My 10 Favourite Non-Comic Book Things Of 2013

We looked at my favourite comic book things of the year on Tuesday, and now it’s time to turn to the entire rest of the entertainment world.  It was a decent year, especially for books; I read a lot of cool, interesting books this year (thanks, library!), though I mixed it up with a fewContinue reading “My 10 Favourite Non-Comic Book Things Of 2013”

I’m Not Going To Watch Comic Book Men Anymore OR Epic Second Chance Fail

I did not care for the first episode of Comic Book Men at all, but much like not judging a book by it’s cover, you shouldn’t judge a TV show by just one episode.  So I tuned in again tonight, to give it a second chance.  I figured that since I’m a total comic bookContinue reading “I’m Not Going To Watch Comic Book Men Anymore OR Epic Second Chance Fail”

A Non-Post About Comic Book Men

I watched Comic Book Men tonight.  Now, given that I talk about women in comics a lot, this blog has a fair amount of friendly criticism.  Let’s just say it’s not a topic that comes with a lot of celebrating.  Plus, Before Watchmen was announced the other week and the Earth Two costumes were ugly,Continue reading “A Non-Post About Comic Book Men”

The Best Of 2010 List

Since it is the very end of the year, I thought I would build a list of my favourite things in comics from the past year.  It’s a rather novel idea really… no one else on the internets does year end lists.  Coming up with this sweet idea will probably make me super famous!! BESTContinue reading “The Best Of 2010 List”