The First Trailer for Thor: The Dark World Debuts!

The Marvel movie franchise is remarkably impressive, churning out hit after hit and then bringing everyone together for an epic Avengers film.  Now with Phase Two about to begin, I am far and away the most excited for Thor: The Dark World.  I love all of the movies, but Thor is my favourite thus far. Continue reading “The First Trailer for Thor: The Dark World Debuts!”

Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!

So The Avengers was absolutely fantastic.  Marvel’s done a pretty amazing job with their film properties, Ghost Riders and Punishers aside, and the most impressive part is that they’ve made me like their characters.  I’m a hardcore DC guy, and I only buy/read Marvel titles when a creator I really love is on the bookContinue reading “Avengers Movie Review OR I LOVE The Hulk!!!!”