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Amy Reeder Wasn’t At NYCC’s Bat-Panel OR Seriously, DC?

October 15, 2011

There’s been a lot of stuff at DC lately that I’m not super enthused about, like Catwoman and Starfire and such, but it’s been covered like crazy elsewhere and I didn’t feel the need to add to it.  But I read this over at DC Women Kicking Ass tonight and it really bugged me: Amy Reeder was dropped from the Bat-Panel at New York Comic-Con today because apparently there wasn’t enough room for her.  She’d been scheduled to be on the panel, and had posted it on her website days before, but shortly before the panel was supposed to be begin she tweeted this:

Now, DC’s had a rough go of it lately with people calling them out for being bad with women, fictional and real.  It’s been ALL over the place… it seems like every week they do something that pisses off those of us who think comics can be something more than adolescent power fantasies and masturbatory fodder for men 18 to 35 years of age.  So what genius at scheduling thought “Hey, the panel has too many people.  Let’s drop Amy Reeder”??  I mean, REALLY??  How completely unaware of the current environment do you have to be to think that’s a decent idea? 

Some people might say “She’s not on a book right now”, which is true, but a) she was scheduled, so just jam an extra chair in there, and b) neither is Chris Burnham, and he was here.  That’s no knock on Burnham, but he’s got no books out now either.  In fact, Reeder is set to do the second arc of Batwoman, a book that is coming out NOW on a month-to-month basis.  Burnham is on Batman Inc., and god knows when that’ll be out… December, apparently, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. 

Here’s the problem at DC right now: No one cares.  They’re not misogynists or sexists or purposefully trying to keep ladies out.  The problem is that they’re not even thinking about ladies… they seem entirely ignorant of what everyone is saying, and aren’t at all concerned about ladies as creators, characters, or readers.  It’s just not on their radar.  After the debacle at the San Diego panels, that someone thought getting rid of Amy Reeder was the best call is astoundingly stupid.  But they don’t care about that.  It’s not at all on their minds.  And that’s really sad, because they’re going to run themselves into the ground putting out the same books by the same people to the same audience.  I know September was great, saleswise, but give it a couple months. 

Yes, I know Ann Nocenti is going to be on Green Arrow, and that’s great, but one new lady doesn’t mean DC actually gives a hoot.  Plus, if the rumours about Gail Simone leaving Firestorm are true, then they’re no further ahead. 

Anyway, Amy Reeder is awesome.  You should go to her websites and check her out, and then go buy her Madame Xanadu books because they’re gorgeous.  Her Batwoman arc should start sometime around spring 2012, so keep your eye out for that… it’s going to be fantastic!!  Pick up a copy of Batwoman #0 for a peek at her take on Batwoman.

And DC, dudes… get your shit together.


Dr. Fate, Klarion The Witch Boy, And Madame Xanadu On Young Justice

February 21, 2011

I am really digging Young Justice so far… it’s a good time.  The team is cool, and an interesting blend of versions of the characters.  In terms of current comics continuity, it’s all out of whack, but it’s building its own universe and I think it’s working for them.  Wally West is Kid Flash here, who was an original Teen Titan way back in the 1960s, while Superboy is a Superman clone from the modern version of the team (still no word on whether or not he’s half Lex Luthor, but I hope he is as that makes for good times).  Have they said that Robin is Dick Grayson yet?  He strikes me as more the Tim Drake sort, but I don’t remember it being specified.  The team works as a whole, and it’s a fun show.

A cool part of Young Justice building its own universe is that it can borrow things from the DC universe now and historically and do new things with it.  Take, for example, three of this week’s guest stars.  First up was Madame Xanadu, who is a master sorceress from Arthurian times normally, but here is a New Orleans psychic:

But instead of a master sorceress, she tries to fake out Kent Nelson with wind machines and a table on hydraulics.  And she had a cool New Orleans accent… I hope she comes back.  And I think she will, as she wasn’t particularly integral to the show.  Any fake psychic would have worked, so maybe there’s a bigger plan there.

Dr. Fate was pretty much his usual self, as you can see from his appearance:

They went old school with it, though, with the original World War II, Justice Societying Kent Nelson.  Outside of the helmet, Nelson is now over a hundred years old, his life apparently prolonged by all his magical interactions.

Finally, they had Klarion the Witch Boy, who looks pretty much like he always does:

But who they’ve changed into a Lord of Chaos and arch-rival of Nabu (the Lord of Order who lives in the Helmet of Fate).  He still has Teekl, though, which is fun… here his pet cat serves as his familiar that keeps him linked to the Earthly plane.  He teamed up with Abra Kadabra but, as you may have already surmised, Abra Kadabra is silly and we don’t really need to talk about him.

I like tweaked mythology… it’s fun when people mix it up.  The changes have worked well for the female members of the team too… it looks like the Martians haven’t been wiped out in the Young Justice universe, so Miss Martian is carefree and funny instead of somber and, you know, alone in the universe.  And Artemis seems nothing like Green Arrow’s current protégé, Speedy… it sounds like she might be Cheshire’s daughter, which is total continuity chaos if you’re familiar with the DC universe at all.  But it makes Artemis bad ass and mysterious. 

Young Justice has been great so far, and I heartily recommend that you all check it out.  Though apparently it’s not new next week, so good timing me.  It’s back on March 4th, so check it out then!!

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