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Jim Lee Wonder Woman Sketch Auction For Charity

January 31, 2013

If I had a couple thousand dollars sitting around I would totally buy this sketch!!  Jim Lee’s done a pencil and ink drawing of Wonder Woman that’s currently being auctioned off on eBay to raise money for the Emmanuel Dream Foundation.  All of the money goes towards building a school for the disabled in Ghana, which seems like a very worthy cause.  Let’s check it out:


I really dig this sketch.  First off, the tiara has the classic look instead of that whacked out, complicated thing Jim Lee was doing in Justice League.  The classic tiara is so much better.  Second, Jim Lee always sticks to the simple bracelets, which is fun too.  Third, she’s all weaponed up!!  I enjoy a well armed Wonder Woman.

All together, it’s a really great piece, and whoever wins it is going to be super lucky to have it.  If any of you have piles of money, love Wonder Woman, and want to support a good cause, there’s still two days left on the auction.  It’s at $2,025 right now.  Raid your bank accounts, cash out your investment, and pick up this fantastic piece of art!!


DC Comics’ Artists Appear on SyFy’s Face Off, Including Wonder Woman’s Cliff Chiang and Nicola Scott

January 23, 2013


I don’t know about you all, but I’ve seen every episode of SyFy’s makeup reality show Face Off.  They give contestants these crazy challenges and the make up artists have to come up with a design, sculpt and manufacture prosthetics, and costume and paint their creations, all in two or three days.  It’s really fun to watch the process, and to see the cool things they come up with.  And the trainwrecks too.  This week was a trainwreck episode for sure.

DC’s Dan Didio and Jim Lee came by the show to give the contestants their challenge: Design a superhero, and the winner’s character will appear in a DC comic book.  To help them with their designs, Lee and Didio brought along six of DC’s artists.  They were (in order of appearance in the above photo, after McKenzie Westmore) Mark Buckingham, Cliff Chiang, Tony S. Daniel, David Finch, Nicola Scott, and J.H. Williams III.  It was a pretty awesome lineup.

They got barely any screen time, and god among men J.H. Williams III was relegated to just a very unenthusiastic “Oh, okay” after hearing a crappy pitch, but things went pretty well for the contestants that got to work with Wonder Woman artists.  Most of the designs were just awful, and totally missed the superhero mark.  It was roof stoof.  However, Nicola Scott’s contestant, Eric, made it to the Top Three with his character Dick Gritty.  Dick was a cop who got killed and brought back to life or something, all 1940s style.  I actually thought it was pretty bad, but the rest of the designs were so terrible that this one made it to the top of the list.

And then, SPOILER ALERT, Cliff Chiang’s contestant, Anthony, won the episode with his character, The Infernal Core, despite a massive chest piece malfunction.  The Infernal Core is from the Earth’s core and is all shiny black with bright yellow and red lava in spots.  It was a good paint job, and I think it was definitely the most superherolike character of the night.  I could maybe see him in a comic book, and I suppose I will soon.  Here’s a look at the character:

So yeah, it was NOT a good night for Face Off at all, but Cliff Chiang, Nicola Scott, J.H. Williams III, and other fun artists were on my TV!!  That was pretty cool.  And good work to the former and current Wonder Woman artists for helping their contestants achieve the best (relatively speaking) looks!!

When Wonder Woman And Superman ALMOST Hooked Up In The 1970s

August 24, 2012

The internets are still abuzz with the news that Wonder Woman and Superman are going to hook up in Justice League #12 in an annoying bit of stunt storytelling.  But did you know that they almost hooked up in World’s Finest #204 in August 1971?  This was during the mod era, when Wonder Woman gave up her superpowers to become the human Diana Prince, and the issue is pretty bonkers.

It’s got a sweet cover by Neal Adams (how can that not grab you?) and was written by Wonder Woman’s writer at the time, Denny O’Neil, with art by Dick Dillin and Joe Giella.  It appears to be a response to the Kent State shootings that had happened a year before when the National Guard opened fire on unarmed students who were protesting the invasion of Cambodia, killing four and wounding several others.  This sort of real world tie-in was pretty common at the time, especially in Denny O’Neil books… he had Speedy addicted to heroin over in Green Lantern/Green Arrow too, and thus got into issues surrounding drug use.

Apparently the gravitas of a campus massacre wasn’t enough, though, so they added a computer from the future to tell Superman that someone killed at this shooting would be the person who could have saved the planet from turning into a barren wasteland 200 years later.  It seems like a bit of an odd addition to a very somber, real world subject, but so it goes.

And then it gets SO heavy.  The future computer tells them to stop the shooting so they go and try to do so, but a car explodes and someone dies, and they’re not sure if it’s the person they were supposed to save because the future computer wasn’t very specific.  This is literally how the issue ends:

See you next month, kids, when Superman teams up with your pals the Teen Titans, even though the planet could be DOOMED.  Oh, 1970s attempts at relevance… you were so hilarious.  How many kids had nightmares from this comic, do you think?  Good lord.

ANYWAY, back to the hooking up.  Sorry for the tangent but this issue was pretty epic.  In the middle of the story, Superman saves Diana from some goons and she’s all grateful and they embrace, and the sexual tension is just palpable.  Here’s how it plays out:

Superman says they probably shouldn’t, Wonder Woman agrees, and so they don’t kiss.  The end.  They don’t mention it again for the rest of the issue, they just get back to trying to save the world.  They both realize that hooking up is such a completely stupid idea that they pretty much forget about it.

The best part is that they don’t say WHY they shouldn’t.  They just both know that it’s a really dumb idea and so they don’t kiss.  What did Superman and Wonder Woman know in the 1970s that Geoff Johns and Jim Lee don’t know now?  Where’s a time-traveling computer when you need one… that would come in handy right about now.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that these two crazy kids used to be smarter than they are these days.  So if Justice League #12 is bringing you down, go check out World’s Finest #204 instead!!

Wonder Woman And Superman Are A Couple Now OR Well, This Is Stupid

August 22, 2012

Entertainment Weekly broke the news today that Wonder Woman and Superman are going to get together in Justice League #12, and apparently they’re going to be an item for a while.  This is, obviously, a very stupid idea.  I have a few thoughts:

1) Nobody is surprised by this.

Once DC announced that Superman and Lois wouldn’t be married in the New 52, we all knew this was coming.  There were numerous articles written about it.  Bleeding Cool had it on good authority it was going to happen.  No one is bowled over by this “big news”.  It’s like Before Watchmen all over again: The only thing people are surprised about is that DC is actually stupid enough to do it.

2) Come on, Jim Lee.

The Entertainment Weekly article talks about Jim Lee’s process in creating the cover, and says:

For the smooch featured on the comic’s cover, artist Jim Lee took inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square photograph.

Well that all sounds very fancy, right?  Let’s take a look at both images:

Yeah, I can sort of see it.  Way to be a true artiste, Jim Lee.  Blending the traditional art world with iconic Americana is just terribly classy.  Hey, comic books aren’t just for kids anymore!!  Jim Lee’s working on a whole other level here with his varied influences and blending of styles.

Except for that his biggest influence seems to be a splash page he did of Superman and Lois Lane (remember her?) in Superman #212 in 2005.  If I may:

So yeah, Klimt?  Really?  It sort of looks like he traced a piece he did seven years ago and then tweaked it some.

3) Why do they hate Lois?

Lois has been sidelined like crazy in the New 52, which is ridiculous since she’s the longest running regular female character in the history of the company.  Plus she’s AWESOME.  And the Superman/Lois/Clark love triangle is one of the most famous love triangles of all time.  There’s SO much you can do with that.  Seeing as a lot of the folks at DC are only capable of using female characters as love interests lately, this Wonder Woman hook-up could be bad news for having more Lois any time soon.  Speaking of which:

4) Wonder Woman’s the ONLY girl in the Justice League, so OF COURSE she’s got to hook up with somebody.

Duh.  That’s what female characters are for.  She can’t just be a kick ass superhero who busts up the bad guys like, you know, the rest of the Justice League.  Nope, she’s a girl and she has feelings.  First it was her complicated relationship with Steve Trevor.  Will they?  Won’t they?  Did they?  So intriguing.  And now, she’s onto another guy with Superman.  Maybe after this she can move onto Batman. Or the Flash!!  Think of the hilarious jokes they could make about the Flash being quick on the draw, if you know what I mean.  It would be comedy gold.  But yeah, the only girl just HAS to have a romance on the go.  It’s the rules.

5) They really don’t make sense as a couple.

Again from the EW article, here’s what it says about how Wonder Woman and Superman will be a good couple:

The creative team believes the heroes are right for each other. She’s a mythic Amazonian warrior; he’s a veritable demigod. Both have huge hearts for mankind, yet also feel estranged from humanity. Relationships with civilians are tricky for caped crusaders, even liabilities. Usually, they choose to mask their full, true identities and hide their secret, high-risk do-gooding from their lovers to protect them. At least together, Superman and Wonder Woman can be themselves.

Now, we all love the Superman speech in Kill Bill 2, but the fact of the matter is it’s not right.  Superman is arguably the most human member of the Justice League.  Yeah, he’s got epic powers and such, but he was raised as Clark Kent, has down home, mid-western values, and is generally a pretty together guy.  He likes being Clark too… I don’t think he’s “estranged from humanity” at all.  So yeah, I completely disagree with how two of DC’s top executives think of Superman.

Also, this reminds me of that South Park episode where a black girl moves to town and Cartman automatically tries to set her up with Token, the only black kid in the school.  Just because they have some surface level things in common (skin colour, super powers) doesn’t mean they should pair up.  In fact, pairing up Wonder Woman and Superman is REALLY lazy.  It’s so obvious and boring.

6) Do Johns and Lee even read Wonder Woman?

You know, that comic book that’s WAY better than theirs?  Do you really think punk rock loving, rebel against the gods Wonder Woman is going to go out with a square like Superman?

7) Once you do it, it’s there forever.

They’re going to break up at some point, obviously.  Maybe that’s what’ll start the Trinity War even.  But yeah, this relationship will now ALWAYS be part of their history, making comics awkward and annoying FOREVER.  It’s going to be post-breakup Ross and Rachel for ALL of time, or until they get mindwiped in one of those moronic ways we all find so irksome.

To sum up, this is stupid.  There’s really no need for it, I can’t fathom any interesting stories that could come of it, and it’s basically a disservice to everyone involved, characterwise.  It’s just lame storytelling and, even worse, gimmick storytelling.  Though maybe Wonder Woman can get a sweet spin-off series now… Superman’s Girl Friend, Wonder Woman perhaps?  If you ever wanted to know who Wonder Woman would have to screw to get a second series like EVERY other major DC hero, we may have found the answer.

Anyway, STUPID.  Get it together, DC.  You have the BEST characters in the world.  Do something interesting with them for a change.

Wonder Woman And Batwoman Team Up In Batwoman #13!!

July 3, 2012

To be honest, I don’t love this cover, but this is still pretty much the best team-up ever.  Batwoman AND Wonder Woman drawn by J.H. Williams III is going to be EPIC.  And it sounds like it’s going to be a bit of arc too, which is super fun… The Source says that it’s “beginning in Batwoman #13, so maybe Wonder Woman will be around for a few issues.

I’m excited to see what Williams and W. Haden Blackman do with Wonder Woman, since she hasn’t really done a lot outside of her main series since the relaunch.  She’s pretty much a background player in Justice League, and most of her lines consist of “Hells yeah, fighting!!” or some such.  I like Williams’ concept of having Batwoman and Wonder Woman be both very different but still complimentary, the way that Superman and Batman are.  That’s a really cool angle to take with the characters.  Plus the art is going to be NUTS.  Here’s a Williams Wonder Woman piece from a few years ago to tease you further:

Also, it seems that I am a genius.  When I started my blog a while back, I did a few posts called “Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman?” profiling artists that I thought would do an awesome job with Diana.  First up was Cliff Chiang, who’s now the regular artist on Wonder Woman.  Second was J.H. Williams III, who’s now drawing her in Batwoman.  Third was Jim Lee, who’s now drawing her in Justice League.  All three have come true!!  I must have a weird superpower.  If I do, then universe/DC Comics, I LOVE Mahmud Asrar and would like to see him do some Wonder Woman please!!  Perhaps a Wonder Woman/Supergirl team up?  Get on it, special powers!!

The (presumably) first issue of Wonder Woman and Batwoman’s team up,Batwoman #13, hits the stands on October 17, and if you don’t pick it up then you’re insane.  That’s all there is to it.  Wonder Woman.  Batwoman.  J.H. Williams III.  You HAVE to buy it.

First Look At Gene Ha’s Wonder Woman In Justice League #7

March 16, 2012

After doing six issues in a row and only being a little bit late, which is pretty much a miracle, Jim Lee is taking off the next few issues of Justice League.  Lee is hard to replace, but they’ve got some good fill-in artists.  First up is Gene Ha, and here is a look at his Wonder Woman from a preview at Entertainment Weekly:

She looks pretty good.  And fierce… woe to those weird creatures she’s slicing through.

I’m pretty excited for this issue all around.  I like Gene Ha, and a Steve Trevor-centric story will be cool.  I’m interested to see their take on him in the new DC universe.  It’s hard not to make Steve Trevor totally lame, but it looks like he’s working for DC’s version of S.H.I.E.L.D. which might be a good time.

Look for Justice League #7 on March 21st!!

Wonder Woman #10 And Justice League #10 Solicits

March 12, 2012

DC Comics has announced the solicitations for June 2012, and our favourite Amazon is starring in two books, as usual.  First up is Wonder Woman #10, with that creepy cover:

On sale JUNE 20
• WONDER WOMAN has been shot through the heart! It’s up to LENNOX to pull his half-sister out of HELL!
• One of DIANA’S closest companions is not to be trusted!

No Cliff Chiang on the interior art is a definite bummer.  Chiang tweeted today that Akins is going to do the art for Wonder Woman #9 and #10 and that he’d be back for #11-13.  All this back and forth isn’t so fun, but that’s pretty great that Cliff Chiang will be on the book into its second year!!

So it looks like Wonder Woman gets shot in the issue before this one… that’s not good.  Hades is a dangerous place I suppose.  And it’s nice that Lennox is coming to help her out.  But what if he’s the companion who’s not to be trusted!!  That could end badly. 

Who is the companion who’s not to be trusted anyway?  It can’t be Zola, and Lennox seems a little obvious… it better not be Hermes!!  He’s my favourite!!  Maybe Wonder Woman gets a new companion between now and then who’s not terribly trustworthy.  I guess we’ll find out in June.

Next up is Justice League #10 with a not yet inked cover:

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Backup story art by GARY FRANK
Variant cover by CULLY HAMNER
On sale JUNE 20
• The identity of the Justice League’s newest and deadliest foe is revealed!
• Part four of the debut of SHAZAM!

Wonder Woman looks like she’s in the casket on the left, after Superman.  Yet again, this is a damn near useless Justice League solicit.  All we know is that the Justice League is fighting some type of foe, which we all could have guessed anyway because that’s what happens is every superhero comic book.  Also, more Shazam!!  Which is fun and all, but very vague.  An uninformative solicit with a pencilled cover isn’t super grabbing, folks at DC.

Wonder Woman #10 and Justice League #10 are both on sale June 20th.  Though, of course, Justice League might be a little late.  It’s been running a bit behind recently.

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