Remembering Len Wein, and his Reinvention of Catwoman

Legendary comic book creator Len Wein passed away yesterday at the age of 69. “Legendary” is no exaggeration either; the man co-created Wolverine, one of the most famous superheroes of all time. And if that wasn’t enough, he also co-created the bulk of the new X-Men that revitalized the franchise in the 1970s, including Colossus,Continue reading “Remembering Len Wein, and his Reinvention of Catwoman”

DC’s Fresh And Contemporary New Minis To Be Written By 60 Year Old White Guys

First things first, Amy Chu is fantastic. She’s writing a new Poison Ivy mini-series for DC Comics as part of a new line of minis that are set to debut in 2016, and she is the perfect choice of writer to do a fresh and contemporary take on the character, which is what DC claimsContinue reading “DC’s Fresh And Contemporary New Minis To Be Written By 60 Year Old White Guys”

The Evolution Of The Costume Change

Today I was reading Comic Book Legends Revealed, as I do every week, and the latest installment investigates who came up with the idea of Wonder Woman twirling her lasso to change into her costume.  Editor Julius Schwartz took credit for the idea but writer Len Wein says that it was actually his, and ultimatelyContinue reading “The Evolution Of The Costume Change”