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New Wonder Woman Arc to Focus on her Brother OR No One Wants This

June 20, 2017


DC Comics announced a new creative team for their Wonder Woman comic yesterday, with James Robinson coming on board to write the book alongside Carlos Pagulayan and Emanuela Lupacchino on art. They’re going to do a six-issue arc that will run bi-monthly from September through December, and it will pick up on threads first introduced in DC’s “Rebirth” special a year ago. The solicit for the first issue says:

Who is Wonder Woman’s brother? Taken away from Themyscira in the dead of night, the mysterious Jason has been hidden somewhere far from the sight of gods and men…but his life and Wonder Woman’s are about to intersect in a terrifying way, bringing them face to face with a cosmic threat they never imagined!

I am underwhelmed, to say the least. Wonder Woman has been stellar since its “Rebirth” relaunch, with Greg Rucka, Bilquis Evely, Nicola Scott, and Liam Sharp revitalizing the character and setting her on a good path after several rough years following the book’s previous relaunch in 2011. Shea Fontana and Mirka Andolfo are set to take over the book in July for five issues, and that sounds like it’s going to be a fun run. I was pleased to see a female writer take over the series, and Mirka Andolfo’s art is always a treat. But now we’ve got a male writer at the helm again (and one with a problematic writing record at that). We do have Emanuela Lupacchino on art, and she’s marvelous, but the solicit is all about “legendary writer James Robinson,” along with credits over a decade old, and doesn’t mention the art at all. Robinson is also focusing on Wonder Woman’s mysterious brother, a bizarre turn that shows DC seems to have learned nothing from the success of the Wonder Woman movie.

First, with so many amazing female writers working in comics right now, DC should be handing over the reins of Wonder Woman to one of them long term. The book has had some great male writers over the years, and Rucka’s tenure over the past year was fantastic, but it’s time for a new perspective on the book. Men have written Wonder Woman for the vast majority of her seventy-six year history. Meanwhile, giving the Wonder Woman film to Patty Jenkins gave Warner Bros. its first critically acclaimed superhero film in years because she brought something new to the table. DC should do the same with the book and bring in one of the many amazing women working in comics right now.

Second, a brother? Has DC not seen any of the responses from folks coming out of the Wonder Woman movie? No one left the theater thinking that there needed to be more men in the mix. They wanted more Diana, more Amazons, more Etta, more of all of the amazing women that made up the film. Introducing Diana’s brother is the last thing anyone wants right now. Long term fans of the comic have been loving the female-centric storyline of the “Rebirth” era thus far, while potential new fans curious about the character after the movie are going to have no interest whatsoever in some new dude.

The brother angle was a weird idea from the start. When the “Rebirth” special came out a year ago, the tease struck me as a fundamentally dumb move. Diana is a unique creation, the only child of the Amazons. To introduce a sibling is unnecessary enough (unless they brought back Nubia, which could be cool if done right), but to make it a male sibling just totally misses the point of having Amazons in your universe. They let you tell cool stories about women! DC doesn’t need to stick a man in there; they can do fun things with the amazing women that they already have.

The people inside DC Comics can be dopes sometimes. Wonder Woman has never been more popular. The movie is a smash hit! And they’re putting out a comic book that’s going to appeal to few if any of her fans, new or old. It reminds me of 1973, when DC returned Wonder Woman to her Amazon roots after she appeared on the first cover of Ms. Magazine and became a mascot of the women’s lib movement. Just like today, Wonder Woman was hugely famous outside of the comics, but DC handed the book to Robert Kanigher, an old white guy who ignored her new status and wrote a bunch of lazy, subpar issues that failed to capitalize on her popularity. Four decades later, DC is making the same mistakes.

Part of me is hoping that this is some ill-considered cleanup operation, that editorial is thinking, “Let’s deal with this seed we planted a year ago and then get on to a cool, different creative team in the New Year.” Maybe they’re just burning off three months of comics to follow up on this story that absolutely no one is clamoring for and they’ve got a great team lined up after that. That would be a dumb plan; better to just let the seed die. But at least it would be a plan with something better in the future. As is, this is just dumb and ill-timed, as well as a big missed opportunity to make the most of a huge moment for Wonder Woman. Even if this somehow turns out to be a decent story, which seems very unlikely but you never know, it’s just the wrong direction for the book right now. Put women in charge of Wonder Woman with women on the pages, please.


The Last Amazon In Earth 2 #8 Is Actually…

January 9, 2013


First, the bad news.  The Amazons are still mostly dead everywhere.  In the regular DC universe, Hera turned Hippolyta into a statue and the rest of the Amazons into snakes.  Only Wonder Woman is still around.  Over in Earth 2, the hordes of Apokalips wiped out all of the Amazons, INCLUDING Wonder Woman, but it seems that they missed one.  She was revealed in today’s Earth 2 #8 by James Robinson and Yilidray Cinar.  She is…


(Though not really huge spoilers.  It’s Earth 2.  They’ve done this before.  You could have figured this out in 3 seconds with a quick google when they announced that an Amazon was still alive.)


Wonder Woman’s daughter, Fury!!  And that’s all we know so far.  The original Fury was Hippolyta Trevor, the daughter of the Golden Age Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor.  She’s named after the mythological Furies, not because she’s angry.

This Fury looks pretty angry, though.  You probably would too, if the hordes of Apokalips had wiped out your whole family.  We know that she’s Wonder Woman’s daughter, but not who her father is or her given name or any other details.  I suspect that’ll be revealed soon enough.  We also know that she hangs out with Steppenwolf, that big guy on the cover at the top.  Maybe she’s really into Hermann Hesse.

So hooray!!  The population of Amazons in DC comics has doubled.  I mean, sure, we had hundreds of Amazons before the relaunch, just in one universe, but two Amazons across two universes is great too.  They probably just don’t want to overwhelm us with two many Amazons.  It’s thoughtful of them, really.

Earth Two’s Green Lantern Is Gay OR People Who Didn’t Know Who Alan Scott Was Yesterday Are Mysteriously Outraged

June 1, 2012

In yet another case of old rumours being confirmed, DC Comics has announced that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, is gay.  And because, I guess, our society is sort of stupid, this is big news.  Seriously, it’s everywhere.  “Alan Scott” is trending on Twitter.  Unless you are a HARDCORE comic nerd, you would have NO idea who Alan Scott is.  You’d know Hal Jordan from the movie, maybe John Stewart from the Justice League cartoon… perhaps Kyle Rayner if you read Green Lantern in the 90s.  But Alan Scott?  I’m not sure there are as many Justice Society fans as there are people talking about this.

Anyway, Alan Scott was straight when he was created in the 1940s (surprise, surprise) but James Robinson and Nicola Scott are recreating the characters for Earth 2 and decided to go a different directions with Alan Scott to, you know, be actually reflective of modern society.  And so Alan Scott is gay, which is really cool!!  And he’s got a boyfriend, which is also really cool AND nice for him:

Between this and Northstar and Kevin Keller, it’s been a banner year for gay fellows in comics.

For those of you upset by the change, I’d just suggest getting over it, really.  There are two confirmed gay characters in a FICTIONAL ADJUNCT UNIVERSE.  Big deal.  There are millions of actual gay people in the REAL LIFE UNIVERSE.  You’re just going to have to get used to it… they’re not going away. 

And for those of you who are upset about the change BUT don’t think you’re homophobic: Come on.  If you’re THAT into Alan Scott as a character maybe you need to consider changing your sexual orientation as well.  A minor change to a C-list character (despite DC going on about how a major, iconic character would be gay, Alan Scott is pretty low on that totem pole) isn’t anything to get worked up about.  Jade and Obsidian were gone already AND gay dudes can have kids too so maybe they’ll be back.  Just relax.

Anyway, HOORAY for another blow to heteronormativity.  And good work mixing it up, DC.  It’s good to see.

Look for Earth 2 #2 next Wednesday in your local comic shop!!

Wonder Woman On Earth Two #1 Variant Cover?

February 11, 2012

DC’s The Source blog has debuted a variant cover for the upcoming Earth Two #1, and it looks like it features Wonder Woman:

I say “looks like” because there seems to be some question about who those characters are.  Batman got those stick things that Dick Grayson likes to use, plus if it’s Earth Two and Helena Wayne is all grown up, then Bruce Wayne would be pretty old.  So if Batman is Dick Grayson, maybe “Wonder Woman” is Donna Troy, since we haven’t seen her in the DCnU yet. 

Anyway, these are some weird costumes.  With Batman, Superman, and Power Girl we’ve seen these wide V-shaped things come down the chest from the shoulders with their logo, and I find them rather ugly.  And Wonder Woman’s costume is far too busy for my tastes… that’s a lot of metal.  I do like the skirt, and it’s always fun when the tiara gets a little more bad ass, but I feel like there’s too much going on with all the metal details and such. 

Want to know my secret theory, though?  I think Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all going to die in the first issue.  Any time the book was referenced before it was called Earth Two, everyone was saying that James Robinson and Nicola Scott were working on the Justice Society.  These days, the Justice Society refers to a specific group of heroes that doesn’t include the Big Three.  Now, the old school JSA had them sometimes, and DC might want to have Superman and Batman, even in a different form, on more books.  But we haven’t seen most of the usual Justice Society yet, and I feel like they’ll be the stars.  Plus the Big Three a’re mid-battle with the hordes of Apokalips!!  So my prediction is that they’ll die or get removed in some way, and the Justice Society with the characters we’re used to (Power Girl, Alan Scott Green Lantern, Jay Garrick Flash, Wildcat, etc) take over for them.  I have NO information to back this up… it’s just a theory.

Hey, maybe if Wonder Woman is Donna Troy, she’ll stick around… that might be cool!!

Anyway, ugly costumes.  I know it’s hard to change iconic outfits, but these aren’t great.

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