Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits

This February looks to be another busy month for Wonder Woman and her wider world, both in terms of single issues and some fun new collections. It continues to be an excellent time to be a Wonder Woman fan; the movie on the horizon really seems to be ramping up comic production at DC. SoContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s February 2017 Covers and Solicits”

Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 Preview OR I Have No Idea What’s Happening Here

DC’s “Futures End” event is entering its third week, and I haven’t got a clue what’s going on because I don’t particularly care about a hypothetical future that’s not going to happen and that looks, quite frankly, generally bad. But this week we’re getting a double shot of Wonder Woman with both Wonder Woman andContinue reading “Wonder Woman: Futures End #1 Preview OR I Have No Idea What’s Happening Here”

Wonder Woman #26 Preview OR Wonder Woman ‘n Orion: Rescue Rangers

Wonder Woman #26 comes out this Wednesday, and Uproxx’s “Gamma Squad” has an exclusive preview of the book.  Let’s take a look: First off, that is a fantastic cover.  I like it even better all done up with the Wonder Woman header and whatnot.  I’m missing Chiang on the interior art something fierce, but he’sContinue reading “Wonder Woman #26 Preview OR Wonder Woman ‘n Orion: Rescue Rangers”