The Comic Books To Read After You See Wonder Woman This Weekend

Wonder Woman is hitting theaters tomorrow, with early showings tonight (I’M GOING TO SEE IT TONIGHT AND I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN DEAL WITH IT), and soon lots of new Wonder Woman fans are going to be wondering what to read next. While I definitely suggest my book Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious HistoryContinue reading “The Comic Books To Read After You See Wonder Woman This Weekend”

Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits

This February looks to be another busy month for Wonder Woman and her wider world, both in terms of single issues and some fun new collections. It continues to be an excellent time to be a Wonder Woman fan; the movie on the horizon really seems to be ramping up comic production at DC. SoContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman’s May 2016 Covers and Solicits

May is going to be another busy month for Wonder Woman, and will mark the end of her two mainline series. Wonder Woman is set to relaunch in June with a new #1 issue, while Superman/Wonder Woman will be done forever, thank goodness; that book never even got close to decent, despite three years ofContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s May 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman’s June 2015 Covers And Solicits

June is a big month for DC Comics, with 25 new series debuting and surprising changes for the rest of their ongoing series. We’ve already seen Wonder Woman’s new costume, which has gotten mixed reviews thus far, but let’s take a look at the solicits for Wonder Woman’s comics and find out what is upContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s June 2015 Covers And Solicits”

Wonder Woman By George Pérez Omnibus Coming In August 2015

DC Comics has released their schedule for graphic novels and collections for the next year or so, and the item on the list that is most relevant to my interests is the Wonder Woman by George Pérez Omnibus coming on August 25, 2015. This 640 page hardcover collects Wonder Woman #1-24 and Wonder Woman AnnualContinue reading “Wonder Woman By George Pérez Omnibus Coming In August 2015”

Wonder Woman Sales In The 1980s OR It’s No Wonder We Got The Perez Relaunch

No one talks much about Wonder Woman in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.  After Ms. magazine and the TV show, the comic was just sort of there.  Wonder Woman shared her book with Huntress for a while, the editing position was a revolving door, and not much from that era lives on asContinue reading “Wonder Woman Sales In The 1980s OR It’s No Wonder We Got The Perez Relaunch”

Karen Berger’s Wonder Woman Legacy

By the late 1980s, it had been a LONG time since Wonder Woman comics were relevant or any kind of bestseller.  She was very popular in the 1940s and drifted down from there.  With the mod revamp in the late 1960s and then the return to her Amazon roots and the TV show in theContinue reading “Karen Berger’s Wonder Woman Legacy”