Superman/Wonder Woman #12 Preview OR Charles Soule Says Goodbye With Flower Power

This week’s issue of Superman/Wonder Woman is an epilogue to the “Doomed” storyline that I assume ended at some point in a book that was not Superman/Wonder Woman. I didn’t follow it in any of the other titles, so I missed half of what happened and the entire ending it seems. If someone wants toContinue reading “Superman/Wonder Woman #12 Preview OR Charles Soule Says Goodbye With Flower Power”

Wonder Woman’s October 2014 Covers And Solicits

October is going to be a busy and significant month for Wonder Woman. Not only are Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang wrapping up their run on Wonder Woman, they’re unveiling her New 52 origin story in Secret Origins as well. Wonder Woman’s two other series have new issues as well, so let’s get to theContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s October 2014 Covers And Solicits”