Wave

May 3, 2012

Now that DC’s Second Wave has launched this week with Dial H, Earth Two, GI Combat, and World’s Finest, I got to wondering how that might affect their women in comics stats for May.  Luckily for me, I’m the guy that tabulates them, so I dug into my numbers.  I haven’t got the new books yet, and there are two more yet to come, but I do have a lot of data for the old books.

By looking at the six books that got cancelled (Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, OMAC, and Static Shock), we can see what effect their departure will have.  Tallying up their stats for the last four months, they have some interesting totals:

  • The books had 196 credited creators over 4 months, 184 men and 12 women.
  • The overall percentage of female creators for the 6 cancelled titled was only 6.1%.
  • The 6 books combined for 3 female creators a month, 1 editor and 2 assistant editors.

With DC’s average percentage of female creators fairly steady at 11% each month, the cancelled titles’ 6.1% is a real bring down for the overall total.  We don’t know how the new titles break down yet, creatorwise, but the loss of the cancelled titles is only going to help things.

Though not by a lot… it’s only 6 books.  For example, if we take those six titles out of March’s numbers (which are coming soon!), then DC’s overall percentage of female creators jumps from 11% to a whopping 11.3%.  It’s not super exciting, but it’s certainly better than nothing.  If the books are at least in the average range, then things should be up a tick at DC.

The 6 cancelled series were also putting up goose eggs on the creative side of the charts, so a) DC’s not losing anything with their cancellation, and b) there’s only room to grow.  Nicola Scott’s drawing Earth Two, so the new books are already one up on the creative side of things.  And Karen Berger’s editing Dial H I think, so there’s another lady.  Plus, based on information from previews for two issues (only two books had full credits in their previews), Rosemary Cheetham is colouring World’s Finest and Kate Stewart is the assistant editor on GI Combat.  With only partial information, we’ve already topped the 6 cancelled titles’ combined 3 female creators!!  And there could be even more once we have full credits for everything.

Overall, DC’s Second Wave should be nothing but a plus in terms of women in comics!!  The 6 cancelled titles were a combined drag on the numbers, so it looks like things will be going up.  The May numbers won’t be up for a while, but I’m optimistic.

FINAL FUN FACT: In case you were wondering why 4 of the 6 new series debuted all at once this week, it’s because DC’s trying very hard to have their titles come out on the same week every month.  Hawk and Dove, Men of War, OMAC, and Static Shock all came out at the first of the month, so that’s four holes for DC to fill with four of their new titles.  Now that I think about it, “Fun Fact” might not be the best title for this tidbit… I might be the only one that finds this sort of fact to be fun.

Bryan Hitch Draws Wonder Woman on Earth 2 #1 Variant Cover

April 23, 2012

Earth 2 is set to launch in a few weeks, and DC’s premiered a variant cover for the first issue featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (of course… why would I post it if it didn’t show Wonder Woman?).  Let’s take a look:

It’s certainly less busy than the Reis cover, and harkens back to her classic colour scheme with gold instead of silver, but I’m not loving it in terms of design or execution.  I think DC needs to get some different people to do their costume redesigns… that’s not been a high point of the relaunch at all.  Also, I don’t love Wonder Woman’s face here.  It doesn’t really look like Wonder Woman to me.  And it feels very static for someone that’s supposed to be in motion.  So yeah, not my favourite.

BUT Bryan Hitch is doing some DC work now!!  That’s a big change.  He’s been locked up at Marvel for ages.  I wonder how long it’ll be until DC gets him to do some interiors?  It’ll probably be on a mini with a LONG lead time or a special one-shot or some such (like the September #0 issues).  Hitch isn’t the fastest.

Also, let me re-confirm my prediction that the Big Three of Earth 2 are all going to die or become entirely incapacitated in the first issue, leading to the rise of the Justice Society with the Flash and Green Lantern and all of those folks.  I find it odd that they’re on the cover when the book is supposed to star other heroes.  I think the hordes of Darkseid are going to take them out.

Earth 2 #1 is available on May 2.  The covers aren’t great, but how can you say no to checking out a whole new Earth?

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