Remembering Nick Cardy With His Wonder Woman Covers

Earlier this week, famed comic book artist Nick Cardy passed away at the age of 93.  Cardy began in comics in 1939 at Eisner & Iger, and later won two Purple Hearts during World War Two.  Years after the war, Cardy was hired by DC Comics, where he was best known for launching the SilverContinue reading “Remembering Nick Cardy With His Wonder Woman Covers”

Twelve Days of Wonder Woman: Day Seven

It is our seventh day of festive covers, but do we rest?  Of course not!! Today, our holiday theme takes a turn towards the dark side (it seems there are only eleven cheery Wonder Woman Christmas covers… sorry) with Justice League of America #110, drawn by Nick Cardy.  Santa Claus has been murdered (and startlingContinue reading “Twelve Days of Wonder Woman: Day Seven”