The 1940s Justice Society Of America Were A Surprisingly Progressive Bunch

A few weeks back we learned that Wonder Woman’s background role as the secretary of the Justice Society in the 1940s wasn’t some sort of patriarchal, sexist scheme.  Instead, it was actually about William Moulton Marston wanting complete control of his character.  Today we’ll gain an even better appreciation for the people behind All-Star Comics. Continue reading “The 1940s Justice Society Of America Were A Surprisingly Progressive Bunch”

Wonder Woman: Secretary Of The Justice Society Of America

Way back in the 1940s, decades before the Justice League first appeared, DC’s premiere superhero team was the Justice Society of America.  The all-male team was always off fighting Nazis and other evildoers in All-Star Comics, but the most famous character to come from the book was Wonder Woman, who appeared for the first timeContinue reading “Wonder Woman: Secretary Of The Justice Society Of America”

Wonder Woman On Earth Two #1 Variant Cover?

DC’s The Source blog has debuted a variant cover for the upcoming Earth Two #1, and it looks like it features Wonder Woman: I say “looks like” because there seems to be some question about who those characters are.  Batman got those stick things that Dick Grayson likes to use, plus if it’s Earth TwoContinue reading “Wonder Woman On Earth Two #1 Variant Cover?”