Wonder Woman #21 Review: The Compassionate Core of Wonder Woman

Yet again, I’m starting with an apology for a delayed review, with travel the culprit once more. But I’m back home now and should be settled here for the foreseeable future, so my reviews of Wonder Woman should be on the day of each issue’s release moving forward. This week’s issue was yet another outingContinue reading “Wonder Woman #21 Review: The Compassionate Core of Wonder Woman”

Wonder Woman #19 Review: Back in Action

It’s going to be an abbreviated review this week because your faithful reviewer is in the middle of an absolutely bananas week; so it goes, sometimes. We’ll still get to all the fun of the issue, just more succinctly. First, some good news: The reveal at the end of Wonder Woman #17 was everything weContinue reading “Wonder Woman #19 Review: Back in Action”

Wonder Woman #17 Review: Free Your Minotaur

Things remain bleak for Wonder Woman and the gang. Etta and Steve are on the lam, Barbara is in the clutches of Godwatch and Veronica Cale, and Diana doesn’t know who she is and remains in an asylum. While there is progress on one of those fronts in this second part of “The Truth,” thereContinue reading “Wonder Woman #17 Review: Free Your Minotaur”

Wonder Woman #11 Review: “The Lies” Are Sort Of Exposed?

I’m a day late with this Wonder Woman review; I was on the road all day yesterday and didn’t get a chance to read the book until today. I’ve been really looking forward to this issue, though. Last month’s Wonder Woman #10 finally took us to Themyscira and, shockingly, it was the brutal home ofContinue reading “Wonder Woman #11 Review: “The Lies” Are Sort Of Exposed?”

Wonder Woman #7 Review: The Fall of Urzkartaga

The gods lie. Every divine system has a trickster deity, of course, for good or ill or sometimes both, a Loki or a Puck or an Anansi. But more than that, systems of gods are a reflection of the humans who created them, and thus they have the same foibles and flaws. They tend toContinue reading “Wonder Woman #7 Review: The Fall of Urzkartaga”

Wonder Woman #7 Preview: “The Lies” Continue

We’ve got a new issue of Wonder Woman this week, and while I was skeptical of DC’s double shipping plan when it was first announced, it’s grown on me. It’s kind of fun to get a double shot of a good series each month or, in the case of Wonder Woman, one spectacular issue andContinue reading “Wonder Woman #7 Preview: “The Lies” Continue”

Wonder Woman #5 Review: The Slow Burn Continues, The “Lies” Remain Far Off

Wonder Woman has been a creative stand out in DC’s “Rebirth” initiative and is selling extremely well, at levels the book hasn’t hit in decades. Over the course of the “Rebirth” special and the initial four issues, the series has largely lived up to the hype of writer Greg Rucka’s return, but Wonder Woman #5Continue reading “Wonder Woman #5 Review: The Slow Burn Continues, The “Lies” Remain Far Off”