Wonder Woman’s December 2015 Covers and Solicits

Let’s jump into the books straight away because Wonder Woman stars or appears prominently in about 843 different comics in December. Actually, now that I look at the list again, it’s 7. But still, it’s a lot of books! So let’s see what she’s doing to be up to during the festive season, starting withContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s December 2015 Covers and Solicits”

Before Watchmen Begins Tomorrow OR Five Comics To Try Instead

It’s dumb to make a big deal about something you’re not buying, but seeing as Before Watchmen starts tomorrow I got to wondering what else is coming out that people could¬†get instead?¬† And if not instead, than in addition to… it’s always good to be inclusive, even when those you’re including are clearly evil fiendsContinue reading “Before Watchmen Begins Tomorrow OR Five Comics To Try Instead”