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New York Comic-Con Wonder Woman News Extravaganza: New Comics, Toys, Movies!

October 11, 2016


This post is as much for me as it is for you, reader friends. New York Comic-Con was this weekend, and with it came lots of fun news, announcements, and reveals, nearly all of which I missed. My sister got married this weekend (congrats to Kate and Tom!), and I was all wrapped up in that. It was certainly a better way to spend the long weekend than scanning the internet for cool NYCC news, but now the week has officially begun and it’s time for me to dig in and catch up. So here’s a look at what Wonder Woman news came out of the convention this weekend!

First up, let’s chat about Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, an upcoming biopic about Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston and the women who played key roles in his life. Angela Robinson will write and direct the movie, with Luke Evans starring as Marston, Rebecca Hall playing his wife, Elizabeth, and Bella Heathcote joining them as Olive Byrne, the final member of the Marstons’ polyamorous triangle. This could be an absolutely fascinating film; Marston’s life was interesting and unusual, to say the least, and it has all of the makings of a great story. I’m curious to see how much DC gets on board and what sort of Wonder Woman stuff they’ll be allowed to use, but even just the story of their lives leading up to the creation of Wonder Woman is quite a compelling tale. It’s good to see the women behind Wonder Woman getting recognized from the get-go as well, rather than shining the spotlight on Marston alone. I’m very excited to see how this one turns out!

In other film news, Warner Bros. Animation might have another Wonder Woman cartoon film in development. It doesn’t seem to be official yet, since the quote was, “they have Wonder Woman on their radar in some form or fashion,” but that’s better than no Wonder Woman at all. There were no details on whether this would be a sequel to the 2009 direct-to-DVD film Wonder Woman or something completely new, but things might be happening on the animation front.

We’ll stick with movies for one more bit of news: DC Collectibles revealed a line of statues for the upcoming live action Wonder Woman film, and they all look quite lovely. Here’s Wonder Woman on a horse:


And you can click through the link to see a couple more. They’re very nice but also pricey, ranging from $150-300 USD. Expect them out in the ballpark of June 2017, when the movie is due to hit the big screen.

Moving to comics, we’ve got a rad crossover on the way with Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77, a comic book teaming of Adam West and Burt Ward’s Batman and Robin with Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. Marc Andreyko and Jeff Parker are writing, with art from David Hahn and Karl Kesel and covers by Alex Ross and Mike Allred. Check out this peek at Alex Ross’ first cover:


The six issue mini-series will premiere digitally in November and then hit comic shops in print form in January. It looks like the chief villains will be Ra’s al Ghul and Catwoman, which should make for a lot of fun.

This next news broke a bit before NYCC, but it’s too awesome to leave out: We’re getting DC Super Hero Girls Lego! Here’s a look at the Wonder Woman set, which includes an invisible motorcycle:


Other sets include Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Supergirl, and more. Some will hit stores in December, with more to roll out down the line; Wonder Woman is in the second wave, due to come out in January. The sets are in the style of Lego’s “Friends” line, which they target at girls, and while I do miss the blocky classic Lego look on the minifigs, it does match a bit better with the style of the show. I’m definitely going to need to pick up a few of these sets, the Wonder Woman one first and foremost.

Finally, the U.S. Postal Service officially debuted their new line of Wonder Woman stamps that celebrate the character’s 75th anniversary:


Artists Cliff Chiang and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez were on hand for the event, and the stamps are now available to order online or in your local post office if you’re an American. I actually got to work behind the scenes a little bit on the stamps, consulting on the text that accompanies them in the packaging to verify that everything was historically accurate. It was a very fun process, and it’s so cool that they’re officially out in the world now!

I think that was all of the big news this weekend, but let me in the comments if I missed anything cool. Overall, it was a big NYCC for Wonder Woman, and there should be a lot of fun stuff on the horizon for Wonder Woman fans and collectors.


Check Out Mike Allred’s Variant Covers For Wonder Woman #31 And Superman/Wonder Woman #8

May 1, 2014

DC Comics is celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary in a variety of ways this year, but my favourite so far is a series of variant covers by Mike Allred done in the style of the 1966 Batman TV show. Allred has been doing the covers for the comic based on the show, Batman ’66, and they’ve been an absolute blast; the stories inside have been fantastic too. Now Allred is drawing the rest of the DC universe this May, and Comics Alliance posted a peek at some of his covers, including both of Wonder Woman’s titles.

Allred has drawn Wonder Woman before, most notably in the campaign for MAC’s Wonder Woman cosmetics line a few years ago. I assume that all of his covers are coloured by Laura Allred, his usual collaborator, but DC’s solicits never credit colorists. It’s a pretty safe bet, though.

Their first cover is Wonder Woman #31, where Wonder Woman appears to have taken issue with a rock group:


It looks like Wonder Woman’s plugged her golden lasso into the electrical guitar. I don’t know what sort of sound quality you’d get from that, but it might make the guitar unable to play the wrong notes, maybe? That would be handy.

Next up is Superman/Wonder Woman #8, where the Allreds take a more romantic angle:


Not caring much for the romance, this cover doesn’t do a ton for me, but it’s lovely nonetheless. Plus it’s always nice to see the old costumes.

I’m not sure what the ratios for these variant covers are. DC usually goes 1 in 25, so if you’re looking to grab one you should talk to your local comic shop beforehand and get them to set one aside for you. Superman/Wonder Woman #8 is out May 14, and Wonder Woman #31 follows on May 21.

The Batman ’66 Comic Sounds Fantastic BUT Here Are 10 Reasons To Be Concerned

March 25, 2013


Late last week, amidst a recent flurry of exciting news about new merchandise from the classic 1966 Batman TV show, DC announced a brand new comic book set in this world called Batman ’66.  Written by Jeff Parker with art by Jonathan Case and covers by Mike Allred, the stories will appear as digital first comics this summer with print versions to follow soon after, and will star all of our favourite characters from the show.

This is a GREAT idea, with a killer creative team.  Everybody loves the classic Batman show, with its campy fun and general hilarity.  It’s iconic, however much it differs from the dark Batman we all know and love too.  I think it’s going to do very well, and that it’s one of the better ideas DC’s had in some time.

However, this is DC Comics, and they are prone to poor decision making.  While I’m super excited for Batman ’66, here are ten reasons the new series might go off the rails:


1) Jeff Parker quits the series before the first issue even comes out because DC editorial demands he kill off famed Gothamite Sammy Davis Jr.

2) Batgirl joins the series for 16 very successful issues, but then DC unceremoniously removes her and replaces her with the lesser known Batboy.  After much fan outcry, the beloved redhead is restored as Batgirl two issues later.

3) During James Robinson’s arc on the book, Batman ’66: Cry for Justice, Chief O’Hara’s daughter is tragically killed.  In a very special issue soon after, Chief O’Hara falls off the wagon and has to deal with his erectile dysfunction.


4) This one’s courtesy of the great Dave Howlett: Orson Scott Card takes over the writing duties on the series and immediately kills off the Great Chandell.

5) Inspired by the success of the New 52’s Amanda Waller, the formerly dowdy and somewhat chubby Aunt Harriet is now young, svelte, and sexy.

6) Robin becomes Nightwing in the Batman ’66 universe and Dan DiDio has him killed off straight away.


7) Judd Winnick and Guillem March do the first arc introducing Catwoman, and after an entire issue of close up shots on her breasts we still don’t know whether they went with Lee Meriwether or Julie Newmar.

8) Now that Before Watchmen has run its course, DC launches a new prequel series as a companion to Batman ’66.  The campy adventures of Rorschach and the gang in Watchmen ’66 don’t go over well at all.

9) Brian Azzarello takes over the series, and Dick Grayson soon learns that, unbeknownst to him, the Flying Graysons were serial rapists and murderers, using their circus gig as a cover for travelling from town to town in search of victims.

10) Just as a new issue is about to be released, someone discovers that a single panel has Batgirl’s hair incorrectly coloured blonde.  DC editorial FLIPS OUT and destroys their server room, smashing all of their computers in an attempt to stop the book from hitting the internet lest someone, somewhere, have even an iota of hope that they’re bringing back Stephanie Brown.

Hopefully the book goes off without a hitch and it’s all sorts of fun, but you never know with DC Comics.  I’m optimistic, but still a little wary!

Wonder Woman Is Back On The Cover Of Ms. Magazine!!

September 25, 2012

It’s Ms. magazine’s 40th anniversary this year, and in celebration they’ve put Wonder Woman back on the cover for their special anniversary issue.  The cover is by Mike Allred, now pretty famous outside of comics for doing the art for the Wonder Woman MAC cosmetics campaign last year.  The cover may or may not be coloured by Laura Allred.  They usually work together, but the cover doesn’t specify.

This is a fantastic cover!!  I love the tie-in to the current war on women and the need to vote in the upcoming election.  Having a lady in a “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirt is really fun too.  And, of course, the cover is an homage to the very first Ms. cover from 1972:

That issue also included some actual Wonder Woman comics, a few pages of her origin story from All-Star Comics #8.  I wonder if we’ll get something similar this time?  A few pages of Mike Allred doing a Wonder Woman comic would be really fun.

Apparently, if you sign up for a subscription you get the issue AND a poster, which is awesome.  It seems to only be available in the US though.  Boooooooooo.  If anyone wants to send me a poster, I’ll be your pal forever.

Anyway, Wonder Woman is back on the cover of Ms.!!  That’s very fun.  Look for the issue on newsstands soon, and pick it up.  It looks like a good one!!

Troubles Of A Male Wonder Woman Fan: T-Shirts Again!!

February 26, 2011

I’ve talked about this before, but it bears repeating again: They just don’t make good Wonder Woman t-shirts for guys.  MAC has put out an awesome new t-shirt for their Wonder Woman cosmetic line, featuring Mike and Laura Allred’s fantastic art.  Look at how cool this is:

I totally want a Wonder Woman shirt with Allred art!!!  But OH MAN can I not wear that shirt… between the scoop neck and the short sleeves, I would look pretty ridiculous.  This is just not the sort of shirt you can pull off if you have a beard.  They’re only $25 too, which is an extra kick in the pants… classy AND afforable is just plain mean. 

I have no idea if the MAC Wonder Woman makeup is good (though my mother and sister say they make decent stuff), but they’ve definitely built a nice looking ad campaign.  They’ve also put out some snazzy totebags:

Which I would look silly carrying around town.  I am so not their target audience.

Mike And Laura Allred Wonder Woman Makeup Video

February 11, 2011

I haven’t said anything about MAC’s new line of Wonder Woman makeup because a) I don’t really care about makeup, and b) using Wonder Woman to sell makeup strikes me as a little odd.  But now they’ve got Mike and Laura Allred doing some sweet Wonder Woman artwork, and I have to post that… they’re crazy great.  Check out this cool motion comic/advertisement for the makeup line:

Medusa stealing the world’s supply of MAC makeup and transforming every girl on Earth into a “plain Jane” is pretty silly, but the art is all sorts of fun.  I love Mike Allred’s throwback/1970s sort of style, and Laura Allred colours it fantastically.  DC needs to get the Allreds on a Wonder Woman book, either a proper series or a Wednesday Comics sort of thing… it would look amazing.

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