Wonder Woman’s February 2016 Covers and Solicits

DC’s February 2016 solicits went up on Monday, and it looks to be a fairly busy month for Wonder Woman, with all of her usual series plus a special and a couple of team books. It’s been good to see Wonder Woman having an increased presence across the DC universe lately, even if her twoContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s February 2016 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman’s December 2015 Covers and Solicits

Let’s jump into the books straight away because Wonder Woman stars or appears prominently in about 843 different comics in December. Actually, now that I look at the list again, it’s 7. But still, it’s a lot of books! So let’s see what she’s doing to be up to during the festive season, starting withContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s December 2015 Covers and Solicits”

Jason Fabok Draws A Fierce, Rad Wonder Woman In Justice League

I’m late to the party on this, I know. Jason Fabok took over the art duties on Justice League way back in November, and has been doing a stellar job since then. But the first collection featuring his artwork just came out recently, and I read it the other day. The stories were fine, ifContinue reading “Jason Fabok Draws A Fierce, Rad Wonder Woman In Justice League”

The Amazons Are Up To More Troubling Shenanigans In DC’s Free Comic Book Day Divergence Special

I hope that everyone had a lovely Free Comic Book Day and got loads of great stuff. I had no idea that Drawn and Quarterly was putting out a preview of Kate Beaton’s upcoming Step Aside, Pops, so that was a delightful surprise. Plus I got a Doctor Who comic, some Bob’s Burgers fun, andContinue reading “The Amazons Are Up To More Troubling Shenanigans In DC’s Free Comic Book Day Divergence Special”

Wonder Woman’s July 2015 Covers And Solicits

July is going to be a very busy month for Wonder Woman. Between her own titles, team books, and guest appearances, it sounds like she’s going to be around a lot. This could get expensive for all the completist collectors out there! Let’s take a look at what Wonder Woman will be up to inContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s July 2015 Covers And Solicits”