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Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 Preview: The New Direction Begins!

June 7, 2016

I haven’t posted a preview of Wonder Woman in quite a while now. I used to post them every month, because I was excited to read each issue. Then I got less excited about the book, started to dread it each month, in fact, and just stopped with the previews all together. But now, I’m excited again! As part of DC’s “Rebirth” initiative, Wonder Woman is relaunching with a new creative team and a new direction.

I’m not yet sold on “Rebirth” as a whole; DC sort of feels like the boy who cried wolf now when it comes to relaunches that promise big things, and their kickoff special two weeks back didn’t do much for me. But what I am sold on is the new Wonder Woman creative team. Writer Greg Rucka is returning after a decade away from the character, and he seems excited to right the ship and present a more iconic take on the character. Artists Liam Sharp and Nicola Scott are both ridiculously talented, and are enouragingly keen to take on Wonder Woman and her world. The book could be good again, gang! All signs are pointing to a strong run for Wonder Woman.

And now we’ve got a preview of the Wonder Woman: Rebirth special that will launch this new direction tomorrow. Let’s take a look:





Right off the bat, we’re digging into what I’m most curious about, Diana’s origin. The New 52 relaunch changed the classic clay creation into a Hippolyta/Zeus hookup, but this first page suggests some confusion. There appear to be two Hippolytas even, one brunette and one blonde. Perhaps the universe bending shenanigans that have been mentioned elsewhere might be utilized to bring back Wonder Woman’s classic origin? There’s a weird melding of the pre-New 52 and New 52 universes that’s going on right now that could lead to big changes for Wonder Woman.

I could speculate more, but I’d rather find out what’s up tomorrow when I read the issue. Instead of thinking it to death, I’m just going to enjoy the first issue of Wonder Woman that I’ve looked forward to in several years. THEN I’ll speculate it up like crazy, though we’ll only have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next, which is cool. Pricey, but cool, and a lot of fun if the book turns out as good as I hope it will be. Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1 will be available in comic shops and online TOMORROW. Pick it up!


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