Justice League Review: It Was Fine, I Guess? Not Good, But Not Awful

Justice League isn’t a terrible movie, and that in itself is a major achievement. Director Zack Snyder’s past two superhero outings were dour, unwieldy affairs that fundamentally misunderstood almost every character who appeared in them. Justice League is a much more conventional movie, leaner and even fun at times. It’s not great by any means.Continue reading “Justice League Review: It Was Fine, I Guess? Not Good, But Not Awful”

Man Of Steel Trailer Released OR It Looks Surprisingly Good

Along with most everyone else on the planet, I was a little concerned when Warner Bros. announced that Zack Snyder would be directing the new Superman movie.  Don’t get me wrong, 300 was crazy fun, and the man’s not entirely without skill, but he seemed like a generic, uninspired choice for Superman.  Plus his moviesContinue reading “Man Of Steel Trailer Released OR It Looks Surprisingly Good”

Jon Hamm As Superman

News broke today that Amy Adams is going to play Lois Lane in Zach Snyder’s new Superman movie, which seems like a very odd choice to me.  Amy Adams is a great actress and she seems like a generally delightful gal every time I’ve seen her on talk shows, but she’s so not Lois.  LoisContinue reading “Jon Hamm As Superman”

Henry Cavill Cast As Superman

Zach Snyder’s Superman movie is starting to come together now with the casting of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel.  I didn’t know they were this far along in pre-production… they seem really keen to get this movie out, probably due to the film rights stipulations of the Siegels lawsuit against Warner Bros.  IContinue reading “Henry Cavill Cast As Superman”