Wonder Woman 1984 Review: A Baffling, Discordant Sequel

I’m going to avoid spoilers here, but it’s going to be really hard. Spoilers are terrible of course, and I can discuss my feelings about the film without them. I’m not wrapped up in the specifics of the movie here, so much as the general confoundingness of it all. But there is one thing, oneContinue reading “Wonder Woman 1984 Review: A Baffling, Discordant Sequel”

Wonder Woman Unbound Preview #12: The Modern Age

Every Monday until Wonder Woman Unbound: The Curious History of the World’s Most Famous Heroine comes out this April, we’re taking a look at a comic panel that captures a key moment in Wonder Woman’s history and highlights an important point from each chapter. For our final preview panel before the book comes out TOMORROW,Continue reading “Wonder Woman Unbound Preview #12: The Modern Age”