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Wonder Woman’s October 2015 Covers and Solicits, Plus Monster Variants

July 15, 2015

October is looking like another busy month for our favourite Amazon, with all of the usual fun plus a returning special I’m very much looking forward to. DC is also doing monster themed variants for many of their titles, just like they did in October last year. It’s good Halloween fun, and two of Wonder Woman’s titles will be part of the line. So let’s see what Wonder Woman will be up to in October!

First up, Wonder Woman #45:



Monsters Variant cover by CLAIRE WENDLING
On sale OCTOBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
With the Fates dead and Donna Troy still on the run, Wonder Woman must confront the sins of her past and a new, growing threat that’s closing in on the Queen of the Amazons!

I don’t imagine that the Finch cover is actually the final cover, but you never know. It just looks like a panel, and those blue bars don’t look great. I’m not sure whether Claire Wendling’s variant is the final cover or just a sketch either, but I’m super into it. I hope it is the final cover; I like the rougher aspects of it.

Anyway, the Finches carry on with their uninspired tenure on Wonder Woman. Apparently the Fates are dead. Thanks for the spoiler alert, because they haven’t even shown up in the comic yet. Also, Donna Troy hasn’t broken out of prison in the comics that have been published so far, but several solicits have told us she’s going to. You almost don’t have to read the comics, really. Just follow along with the solicits and you’ll get all the highlights.

Next up, Superman/Wonder Woman #22:



Written by PETER J. TOMASI
Cover by CARY NORD
Monsters variant cover by J.P. LEON
On sale OCTOBER 21 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T
Following a shocking betrayal, Kal has lost faith in justice. Now, he’s embarking on a dangerous quest to restore his powers, while Wonder Woman makes unexpected allies of Lois Lane and Lana Lang.

The insides of this series have never done anything for me, but what I do love is it’s proud tradition of excellent variant covers. This one by John Paul Leon is fantastic. It’s a great idea for the monster theme, and is just all sorts of gorgeous. I’ll be glad to put this with my collection of Superman/Wonder Woman issues I’ll never read again but I keep to enjoy the lovely covers.

Man, Superman is really out of sorts, eh? Losing his faith in justice?! That’s a third of what he stands for! In theory I’m excited for a Wonder Woman/Lois/Lana team up, but being familiar with the quality of this book I’m not overly optimistic that it will go well.

We’ve also got Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #15:


On sale OCTOBER 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T • DIGITAL FIRST
In “Our Little Dance,” when the well-meaning members of Debbi Domaine’s family argue that Cheetah needs rehabilitation more than incarceration, Wonder Woman is dragged into court! And Diana teaches a young thug a lesson about how having a pet forces you to train “Both Ends of the Leash.”

To be honest with you all, I wasn’t a big fan of either of these stories when they came out digitally, but I do love this cover. It’s lovely work by Jenny Frison, and will look amazing on the stands. The stories inside are pretty average, but neither of them are bad. They’re also very different stories, so chances are you might find something you’ll like.

Finally, Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman is back with Wonder Woman ’77 Special #2:


Get ready for three new stories based on the classic television series starring Lynda Carter! A scientist who is intensely jealous of Wonder Woman becomes empowered by an ancient artifact and Cheetah is born! A woman with the powers of both fire and ice seeks revenge against a corrupt politician. And, Halloween finds the princess up against an undead adversary.

So many stories! Plus the Cheetah and zombies, presumably. This should be a fun book. None of the stories have been released digitally yet, though I anticipate that they’ll be out soon. That’s a great lineup of artists, and Marc Andreyko did a fine job with the first few Wonder Woman ’77 stories so I’m glad to have him back. Nicola Scott’s cover looks fantastic as well. This will actually be out at the end of September instead of October, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

There’s a lot of Wonder Woman fun to be had this fall, and a lot of great covers. Remember to ask your local comic shop ahead of time if you’re keen to get a variant cover; they can go quickly.


Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #40 Review: “Our Little Dance, Part 1” by Adam Beechen, José Luis Garcia-López, and Kevin Nowlan

June 25, 2015


This week’s issue of Sensation Comics is a throwback to the late Bronze Age, a period for Wonder Woman that’s not as well known to many as the rest of her incarnations. The book has José Luis Garcia-López on art, an artist famed for iconic take on DC superheroes from this period. If you have any products with DC characters that are labelled “retro” in some way, Garcia-López probably drew them. He was DC’s main design guy during the Bronze Age. Also, the villain of the story is the Cheetah, but not the Cheetah that most Wonder Woman fans would expect. Most folks probably know Barbara Minerva, who’s been the Cheetah since the Wonder Woman relaunch in the late 1980s. Some might be familiar with Priscilla Rich, the Cheetah of the Golden and Silver Ages. But the Cheetah in this week’s Sensation Comics is Debbi Domaine, who took on the mantle in a handful of issues in the early 1980s. The story doesn’t really hinge on which Cheetah is in the villainous role; it could have been any of them and this issue would be largely the same. But I like that Beechen and Garcia-López went for something a bit more obscure.

The story reads like a sort of superhero Law & Order, beginning with Wonder Woman on the stand in a courtroom testifying about her recent battle with the Cheetah. The district attorney argues that the Cheetah should be placed in a high security prison, while the defense attorney argues that she needs to be cared for at a psychiatric facility. The defense attorney wins, and part one of “Our Little Dance” ends with a very expected twist while the Cheetah is being transferred.

I like the idea of the story a lot; seeing the more mundane side of superheroics and meeting the people who had to deal with what comes next can make for great comics. Plus we see this a lot with characters like Batman, Daredevil, and Spider-Man, but rarely for Wonder Woman, so it was interesting to get to see her in this environment. However, I found the execution good but a little bit dull at times. The comic was overly verbose, and I don’t think the book quite hit the tone that the creators were aiming for.

This was partly due to the art. Garcia-López is an absolute legend, and his art is strong here, but his iconic superhero style doesn’t quite mesh with the real world angle of the story. Part of it might be that I’m used to books like Gotham Central, where the street level stories are accompanied by grittier, more realistic art. But I think that’s a smart pairing that grounds that kind of book well. When I read a comic drawn by Garcia-López, I’m expecting a big superhero fight and cool action every time I turn the page, not deep backstory on the tragic past that motivated a man to become a lawyer. There was some action early in the issue, and it looks like that big superhero fight is probably coming next week, which should be a lot of fun. But with this first issue, while the art isn’t bad in the slightest, for me it’s so strongly reminiscent of a different kind of comic that it took me out of the story a bit.

Ultimately, this is a solid first issue with some interesting new characters and an angle on Wonder Woman we don’t get to see a lot. While I don’t think the art quite fit most of the issue, I anticipate that next week we’ll see something in a more classic superhero style that is well-suited to José Luis Garcia-López’s talents. Yet again, I have no idea when this story will be published in print. It’s not in any of the upcoming Sensation Comics solicits, so it’ll be October at the earliest. The digital books are currently pretty far ahead of what’s been printed, so not knowing the print date right away might be common from now on.

Wonder Woman Holiday Gift Guide 2014

December 2, 2014

Well gang, it’s the most wonderful time of the year yet again, providing that you enjoy a lack of sunlight (and don’t work in retail). So basically, it’s happy days for vampires and dark and cold and irksome for the rest of us. But we’re a clever society, and have decided to remedy this unpleasant time of year by giving each other presents! Presents make everything better. And if you have a Wonder Woman fan in your life or you are a Wonder Woman fan sitting down to write out your wish list for Santa or Jesus or your mom or whoever, have I got the list for you.

Here are some great Wonder Woman items you can purchase this holiday season. I’ve included links with each item, but I strongly encourage you to stop locally and check out our local comic shop first. You can find your LCS here, or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK and they’ll help you out.

Now let’s look at some fa-la-la-la-lovely gift ideas:

Wonder Woman: The Complete Newspaper Strip, 1944-1945 by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter


This is the best Wonder Woman comic book I read all year. For a year and a half in the 1940s, a Wonder Woman strip written and drawn by her original creative team ran in newspapers across America, and this collection from IDW reprints all of them. It’s a gorgeous book and has a lot of great stories, both retellings of classic tales and all new adventures as well.

My First Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg


If you’re looking to get a book for a younger Wonder Woman fan, consider this fine volume starring a variety of DC’s female heroes. Learn valuable facts, like “Girls are STRONG and KIND. They can do amazing things.” That’s a pretty swell message to send to young readers. Plus the book looks to be chock full of classic Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art.

Wonder Woman T-Shirts


There are so many great Wonder Woman t-shirts out there. This awesome reproduction of George Perez’s cover to Wonder Woman #1 is but one of the many options. A warning though: The ones for women are so much cooler than the ones for men. Misandry!

Wonder Woman Playing Cards


You’ve got a lot of family time ahead of you this holiday season, and a pack of playing cards would come in very handy. You can strike up a game of Crazy Eights to keep everyone from engaging in dull conversations, or escape to a quiet corner and enjoy a game of solitaire with your favourite pal, Wonder Woman. Also, these cards look pretty nice.

Wonder Woman Earth 2 Action Figure


I personally consider Christmas a complete failure if I don’t get at least one action figure (got my fingers crossed for an Arya AND a Brienne this year!). For the Wonder Woman fan in your life, consider this action figure based on the Earth 2 series and the art of Nicola Scott. It’s a fun alternate costume for the amazing Amazon.

Wonder Woman Puzzle


Puzzles are the best. There are few things more enjoyable than kicking back with a good puzzle, and this puzzle is a lot of fun. It’s chock full of classic Wonder Woman covers, and it’s also a very high quality puzzle with pieces that snap together well. I highly recommend it.

Tonner “Princess of Paradise Island” Wonder Woman Doll


If you’re a Rockefeller and can drop $200 on a holiday present, this doll is the way to go. It’s 16′ tall, extremely detailed, and would look really good on top of my bookshelf, er… anyone’s bookshelf. Tonner’s got a whole line of great dolls and outfits in their Diana Prince Collection, but this one is far and away my favourite.

“She Can Do It” Wonder Woman Print


This poster, by artist Ant Lucia, led to this year’s Bombshell variant covers, a line I wasn’t particularly enthused about. We objectify comic book ladies enough without devoting a whole month to making them pin-ups. But this one I quite liked, with its Rosie the Riveter vibe and focus on strength over sexiness. It’s a very nice piece.

Wonder Woman Tyvek Mighty Wallet


A wallet made out of paper seems ridiculous, I know, but I’ve had one for about two years now and it’s holding up great. Plus, you look super cool pulling it out when you go to pay for stuff. You could represent Wonder Woman WHILE buying some of these Wonder Woman gifts for your friends!

Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine by Tim Hanley


Shameless self promotion, I know. But if you’ve got a Wonder Woman fan in your life, I think they’d enjoy this look at Wonder Woman’s history and the strange twists and turns of her early comic book adventures. It digs into the comics and the creators behind them, and tracks the evolution of Wonder Woman from matriarchal propaganda to feminist icon. Check it out!

Now you’re all set. You can avoid wandering through crowded malls and the general chaos of the big box stores and just pick up these fun Wonder Woman items for all of your friends and family. They call it the most WONDERful time of the year for a reason!

Wonder Woman Is Front And Center In Several New Kids’ Books

April 3, 2014

DC Women Kicking Ass, always on the ball when it comes to all things involving DC women, is reporting that several new kids’ books due out later this year feature Wonder Woman in a prominent role. First up is DC Comics: My First Book of Girl Power by Julie Merberg, a 20 page board book that showcases a variety of DC women with some classic José Luis García-López art. The publisher describes the book as:

A celebration of girl power for budding super heroines featuring beloved DC characters from Wonder Woman to Batgirl.

Exploring attributes from physical strength to intuition, this introduction to DC’s super heroines is also a catalog of role models for little girls. From Wonder Woman’s ability to find the truth to Black Canary’s powerful voice to Batgirl’s keen mind, readers will find much to admire.

And here’s a look at the art:



This looks really cool. I love the idea of using comic book heroines as a way to teach young readers that girls are strong and awesome, and moreover that they are strong and awesome in a variety of ways. It’s an important message that can sometimes be lost amidst the sea of princesses that dominate every sort of product aimed at little girls. Hopefully by the time the little girls who read this book grow up enough to read comic books, representations of female characters there will have continued to improve. Things seem to be getting better, but there’s still a ways to go (coffcoffStarfirecoffcoff).

There are also two Wonder Woman themed education books on the way, Wonder Woman’s ABCs and Wonder Woman: A Word Adventure! With books like that, soon your kids will be able to spell words like “Themyscira” and “Hekatoncheires” with no problem at all.

It’s great to see DC licensing their characters in products aimed at young girls. It’s easy to find anything with Batman or Superman on it, but representation for female superheroes is rather poor. Getting kids into superheroes at an early age is how you develop lifelong fans, and showcasing female characters presents little girls with heroes they are more likely to identify with and embrace. It’s smart marketing, plus it’s just good for everyone to have a superhero to look up to.

Wonder Woman Sales In The 1980s OR It’s No Wonder We Got The Perez Relaunch

April 30, 2013


No one talks much about Wonder Woman in the late 1970s and into the 1980s.  After Ms. magazine and the TV show, the comic was just sort of there.  Wonder Woman shared her book with Huntress for a while, the editing position was a revolving door, and not much from that era lives on as classic Wonder Woman material apart from a few great Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez covers.

Recently, I came across some interesting sales numbers for this era, via several cool comics dudes: Matt Fraction’s tumblr to Chris Roberson’s tumblr to former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter’s blog.  A few years ago, Shooter posted this sales analysis of DC’s comics released in November 1985:


Crisis on Infinite Earths topped the charts at DC, albeit with numbers that don’t look so huge by today’s standards.  However, I believe these are just the newsstand numbers, so there’d be more copies sold through comics shops and subscriptions.  Anyway, Crisis on Infinite Earths was big.  In November 1985, we would’ve been about 8 or 9 issues in, so it was all getting very exciting.  Superman and Tales of the Teen Titans were pretty popular, and oddly enough books like Hawkman and Fury of Firestorm were doing solid numbers (not so much these days though).  Poor Batman was in the middle of the pack, outsold by the team book Batman and the Outsiders.  Hey, remember when they tried to bring that back a little while ago?  It had Cassandra Cain in it!

Anyway, as we move down to the bottom of the list, there we see Wonder Woman.  The lowest print run of all of DC’s titles (84,500), and the lowest sales (19,300).  By November 1985, the current version of the series wasn’t long for the world, and it ended very soon after.  You can see why.  These are terrible numbers.

Poor sales weren’t anything new for Wonder Woman.  The book was tanking in the 1960s, which led to the mod revamp.  That was a huge mess, but it got Wonder Woman on the cover of Ms. and she became a huge icon after that.  But her sales had petered out dramatically a decade later, and it sounds like they’d been bad for a while.  In his introduction to the first collected volume of his Wonder Woman run, George Perez talks about how the book had been a perennial poor seller and no big name creators wanted to go near it.  The last issue of the first volume of Wonder Woman had a cover date of February 1986, and it took a full year for DC to decide what to do with the character.

Luckily, we ended up with George Perez and a book that revitalized Wonder Woman and set the standard for years to come.  Sales in the 1990s and through the 2000s have never been massive, with only sporadic, short term jumps for new creative teams, but at least Wonder Woman hasn’t hit the bottom of DC’s charts since 1985.  The current run looks to be settling into the upper middle of the New 52 pack, and while we’d all love it to be higher, at least it’s not getting beat by a Blue Devil book.

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Semi-Final Round #2

February 1, 2011

Last week, we looked at five of the ten winners from the preliminary round of best cover polling.  Now, we look at the rest with part two of our semi-finals!!

The covers were listed by percentage, and last week we did the evens (and it was quite an exciting poll… it seemed to be a blowout early on, but then things got VERY interesting).  This week is the odds, so we will look at the covers ranked 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th on the master list, and the winner will go to the finals.  Voting will last for exactly one week from the time this poll is posted, after which the two semi-final winners will face off for the title of best Wonder Woman cover of all time.

Here are the remaining five poll winners, as voted by you, for your consideration… be sure to vote in the poll at the end:

1st Place, 65.4% – Wonder Woman #1 by H.G. Peter:  It’s rather fitting this cover made the list, seeing as it’s the first cover of the entire series.  The voting on this poll wasn’t even close; this cover led from day one and never looked back.  While there are more whimsical Peter covers, there are certainly none more iconic.

3rd Place, 50.7% – Wonder Woman #184 by Adam Hughes:  I was surprised that a cover from the Hughes poll built up this much of a lead.  All of his covers are fantastic, and I expected a far closer race.  Usually when I post a poll I can tell that a certain cover or two are destined to be near the top, but with Hughes I thought they all had a shot.  I’m glad this one won, though.  It’s definitely my favourite Hughes.

5th Place, 38.5% – Wonder Woman #22 by George Pérez:  The Pérez poll was extremely close.  It was the third list posted, but it wasn’t until the last couple weeks that this cover edged out the black and red silhouette cover.  But I’m glad this cover won in the end… I think it’s a great example of Pérez’s Wonder Woman work.

7th Place, 32.6% – Wonder Woman #113 by Ross Andru:  Man, I loved the Andru covers… they were so fun!!  I have to admit, I was pulling for Paper Man, because that cover is just hilarious, but Sphinx creatures are a damn good time too.  Wonder Woman nonchalantly jumping out of the way of his eye-blasts totally sells the cover.

9th Place, 28.3% – Wonder Woman #306 by José Luis Garcia-López:  This is Garcia-López’s second cover in the top ten, which is crazy impressive!!  The Pre-Crisis cover list was a tricky situation for me… it ended up tied when I closed all the polls.  Lucky for us, my friend Lori agreed to serve as an impartial third party and cast the deciding vote, and this cover won out.  And I’m happy it did… it’s super iconic.

You can vote for your favourite cover from the second group of semi-finalists below… the poll is only open for one week, so be sure to vote now so your pick makes it to the finals:

Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Semi-Final Round #1

January 25, 2011

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The next semi-final vote begins February 1st, and the final vote starts February 8th.

For the past ten weeks, I have posted my top five picks of Wonder Woman covers in various categories, followed by a poll so readers could vote.  Now, with a top ten finalized, we begin the semi-finals!!

The semi-finals will consist of two rounds of five covers each, one this week and then another the next.  The two winners will ultimately go head to head to determine the best Wonder Woman cover of all time.  The two rounds were divided based on rank.  I made a list of all of the winning covers in order of the percentage of the vote they received and, to get the fairest distribution possible, that list was then divided into evens and odds.  This week will be evens, so we’ll have 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th face off for a ticket to the finals.  The vote will last for one week, and will close as soon as the odds poll begins a week from today.

Here are your choices for five of the top ten Wonder Woman covers… be sure to vote in the poll that follows:

2nd Place, 50.9% – Wonder Woman #72 by Brian Bolland:  I had a good feeling that this cover would make it in to the finals.  It’s a very iconic image that captures Bolland’s style well.  It took a while for this cover to take the lead, but once it did the lead grew impressively.

4th Place, 43.5% –  Wonder Woman #230 by José Luis Garcia-López:  There were some great covers in the “Egregious Snubs” list, but I figured it would come down to one of the Garcia-López covers… the man is just too good.  He’s the only artist with two covers in the top ten, but the other won’t appear until next week.

6th Place, 35.9% – Wonder Woman #43 by Irv Novick:  To be honest, I was pulling for the cover with the two trains, but this one was definitely by second favourite of the Novick covers.  You really can’t go wrong with Wonder Woman swooping in to take out a submarine.

8th Place, 30.6% – Wonder Woman #13 by Terry Dodson:  I was hoping that this cover would win the “Best of the Rest” poll, but was worried it wouldn’t… it was up against some serious competition!!  But Dodson won out in the end.  Warrior Wonder Woman is always a good time.

10th Place, 28.3% – Wonder Woman #25 by Aaron Lopresti: The Post-Crisis poll was close for a long time, and the lead kept changing between this cover and the two J.G. Jones covers.  Any of them would have been great choices, but I quite like the layout of this one.  Plus it’s cute with the little girls.

So there you have it… half of the top ten Wonder Woman covers as voted by you!!  Please vote below to ensure that your favourite cover makes it to the finals:

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