Women in Comics Statistics – DC’s Rebirth and the Decline of Female Creators

After DC Comics announced the creators behind their new Rebirth relaunch this weekend at WonderCon, I wrote a special edition of “Gendercrunching” that went up on Bleeding Cool yesterday. It breaks down the Rebirth creators by gender, and compares the numbers to DC’s last two similar relaunch initiatives, the New 52 relaunch in 2011 andContinue reading “Women in Comics Statistics – DC’s Rebirth and the Decline of Female Creators”

Wonder Woman’s September 2014 “Future’s End” Solicits

Every September since the New 52 relaunch, DC has done some sort of special event. In 2012, they did #0 issues, telling stories from the character’s past. In 2013, they did Villains Month, and rejiggered their entire line to have 52 villain-led titles. In 2014, DC is planning to have all of their titles jumpContinue reading “Wonder Woman’s September 2014 “Future’s End” Solicits”

Fancy New 52 Wonder Woman Doll From Tonner

Continuing their New 52 “DC Stars” line, Tonner has revealed their new 16 inch Wonder Woman doll.  It’s pretty fancy: The description mentions a lot of faux leather, along with some things I don’t quite understand like a “Tyler skin tone” and “Raven rooted saran hair.”  I’m assuming the first is a colour, and theContinue reading “Fancy New 52 Wonder Woman Doll From Tonner”

Orion Takes Center Stage In A New Arc In Superman

Last August, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang brought Orion into the New 52 at the end of Wonder Woman #12, and since then he’s been a key part of the series and has now joined Wonder Woman’s weird little family.  The book has been very self-contained since the relaunch, with little to no spillover intoContinue reading “Orion Takes Center Stage In A New Arc In Superman”

The Winners And Losers In DC Comics’ Zero Month

When I write up my Wonder Woman sales report each month, I track a lot of DC’s other books so I can get a sense of how Wonder Woman is doing comparatively.  This month, DC put out #0 issues for most of their series as a one year anniversary of the New 52 celebration, andContinue reading “The Winners And Losers In DC Comics’ Zero Month”

One Year Later: My Top Five New 52 Titles

It’s been an entire year since DC’s “The New 52” premiered, and with a year of new comics under our belts I thought it might be fun to take a look at my five favourite titles, one year later.  Originally I was going to do a Top Ten list, but it turns out I’m notContinue reading “One Year Later: My Top Five New 52 Titles”

DC Comics’ New 52 Rundown: What Books I’m Excited For

Even though the DCnU began last week with Justice League #1, the real fun begins tomorrow with the first full wave of new books.  So I figured I’d throw in my two cents about what I’m most looking forward to and what I think might flop.  Going through all 52 titles would just be aContinue reading “DC Comics’ New 52 Rundown: What Books I’m Excited For”