Justice League Review: It Was Fine, I Guess? Not Good, But Not Awful

Justice League isn’t a terrible movie, and that in itself is a major achievement. Director Zack Snyder’s past two superhero outings were dour, unwieldy affairs that fundamentally misunderstood almost every character who appeared in them. Justice League is a much more conventional movie, leaner and even fun at times. It’s not great by any means.Continue reading “Justice League Review: It Was Fine, I Guess? Not Good, But Not Awful”

Marvel Studios Is Stealing All Of The Wonder Women

Over the past decade or so, there have been several attempts to bring a live action Wonder Woman to the movies and/or television. They’ve all failed spectacularly, because I guess maybe all of us Wonder Woman fans did something in a past life that we’re collectively paying for now? That could be it. That orContinue reading “Marvel Studios Is Stealing All Of The Wonder Women”

The CW Is Developing A New Wonder Woman TV Show OR Let’s Stay Cool, Gang

Vulture is reporting that the CW has commissioned a pilot script for a new Wonder Woman show from former Wonder Woman writer Allan Heinberg.  Tentatively titled Amazon, the show would focus on the early years of Wonder Woman’s superhero career (because the CW doesn’t make shows about grown ups).  It’s like a Smallville for WonderContinue reading “The CW Is Developing A New Wonder Woman TV Show OR Let’s Stay Cool, Gang”

Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!

So The Avengers was absolutely fantastic.  Marvel’s done a pretty amazing job with their film properties, Ghost Riders and Punishers aside, and the most impressive part is that they’ve made me like their characters.  I’m a hardcore DC guy, and I only buy/read Marvel titles when a creator I really love is on the bookContinue reading “Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!”

One Quick Thought About The Avengers Movie

I saw The Avengers this afternoon, and it was absolutely fantastic!!  All of the actors were great, the writing was sharp, and the action scenes were just BEYOND out of hand.  Plus, the Hulk was pretty much the best character ever… he totally stole the show. Anyway, I’ll do up a proper review later tonight,Continue reading “One Quick Thought About The Avengers Movie”

NBC Says No To Wonder Woman

  Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the Wonder Woman TV show is dead, and I think EVERY Wonder Woman fan in the universe saw this coming.  We’re used to hearing about potential Wonder Woman projects that don’t come together, leaving us toyed with and annoyed.  Though really, losing the David E. Kelley project is probablyContinue reading “NBC Says No To Wonder Woman”