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Wonder Woman’s March 2015 Covers and Solicits

December 16, 2014

Wonder Woman is headlining four different books in March, though she’s doing so in the most annoying of ways with the over-sized, higher priced annual that wraps up the storyline you’ve been reading in the main books. Such a jerk move. “Oh, you’ve been enjoying this story for $3 a month? Well, it’s going to cost you $5 to get the end of it.” Not cool. I assume the rush to the conclusion was because “Convergence” is debuting in April and DC wanted to get stuff wrapped up before then, but still. That’s not classy. Let’s dig into the books.

First up is Wonder Woman #40:


Art and cover by DAVID FINCH and BATT
1:50 B&W Variant cover by DAVID FINCH and BATT
1:100 Variant cover by DAVID FINCH and BATT
On sale MARCH 18 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
It’s the penultimate chapter of the series-altering first story arc by the new creative team of writer Meredith Finch and penciller David Finch as Wonder Woman faces a challenger to her throne created solely to defeat her. But how can Diana stop a foe whose every strength is matched to her every weakness?

“First story arc” sort of bums me out because I was hoping that this would be the only story arc we got from the Finches and that we’d get a new creative team post-“Convergence.” That does not seem to be the case. Anyway, Diana’s fighting someone. I doubt it’s going to be a thrilling read, but hey, you never know. Maybe the book will get better after its disastrous first issue. Stranger things have happened.

The storyline line concludes in Wonder Woman Annual #1, at a much higher price:


Art and cover by DAVID FINCH and BATT
Backup story art by GORAN SUDZUKA
Advance solicit • On sale APRIL 1 • 48 pg, FC, $4.99 US RATED T
A story so big we couldn’t contain it in the monthly title! Wonder Woman faces off with the foe destined to become her ultimate nemesis in a battle that will determine the fate of Paradise Island! And in a backup tale that will alter the course of the Amazon Queen, an old face returns, and we mean VERY old! You couldn’t ask for more from Wonder Woman’s very first annual!

I almost don’t mind this cover. Wonder Woman still looks like a teenager, but at least it’s not all sexy and whatnot. Most of the Finch covers we’ve seen for Wonder Woman thus far have been pretty dull and/or sexy, so this somewhat okay cover is a nice change. As for the returning “old face”, I’m going to guess… Ares, maybe? Get rid of this dumb god of war thing by having him take it back? I’d be down for that. Or maybe Zeus will be back in full force.

Moving on to Superman/Wonder Woman #17:


Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Cover by ED BENES
MOVIE POSTER Variant cover by GENE HA
On sale MARCH 11 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
It’s a bloody showdown as Circe and Magog attack the power couple! And the outcome will bring about a major change in Kal and Diana’s relationship.

Is Wonder Woman wearing hoop earrings on that cover? Wonder Woman doesn’t wear hoop earrings. They look weird. But “a major change” in the relationship sounds promising! Maybe they’ll break up. I must confess, when I heard that DC was cancelling a bunch of titles in March, I really hoped that this one would be on the list. But nope. Still going strong. Dang it.

Finally, the good Wonder Woman book, Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #8:


Cover by JAE LEE
On sale MARCH 18 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Teenaged Diana comes to Man’s World and discovers a “Wonder World” where she makes new friends. That part’s great, but her Amazon bodyguards are busy tracking her down and scaring everyone she meets! Then, in “Sabotage Is in the Stars,” Wonder Woman aids India’s space program, making it safe for them to launch their new SpaceCrops platform. But when Diana discovers that LexCorp caused the problem, she takes matters into her own hands!

I went on about my excitement for this issue last week, and I remain just as keen to check out this book. What a killer lineup, and a great cover too. This issue should be a blast all around. You’re definitely going to want to pick this up, gang.

Look for all of these Wonder Woman comics this March, except for the annual which is out the first week of April, just before “Convergence” kicks off in full force.

DC Comics’ March Movie Poster Variant Covers For Wonder Woman #40 And Superman/Wonder Woman #17

December 15, 2014

DC’s continuing their very successful monthly themed variant cover line this March, and this time it’s going to be covers based on movie posters. So Batgirl as Purple Rain, The Flash as North by Northwest, and Justice League as Magic Mike. They’re certainly drawing from a wide array of film genres and eras. Both Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman are part of the variant line, with mixed results. Let’s take a look, starting with Superman/Wonder Woman #17 by Gene Ha:


The annoying thing is, this is a very nicely done cover. It captures the Gone with the Wind vibe totally and recreates the poster well. However, I hate it. Wonder Woman is no Scarlett O’Hara and should never be positioned as such. Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass has a great response to this cover, where she points out that there are so many other great couple movies that DC could have used here that presented both characters in a strong way. Instead, we get Wonder Woman being passively carried by Superman in an homage to one of the most useless characters of all time. Not cool.

Here’s the variant cover for Wonder Woman #40 by Bill Sienkiewicz:


Some people are not pleased with Wonder Woman being depicted in an homage to bloodthirsty Spartan warriors in this play on 300, and I definitely take their point. I’m pretty sick of the angry, violent Wonder Woman we’ve been getting so often since the New 52 launched. At the same time, this cover is AWESOME. It just looks super cool. And I certainly find it far less ridiculous that the Gone with the Wind one. So while I don’t love Wonder Woman being presented all violent and blood spattered, I think the execution thereof is kind of impressive.

Both covers will be available in March, and as always you might want to talk to your local retailer beforehand if you want to be sure to get one.

Cover And Solicit For Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2

June 23, 2014

Now that I’m home from vacation, I’m catching up on a few things I missed over the past two weeks. First up is all of the solicits for comics coming out this September. We’ve seen covers and solicits for September’s Wonder Woman and Superman/Wonder Woman’s “Futures End” event tie-in books already, but there’s now a third regular Wonder Woman book so let’s check in on Sensation Comics:


Cover by GENE HA
On sale SEPTEMBER 17 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
Diana Prince’s heroics continue! Wonder Woman faces her greatest peril as the Gods’ gifts are withdrawn one by one. And since their first gift was life, how far will her unraveling go? Then, learn how Diana earned the twin bracelets that protect her from the bullets of Man’s World!

This sounds like a fun issue. Both Ivan Cohen and Jason Bischoff have been regular writers on DC’s cartoon-based comics so perhaps they’ll bring a lighter touch to their respective Wonder Woman stories. On the art side, Marcus To has worked on Red Robin and Huntress and recently drew the rather enjoyable Wendy’s kids meal Superman/Wonder Woman comic. There are a couple of David Williams who draw comics, but I’m guessing that this one is the artist who has recently worked on Batman ’66, Adventures of Superman, and Legends of the Dark Knight. Cover artist Gene Ha is the most well known of the bunch, with several Eisner awards and an impressive body of work that includes Top 10 and a variety of DC’s properties.

As much as I like this creator line-up, I’m a little bit disappointed to not see any female creators, especially after the first issue had several. I was hoping the series could be a showcase for female creators, but we’re already at all dudes and we’re only two issues in. Perhaps we’ll see more female creators with Sensation Comics #3.

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #2 is available in paper form on September 17, and the various stories it includes will be available digitally in the weeks leading up to that, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

First Look At Gene Ha’s Wonder Woman In Justice League #7

March 16, 2012

After doing six issues in a row and only being a little bit late, which is pretty much a miracle, Jim Lee is taking off the next few issues of Justice League.  Lee is hard to replace, but they’ve got some good fill-in artists.  First up is Gene Ha, and here is a look at his Wonder Woman from a preview at Entertainment Weekly:

She looks pretty good.  And fierce… woe to those weird creatures she’s slicing through.

I’m pretty excited for this issue all around.  I like Gene Ha, and a Steve Trevor-centric story will be cool.  I’m interested to see their take on him in the new DC universe.  It’s hard not to make Steve Trevor totally lame, but it looks like he’s working for DC’s version of S.H.I.E.L.D. which might be a good time.

Look for Justice League #7 on March 21st!!

Wonder Woman #7 And Justice League #7 Solicits

December 12, 2011

DC Comics have released the March solicits for their Justice League titles, and Wonder Woman is featured on two of the covers.  First up, the Wonder Woman cover we saw the other day:

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale MARCH 21
Remember the myth of Orpheus? Wonder Woman certainly does. And we hope she’s learned its lessons well, because someone she dearly loves is in Hell’s clutches – and she’s the only one who can mount a rescue mission! But Hades has no mercy, even for his own family – in fact, especially for his own family – and he doesn’t intend to let her walk out of his domain without paying a terrible price!

So that’s basically the same description, with some slight rewording, that we got last week.  Hell should be pretty fun though!!  And Chiang’s back, after taking a couple issues off.  Not that the fill-in art won’t be fun, but Cliff Chiang is pretty damn epic and is doing some amazing work on Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is involved in a big brawl on the cover of Justice League too:

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
On sale MARCH 21
Now that the team’s origin story is complete, starting with this issue we shift to the present-day Justice League! What has changed? Who has joined the team since? Featuring artwork by Gene Ha, the story also reintroduces the team’s greatest champion: Steve Trevor!
Also starting in this issue: “The Curse of Shazam!” featuring a story by Geoff Johns and art by Gary Frank! Discover Billy Batson’s place in DC Comics – The New 52 as we reveal his all-new origin story!

So Jim Lee is off interiors this issue, which is expected, really.  If he gets all six issues out on time, it’ll be quite a feat.  But Gene Ha is fun, and I’m super jazzed for a Shazam back up!!  Gary Frank is an interesting choice for the art… he’s not the first guy I’d think of for a Shazam story, but it could work.

And the big news in the solicit is that Steve Trevor is going to be in the book!!  We saw a bit of Steve Trevor in Justice League #3, but it sounds like he’s going to have a bigger role here.  I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with him… I like the idea of bringing him back into the DC universe, since he hasn’t really been around for a while, but I hope they do something new and interesting with him.

Look for both books on March 21… they’re super fun, so you should get them!!

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