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Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, November 2016 in Review

January 31, 2017


My latest “Gendercrunching” column went up at Bleeding Cool a week or so ago, and November 2016 saw DC posting a high percentage of female creators again as Marvel continued to slide.

DC had 19.4% female creators overall, a slight drop from October but still their second best total of the year. Marvel slipped down to 15.6% female creators, and while that wasn’t a big decline from October, it was the publisher’s third straight month of drops.

We also checked in on several smaller publishers. Boom! posted a whopping 40.9% female creators overall, the highest number we’ve ever seen from any publisher. Titan ticked down since our last visit but still came in at a very solid 22.1%. Dynamite fell more than half, posting only 9.1% female creators. Finally, Valiant ticked up slightly to 10.1%.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats and analysis!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, October 2016 In Review

January 2, 2017


My latest “Gendercrunching” article went up before Christmas over at Bleeding Cool, but I was busy with festive things and am only getting around to posting it here now. So let’s start off the New Year with some stats!

In October 2016, DC Comics posted one of their highest overall percentages of female creators yet, coming in at 19.7% overall. “Rebirth” has been good for women at DC thus far, and its run over the last five months has marked DC’s strongest period of female representation since this project began. Marvel slipped down to 16%, however, a drop that puts them mid-range relative to their past year. It’s been a couple of months of drops for Marvel now, and they’re noticeably off their previous highs.

We also began our biannual check-in on other direct market publishers. This month we visited Image, which ticked up slightly to 18.9%; IDW, which gained more than 4% female creators overall to land at 18.6%; and Dark Horse, which dropped down to land at 17.5%.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stat fun!

Women In Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, September 2016 In Review

November 28, 2016


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up at Bleeding Cool, and both DC and Marvel’s overall percentage remained in a fairly steady spot, though both ticked down slightly.

DC fell to 17% female creators overall, a tiny drop from August and well within the range they’ve been in for the past six months. Marvel was just a tick ahead of DC with 17.1% female creators, a small decline of 0.9% from the month before. Marvel’s a bit low compared to where they were recently, but well above their numbers from last autumn.

We also took a look at group editors at DC and Marvel, the senior editors who control specific sections of each publisher’s lineup. We broke up our stats by group editor and cut out the editorial numbers to focus solely on the creative side of things. The results were interesting: DC’s Brian Cunningham and Eddie Berganza were at the bottom of the list in the ballpark of about 3% female creators, while DC’s Mark Doyle and Jim Chadwick were at the top in the range of 20% female creators. All of Marvel’s group editors and a couple more from DC filled out the middle of the chart.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the numbers and analysis!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, August 2016 in Review

October 20, 2016


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up now on Bleeding Cool, and August 2016 was a decent month for DC and Marvel, with both publishers posting some of their betters totals for the year.

DC’s overall percentage of female creators dipped down slightly, landing at 17.2%, but that’s still a relatively strong total for the publisher. Marvel gained a couple of percentage points, hitting 17.9% female creators overall, one of their best totals in months.

We also took a look at DC’s new “Rebirth” line and how the numbers for female creators compared to DC’s superhero books before their latest round of relaunches. “Rebirth” has a slightly higher percentage of female creators, but women still account for only 11.3% of the creators on the books, a small percentage on its own and very low compared to DC’s wider output.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for the full stats and charts!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, July 2016 In Review

September 15, 2016


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up at Bleeding Cool, and DC’s overall percentage of female creator ticked up yet again as they bested a stagnant Marvel for the second straight month.

DC had 18.4% female creators, a gain of 0.9% that marked their fourth straight month of growth and took them to their highest total of the year. Marvel’s overall percentage of female creators rose only slightly, gaining 0.1% to hit 15.7%, a mid-level performance for the publisher that was several points down from their recent highs.

We also took a look at female characters in Big Two comics; DC had 34.1% female characters across their covers, their highest total in three years, while Marvel slipped down slightly to 30.2%, another mid-level performance. In terms of series headliners, male-led books took a tumble as team books surged for DC while Marvel’s numbers stayed about the same, with male-led books comprising roughly half of their line.

Head over to Bleeding Cool for the full numbers and all of the stats fun!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, June 2016 in Review, Plus Ethnicity Numbers

August 17, 2016


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up at Bleeding Cool, and it’s got DC and Marvel’s June 2016 gender numbers plus our annual tabulation of ethnicity stats for both publishers and Image.

In terms of the overall percentage of female creators, DC ticked up slightly to hit 17.5%, their highest total over the past year, while Marvel dropped down to 15.6% women, a middling number for them as of late and well below their recent record highs.

There were some interesting numbers in the ethnicity count as well. At DC, their percentage of people of colour dipped down to 22.5%, at Marvel it rose to 29.9%, the highest number since we started tracking ethnicity a few years back, and at Image things stayed about the same at an unimpressive 16.5%. Basically, white men are still making a lot of comics, though some publishers have done more to improve representation in their hiring than others.

Click on over to the “Gendercrunching” article to check out the full stats breakdown for June 2016!

Women in Comics Statistics: DC and Marvel, May 2016 in Review

July 11, 2016


My latest “Gendercrunching” column is up over at Bleeding Cool, and May 2016 was a pretty solid month for female creators across the board. Both DC and Marvel appear to have settled into a new status quo that’s noticeably above their previous typical range.

DC Comics ticked up slightly to 16.9% female creators overall, their highest percentage in a year. Marvel dropped a bit, but still came in at 17.4% overall; Marvel’s past three months have the highest continuous run we’ve seen from either Big Two publisher since this project began a few years back.

We also continued our tour around smaller publishers and saw impressive totals from Dark Horse, Dynamite, and Titan, as well as somewhat less than impressive numbers from Valiant. All together, over the past two months, the seven smaller publishers we visited posted some pretty solid numbers.

Head on over to Bleeding Cool for all of the stats fun!

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