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Earth Two’s Green Lantern Is Gay OR People Who Didn’t Know Who Alan Scott Was Yesterday Are Mysteriously Outraged

June 1, 2012

In yet another case of old rumours being confirmed, DC Comics has announced that Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of Earth 2, is gay.  And because, I guess, our society is sort of stupid, this is big news.  Seriously, it’s everywhere.  “Alan Scott” is trending on Twitter.  Unless you are a HARDCORE comic nerd, you would have NO idea who Alan Scott is.  You’d know Hal Jordan from the movie, maybe John Stewart from the Justice League cartoon… perhaps Kyle Rayner if you read Green Lantern in the 90s.  But Alan Scott?  I’m not sure there are as many Justice Society fans as there are people talking about this.

Anyway, Alan Scott was straight when he was created in the 1940s (surprise, surprise) but James Robinson and Nicola Scott are recreating the characters for Earth 2 and decided to go a different directions with Alan Scott to, you know, be actually reflective of modern society.  And so Alan Scott is gay, which is really cool!!  And he’s got a boyfriend, which is also really cool AND nice for him:

Between this and Northstar and Kevin Keller, it’s been a banner year for gay fellows in comics.

For those of you upset by the change, I’d just suggest getting over it, really.  There are two confirmed gay characters in a FICTIONAL ADJUNCT UNIVERSE.  Big deal.  There are millions of actual gay people in the REAL LIFE UNIVERSE.  You’re just going to have to get used to it… they’re not going away. 

And for those of you who are upset about the change BUT don’t think you’re homophobic: Come on.  If you’re THAT into Alan Scott as a character maybe you need to consider changing your sexual orientation as well.  A minor change to a C-list character (despite DC going on about how a major, iconic character would be gay, Alan Scott is pretty low on that totem pole) isn’t anything to get worked up about.  Jade and Obsidian were gone already AND gay dudes can have kids too so maybe they’ll be back.  Just relax.

Anyway, HOORAY for another blow to heteronormativity.  And good work mixing it up, DC.  It’s good to see.

Look for Earth 2 #2 next Wednesday in your local comic shop!!


Congratulations Northstar And Kyle (Who Doesn’t Have A Cool Superhero Name, I Guess)

May 22, 2012

The rumour we’ve been hearing about for ages is now officially confirmed, and on The View no less: Northstar’s getting married to his boyfriend, Kyle, in Astonishing X-Men #51!!  So that’s very exciting.  I have a few quick thoughts:

  • The View!!  I know it’s all corporate synergy, like how CNN always has stories about DC characters on their site, but that’s still a huge and unconventional platform for Marvel.  I bet NO ONE who regularly watches The View has ever read an X-Men comic, and maybe a few will now.
  • Hooray Northstar!!  Canadians are awesome.  I wonder where he’s getting married?  Gay marriage has been legal up here in Canada for years… maybe he’ll come get hitched at home.
  • I know that Apollo and Midnighter pre-date Northstar and Kyle by about a decade, but a gay couple getting married in a mainstream comic book is still fantastic.  Apollo and Midnighter were in comics that kids couldn’t really buy… anyone can go get Astonishing X-Men.  Though yeah, Kevin Keller totally beat them to it, mainstreamwise.
  • And in Johnny-come-lately news, DC’s got a gay character coming too, apparently.  An established, iconic character even.

So congratulations to Jean-Paul and Kyle, and congratulations for Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins for getting all this sweet press and getting to tell such a cool story.  It’s always good to give heteronormativity a swift kick in the ass, and a high profile gay marriage will certainly do that!!

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